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  1. may be that as of right now they're 'conventional' tileset boss characters, but when emperyan/raljack happens they similarly get their own upgrades in threat forcing us to go railjack to finish them in a more permenent fashion once that update hits.
  2. So I'm not alone in wanting all of those for my orbiter? Huh. Now trying to rebuild now that I've gotten the perrin/loka weapons. Having to get suda and hexis fixed before getting Steel worked out.
  3. My thoughts rely on the idea that this won't be constantly in your face showing up in Every. Single. Mission as a direct 'you just got the bane treatment.' So my thinking is this, if anything, enhances the power fantasy treatment of warframe by giving you a custom tailor made enemy that grows in power and is a challenge that you must overcome. Even as you plough through the hordes there is This Guy standing in front of you, immortal and Evolving. Adapting and Refining expressly to murder you. Then you find out how to undo that immortality amid a literal moon of blood and bone that is the sum total of your genocidal quest to End This Thing. Power is meaningless if it is never tested. These guys are the test.
  4. Would be better to have armor at some point stop scaling while health/shields keeps going up since armor is king and meta defining characteristic we mod to get around due to how much EHP the enemy has. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJWPkBAE6qE
  5. i"m going to go right out and say it. The Kavat feels like it was tacked on because someone in the dev team has a vampire fetish. Same person who designed the cluster#*!% that is Revenant that one of the other devs had to step in at the last minute to try un#*!%ing and they havne't really touched since. This 'OOOHHH LOOKIE LOOKIE VAMPIRES!' bullS#&$ needs to stop. The Orokin being quasi vampiric sociopaths makes sense. It fits the theme of a white and god empire rotted at its core wasted and withered. This constant shoving vampires in our face is stupid. I would name names, but name and shame.
  6. What about Glaives and gunblades? So while I can understand why... this is til la pretty substansive nerf.
  7. Wow, you guys actually gave a good way to farm axi relics.
  8. I have a seven forma mutalist cernos with a riven. That last slot has twelve capacity. So even if i stick with a nine point mod and forma it. Any exilus slot will only have roughly either seven or eight capacity. How are you going to address the tightness of existing mod capacity while also adding a new slot?
  9. See I'm glad Destiny 2 is now not under blizz/activision control. Bungie can sink or swim on their own merits, and if D2 improves and is within the same sphere warframe is in? That gives DE incintive to keep moving, and if someone goes 'i like warframe but i want PVP' Destiny is there. There is room for more than one game for players. I don't personally have fun with d2, but many people do and i'm glad. Options are a good thing.
  10. My thoughts on the reworks are kinda mixed. There's been some statements on Twitter that's given the impression Scott is at least up for playing with numbers and effects of a few things, but even with that in play I have concerns and questions. I do not want anyone working on the reworks to feel personally slighted, but some of this is... Confusing. VAUBAN: Passive: Love that it remains as is, the passive change was the good part of the 'vauban nudge' we got. Tesla: In theory an improvement but in practice it depends on how fast the animations end up being. I also wonder if the number of charges are fixed, what stats do to affect or improve these drones (strength dictating damage, duration affecting either stun duration or number of charges, range being the seek range of each rolly drone, etc.) However for me it feels like more emphasis was focused on 'LOOK AT HIM JUGGLE!' than strictly needed since while vauban's doing his clown jugglign act excaliber has already sliced everyoen to ribbons, rhino's stomped to stop time, and so on. Minelayer: Overal I am the least impressed by these grenades since two are 'mini' versions of two of his other powers, which to me wastes a slot since you could have instead gone with more utility instead. I do appreciate and like the cost reduction signaling an awareness that these are supposed to be spammed to get a good affect. Sticky Ripline: The way this was described as 'throw to grab enemeis that basteil doens't grab' makes me wonder why you wouldn't just throw a second basteil instead. In concept cool but 'why would I use this?' Why not instead have a heal pad that either follows you or will stick to you/allies and heal for x health over y seconds (preferrabl y a percentage plus an 'on activation/latch' flat heal.) Nail Grenade: I'm.... again not sure what the purpose of this is beyond possibly adding some procs for condition overload. Still it could be decent if modded I guess but not optimistic. Boost Pad: This is some straight up 'Goof Troop' stuff here. I get the idea of 'speedboost,' but at the same time in normal tilesets this will just have you run into walls. In open world 'hit the archwing