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  1. My thoughts on the reworks are kinda mixed. There's been some statements on Twitter that's given the impression Scott is at least up for playing with numbers and effects of a few things, but even with that in play I have concerns and questions. I do not want anyone working on the reworks to feel personally slighted, but some of this is... Confusing. VAUBAN: Passive: Love that it remains as is, the passive change was the good part of the 'vauban nudge' we got. Tesla: In theory an improvement but in practice it depends on how fast the animations end up being. I also wonder if the number of charges are fixed, what stats do to affect or improve these drones (strength dictating damage, duration affecting either stun duration or number of charges, range being the seek range of each rolly drone, etc.) However for me it feels like more emphasis was focused on 'LOOK AT HIM JUGGLE!' than strictly needed since while vauban's doing his clown jugglign act excaliber has already sliced everyoen to ribbons, rhino's stomped to stop time, and so on. Minelayer: Overal I am the least impressed by these grenades since two are 'mini' versions of two of his other powers, which to me wastes a slot since you could have instead gone with more utility instead. I do appreciate and like the cost reduction signaling an awareness that these are supposed to be spammed to get a good affect. Sticky Ripline: The way this was described as 'throw to grab enemeis that basteil doens't grab' makes me wonder why you wouldn't just throw a second basteil instead. In concept cool but 'why would I use this?' Why not instead have a heal pad that either follows you or will stick to you/allies and heal for x health over y seconds (preferrabl y a percentage plus an 'on activation/latch' flat heal.) Nail Grenade: I'm.... again not sure what the purpose of this is beyond possibly adding some procs for condition overload. Still it could be decent if modded I guess but not optimistic. Boost Pad: This is some straight up 'Goof Troop' stuff here. I get the idea of 'speedboost,' but at the same time in normal tilesets this will just have you run into walls. In open world 'hit the archwing button.' Propose it gives a speedup to animations (which would affect attack speed, reload animations, stagger recovery, and sprint speed' for x seconds after hitting a pad. that at least would give it a use, and unlike Volt's speed allies can choose to ignore the boost pad. Power Grenade: See this is the one I like most and see being used most. Actual UTILITY from the UTILITY ABILITY. Maybe the numbers aren't great I dunno but conceptwise this is great. Orbital Strike: Big flashy 'jump in the air and baseball pitch' animation followed by what feels like a five second super animation of 'target aqquired' BOOM. I get this is supposed to be used in tandum with basteil/Vortex to immobilize enemies but this just feels. So. Freaking. SLOW. beyond that? The actual explosion and effects are cool. I would recommend tap cast being a fastball and near immediate kaboom discharge on impact. HOLD then cast gives the full animation but juices the damage, or widens the area, or provides some other effects. Basteil/Vortex: Pitch Perfect, amazing. Don't change a thing guys. I do have to wonder what his augments will be changed into since vortex/basteil will innately do what perpetual vortex does, and with basteil being moved what will his 3rd ability augment become? EMBER: Passive: Scott has said the range is being examined, which is good, because 'ten meters' basically puts enemeis in melee range, meaning those enemies are essentially Dead, so not empowering you. If it's capped at 50% power strength that's ten enmies at 5% strength per enemy. Put at affintiy range that synergizes with the idea her powers set enemies on fire. Additionally from the looks of wht her 2 does? Why is that not just part of her passive and accelerante remaining in place? Maybe there's something I'm not understanding. Fireball: The only tweak I can think to offer is having it be 'sticky' in that enemy walks thorugh, they are now on fire and now can set other enemies on fire. This would synergize with her passive in that burning enimies would help her passive out. Beyond that? Reasonable first ability. However I would have to wonder 'why does this exist when her 4 is basically the same thing but bigger?' Immolation: Why is this taking up an ability slot? It sounds like the gameplay loop is 'enter mission, cast 2, this ability does nothing if you hit the button again except to keep from losing all your energy and dying because oops meter's full.' that's the OTHER problem I have, Ember is the only warframe with an ability that will activly harm them in that 'there goes your DR and squishy ember dies because OOPS no energy.' Why am I being punished here? Ember should feel ultra powerful when fully on fire not 'oh god i'm about to go boom.' NOTHING is worth losing all of your energy over. Instead why not have it once the meter tops off. Ember goes foosh which area nukes, meter resets, and she gets a thirty or sixty second debuff where attempting to build meter is harder than it was. As described right now it feels like something that's just there to keep track of and punish players. That said I'd really liek this bundled as part of her passive (could even make the range of her passive increase as the meter builds starting at ten meters and building all the way to affinity range.) Instead put flash accelerant back. Fire Blast: Why is this here? I get the CC it provides, but ragdollin g enemies ends up being super inconvenient. Plus ember's whole kit is 'TURBO MURDER ALL THE THINGS WITH FIRE.' Is the 'armor stripping' because fire, or does this strip armor MORE than just the fire procs? It almsot feels like this is the 'oh you cast this ability to manage her heat meter' instead of it being useful. Meteor Strike: OK that looks amazing. It's not complete braindead but anyoen still alive is on fire and spreading the burning to everyone around them, and they're CC'd. Plus it looks amazing. In General though I love the animation speedups she's getting I'm just super doubtful on her ability usefulness. However Scott has seemed more receptive to suggestions than he has in the past so I want to be hopeful.
