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  1. You give up on giving warframes intrinsic weapon bonuses with their signature gear? unvaultigns would be a great time to introduce those to older frames.
  2. ...You actually listened. Wow, just. Wow. GOOD. It isn't perfect (nothing ever is especially when you're dealing with a community all shouting their own suggestions.) Thing is, the last UI thread, and frankly a vast majority of 'dev workshop' threads leave me feeling like you not only don't listen, but you don't CARE about what we have t osay. I was the guy going on in the oberon revisit thread about 'how you can just claim 'bug' to save your own ego' and... for me there's this feeling of feature impermanence in that anything we the community find fun and or useful can and will get removed years later even, by claiming 'bug.' So there's this feel of antagonistic 'do not ever talk to DE they do not listen or care and if you DO talk they will throw a baby tantrum and take things away out of sheer spite.' I am glad to be proven wrong in this instance. I can't say that I feel like this is going to keep continuing in a positive direction without literally everyone screaming in your face *which has to feel really... REALLY bad for the community guys especially.) I can't say it's DE's fault since this is just a general worldview I have based on a lot of interactions, but... I hope I keep getting proven wrong because I liked feeling like I could, without pause or sarcasm, go 'DE listens., they might not do everything we want, but it's for a reason they've explained and are being upfront about.' Remember the wukong rework? Remember the ember nerf surprise stream? That was far nicer than a lot of companies would do in 'This is what is happening.' admittedly nobody LIKED the ember world on fire nerf and I personally don't like the punishment loop for using her powers currently, but you're explaining rather than going 'this is the way things are. Get in line or get hammered down.'
  3. Can an exception be made for Gunblades and glaives?
  4. I both like that there isn't this in built failure loop, and activly liked the animations used and would like a way for them to be used since getting yeeted out of frame once in awhile as a check acting liek a braindead moron leeroying at a litch is good. Maybe make it happen if the litch actually kills you? As in you die. then it walks over to your downed body and does a backbreaker on it. the animation team worked hard on those animations and i like them. It'd be a shame for them to not be used anywhere.
  5. My problem here is... Are our concerns going to be addressed or is all this just a formality? Given the tone Pablo seems to be taking it feels like 'this is a done deal, it's happening. It's our game, we just let you play in it.' In other words, the conversation that Pablo started has an adversarial tone it really doesn't need to have and that puts me on the back foot here. Edit: spelling. Also This sentiment is one I often have with these 'workshop' threads. It takes the entire community screaming to get a change halted (the original iteration of damage 3.0 proposed and the more recent changes to how helios scans things being examples that spring to mind where community screaming was at a volume where it wasn't ignored.) I suppose to be more constructive than finger pointing while shouting 'you're not listening to us!' Is to ask the following: What is the point of this thread and other workshop threads? What information are you looking for from us, and what are you actually going to bend and give ground on?
  6. One of the biggest pet peeves of mine? Havign to go hunt through options to turn on labels. As in? I'd have to go do something to get Basic Need To Know Information. that is a failure.
  7. Translation: Who: Space mom and a group of men of questionable maturity on the couch. What: Rebecca reads carefully hand picked non-controversial questions - or questions that are such a hot topic that they can no longer be ignored. She also tries to play some dev-build Warframe to show off stuff. Geoff awkwardly unveils some new visual shiny and awkwardly answers some questions. Steve ignores and hand-waves legit player concerns and criticisms while heavily promoting "the next big thing(s)" , his awesome new tweaks to lighting / physics / game systems, and what game feature he's going to "borrow" next from some other popular game. In between sips of beer, Scott attempts to do some damage control as a result of Steve being Steve. He also announces some "adjustments" to a couple of things. Sheldon is just...Sheldon. When: This Friday for four long, possibly cringe-y hours. Ask your questions on the Forums...where they'll have a pretty high chance of being ignored / overlooked. Good luck everyone! Did I miss anything?
  8. Damned you. Damned you all for taking this away. And damned whoever posted it on reddit. Give this back to us.
  9. Intellectually I knew this was a bug. However it made those so good to use. It will be missed.
  10. railjack contraband blockade running missions when?
  11. As personal observation though... It really does feel like it's useless to go for anything but MK3 gear because anything else feels like a waste of resources that are then needed for the MK3 gear (unless you happen to farm up plat for rush drones... which i see no particular problem with given how freeflowing plat is in the economy.) Bugs to one side? The biggest problem I have with railjack is how archaic archwings abilities feel and how it really feels like the only viable archwing is amasha.... which leads to fears that 'oh no DE will see 90% amasha usage, they're gonna nerf it into the ground instead of review WHY people are picking amasha.' I actually like the gameplay loop railjack provides and see how it could be used for new game modes like blocade running, or flying in, steal specific things, leave. As thigns currently stand, bugs aside, we have a foundation. Something to be built on rather than considered the whole.. Also whoever wrote Cy's dialogue and Cy's VA both need a raise. Cy's wit and sense of humor is amazing and the sense of urgency without feeling overdone when there are tasks to be done is great at generating a sense of atmosphere.
  12. For all the problems i have? FOr all the aggrivation and disappointment i have at how Steve effectivly laughed off our feedback by picking the most trivial nonsense to waste time talking about? They have done a lot. The plains remaster, jupiter, melee re-balancing. These things take time. The liches themselves took time to do. I'm not trying to apologize for DE's recent behavior, as i feel insulted by it. I'm just trying to edge away from the point where it's rage for its own sake. We only have one way to hold them to task and so long as we play the game I'm afraid they will see all our complaints as safe to ignore. 'All the screaming they do and they still feed the economy, so we can safely ignore the bluster.' I don't know how to get around that problem in a productive manner.
  13. Nah you about covered it all. In fairness? I'm confident things WILL be ironed out at some indeterminate future date. It's just a case of 'Guys you just released a new system and only made bare minimal tweaks to it AND you're saying the pages and pages of feedback given somehow don't exist?!' I have faith things won't stay a mess, but I'm not looking forward to putting up with the mess til it's cleaned up. So. Make Noise. I wouldn't make noise if I didn't think maybe eventually something would be done. I wouldn't have spent money on this game if I didn't think it was worth the time investment. I just view it as being a responsible customer t otell the dev team where i think they'vefallen down on the job.
  14. I have to ask. Given hwo much we've been giving feedback wise on the liches before now? And DE acting as if they have nothing they can act on... And the fact that they were acting likerailjack is a done thing AND 'how often have they gone 'the stats aren't final gies! only for it to be effectivly final...' Is there even any point to gving feedback? Then you have white knights and Defenders going 'gies you can't criticize! because -' I feel like railjack is being forced out too soon. Combien all that with the desperation feel of 'LOOK AT ALL WE HAVE DONE THIS YEAR!'
  15. FUnny how the latest dev stream opened with 'LOOK AT EVERYTHING WE'VE DONE!'
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