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  1. I am assuming this is going to have effective duration and output as if 'zero batery charge' were in play? What of chroma's elemental ward? Why does equinox's rest/rage have an energy color mechanic why not tap/hold?
  2. Could gas procs be included, as that would give them a powerful application and synergy with this ability.
  3. I was sorta hoping for a handheld opticor but eh. Its.... Nice i guess? Doesn't play well with the fact my eyes don't work so well, but not every option has to catre to me. Still a fun gun, just one that is a quite literally factual headach for me to get the most out of.
  4. Good pvp? Then again Warframe has tried several times (conclave, dojo fights, dark sector, i want to say a couple other things)¹ May be better to not try any more considering the toxic cesspit that inevitably happens.
  5. I look forward to feeding this to good boy helmenth.
  6. Yea you guys are preloading an awful lot more than just the tennocon relay, some skins, and a new weapon....
  7. The idea is, in my mind, simple. You hit screenshot button and instead of warframe's current resolution you get triple, or four times that. Or 'this is a 4k image' There would be more than a little hiccup if done in mission, but maybe have it as a captura option since that's all about taking highly detailed pretty pictures??
  8. No it's not anger. It is simply stating the way things are. Also here is the reddit thread that was asked for:
  9. They hve outright said DE_Glenn is the one htat does this. Y'know the abrasive hateful hate filled guy that has gone out of his way to be antagonistic to people and appears drunk whenever he's on camera (notice how he isn't on camera anymore.) However I won't let the matter die.
  10. And then your combo count goes to zero if yo use it as a atat stick weapon.
  11. Im looking forward to de doing it to shoot themselves in the foot by neutering their lootbox stupidity's ability to juice warfrwme qbilities. At least with rivens and weapon augments off the table you get a consistency across the board. Then again I am convinced rivens are lootbox turbo cancer with just enough layers thrown in so de can tell themselves they are still morally good enough to get away with mocking people they don't like on Twitter. But that is only tangentially relevant here.
  12. Then nerf rivens into the ground because they go above and beyond anything this weapon provides.
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