button.' Propose it gives a speedup to animations (which would affect attack speed, reload animations, stagger recovery, and sprint speed' for x seconds after hitting a pad. that at least would give it a use, and unlike Volt's speed allies can choose to ignore the boost pad. Power Grenade: See this is the one I like most and see being used most. Actual UTILITY from the UTILITY ABILITY. Maybe the numbers aren't great I dunno but conceptwise this is great. Orbital Strike: Big flashy 'jump in the air and baseball pitch' animation followed by what feels like a five second super animation of 'target aqquired' BOOM. I get this is supposed to be used in tandum with basteil/Vortex to immobilize enemies but this just feels. So. Freaking. SLOW. beyond that? The actual explosion and effects are cool. I would recommend tap cast being a fastball and near immediate kaboom discharge on impact. HOLD then cast gives the full animation but juices the damage, or widens the area, or provides some other effects. Basteil/Vortex: Pitch Perfect, amazing. Don't change a thing guys. I do have to wonder what his augments will be changed into since vortex/basteil will innately do what perpetual vortex does, and with basteil being moved what will his 3rd ability augment become? EMBER: Passive: Scott has said the range is being examined, which is good, because 'ten meters' basically puts enemeis in melee range, meaning those enemies are essentially Dead, so not empowering you. If it's capped at 50% power strength that's ten enmies at 5% strength per enemy. Put at affintiy range that synergizes with the idea her powers set enemies on fire. Additionally from the looks of wht her 2 does? Why is that not just part of her passive and accelerante remaining in place? Maybe there's something I'm not understanding. Fireball: The only tweak I can think to offer is having it be 'sticky' in that enemy walks thorugh, they are now on fire and now can set other enemies on fire. This would synergize with her passive in that burning enimies would help her passive out. Beyond that? Reasonable first ability. However I would have to wonder 'why does this exist when her 4 is basically the same thing but bigger?' Immolation: Why is this taking up an ability slot? It sounds like the gameplay loop is 'enter mission, cast 2, this ability does nothing if you hit the button again except to keep from losing all your energy and dying because oops meter's full.' that's the OTHER problem I have, Ember is the only warframe with an ability that will activly harm them in that 'there goes your DR and squishy ember dies because OOPS no energy.' Why am I being punished here? Ember should feel ultra powerful when fully on fire not 'oh god i'm about to go boom.' NOTHING is worth losing all of your energy over. Instead why not have it once the meter tops off. Ember goes foosh which area nukes, meter resets, and she gets a thirty or sixty second debuff where attempting to build meter is harder than it was. As described right now it feels like something that's just there to keep track of and punish players. That said I'd really liek this bundled as part of her passive (could even make the range of her passive increase as the meter builds starting at ten meters and building all the way to affinity range.) Instead put flash accelerant back. Fire Blast: Why is this here? I get the CC it provides, but ragdollin g enemies ends up being super inconvenient. Plus ember's whole kit is 'TURBO MURDER ALL THE THINGS WITH FIRE.' Is the 'armor stripping' because fire, or does this strip armor MORE than just the fire procs? It almsot feels like this is the 'oh you cast this ability to manage her heat meter' instead of it being useful. Meteor Strike: OK that looks amazing. It's not complete braindead but anyoen still alive is on fire and spreading the burning to everyone around them, and they're CC'd. Plus it looks amazing. In General though I love the animation speedups she's getting I'm just super doubtful on her ability usefulness. However Scott has seemed more receptive to suggestions than he has in the past so I want to be hopeful.
  11. Which is the kind of thing I was envisioning. Low stakes. Drvo maybe poking at it like 'Hey tenno that fourth wall thing is doing something weird again...'
  12. I realize it was said as a joke, but at the same time Bungie is now out of activision's claws. Warframe and Destiny have been compared to eachother for awhile. I say we should do something like this. It'll be fun to see what the Guardians will make of what we have to put up with.
  13. I want to like this weapon, but as is it's... a worse feeling cerata.
  14. Just as a bit of a suggestion to modify the maggot behavior. Make the maggots spawn and do what they do now, but if an enemy dies to the Pathocyst, make 2x the maggots spawn and have them seek targets within 15 meters of the initial target. This would give that glavie a way to CC a crowd that the other glaives lack. Maybe also make the maggots gurentee viral procs?
  15. Then instead of making assertions. back them. Please. Elaborate your position, because I still don't buy this mod being at all tested.
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