  2. Which is the kind of thing I was envisioning. Low stakes. Drvo maybe poking at it like 'Hey tenno that fourth wall thing is doing something weird again...'
  3. I realize it was said as a joke, but at the same time Bungie is now out of activision's claws. Warframe and Destiny have been compared to eachother for awhile. I say we should do something like this. It'll be fun to see what the Guardians will make of what we have to put up with.
  4. I want to like this weapon, but as is it's... a worse feeling cerata.
  5. Just as a bit of a suggestion to modify the maggot behavior. Make the maggots spawn and do what they do now, but if an enemy dies to the Pathocyst, make 2x the maggots spawn and have them seek targets within 15 meters of the initial target. This would give that glavie a way to CC a crowd that the other glaives lack. Maybe also make the maggots gurentee viral procs?
  6. Then instead of making assertions. back them. Please. Elaborate your position, because I still don't buy this mod being at all tested.
  7. Dude, it doesn't proc arcane grace. that's the problem. It's not proccing Any 'on damage' abilities, arcanes, or mods. Sarcasm aside? Explain to me why you think this would not be healthy? Not a lot of frames would benefit from this innately. Arcane grace is up there with Energize in terms of price on the market and rarity to farm, and as it stands? I genuinely do not see the usecase beyond constructed groups.
  8. As it stands, and maybe I'm just not seeing the big picture here so please feel free to pounce on me, the new combat discipline aura: Does not trigger Quick Thinking, rage, hunter adrenaline, arcane grace, wukong's passive, Nidus's passive, Inaros's passive, Arcane guardian, arcane barrier, Nekros's passive, and bypasses bleedout state to directly kill you. Other than encouraging AFK leeching what does thsi mod provide in a squad environment? No billy put your hand down I'm not talking 'everyoen bringing one.' I'm talking 'one person joining a pub squad brings this.' What does that provide? I am in favor of this proccing rage/hunter adrenaline, and the other above-listed effects since it can still kill you if you bring a nuke frame. However being able to proc 'on damage' effects would give it a use case beyond 'hey let's all take this one aura that kills you.'
  9. Hema needs a research cost adjustment before anything is given to it. Yes it's been two years. Yes I'm still mad.
  10. * Verticality: + Aim Glide / - Damage Taken while Airborne Could be fun for Titania or Hildryn * Wicked Strikes: + Faster Charge Attack / + Combo Counter Redeemer/glaive/wolf sledge aura. Nice. * Loyal Herd: + Companion HP / + Companion Armor Would want to see the numbers but I'd be tempted to run on inaros purely for memes. * Bloodletter: -HP on kill for self / +HP on kill for Allies The only way this might be considered worthwhile is if that damage procs rage. If it does that, slap it on Oberon and Garuda. * Bladed Restraint: - Melee Combo on Self / + Melee Combo on allies But... Why? Gonna have to say as of right now, all the arcanes look useless other than that pistol arcane. The companion heal arcane? If that only works on pets it's straight up garbo. MAYBE useful if it works on sentinels and moa but I dunno.
  11. So because it doesn't happen to you, it doesn't happen. Gotcha.
  12. This is just me opinionwise. I'm not speaking for anyone else here: 1. If Conclave is made more fun? as in I'll actually show up for weekly things without being terrified 'you're playing with friends that must mean you're win trading! Report! Ban! BAAAAAN! BAAAAAN!' will happen and I'm going in feeling like I"m roughly the same skill level everyone else is so I'm not either stomping someone who doens't know how the controls function, or a mobile target balloon? Hell yea. Bring the Dax Nikana/daikyu/whatever. 2. Even as conclave stands now, if a nightwave was something like 'participate in x matches of y mode' That might actually infuse the mode with new players. I am of the opinion the challenges cannot be 'get x kills' or 'WIN y matches' because the existing 'conclave vet' playerbase vs 'newbie tenno' wandering in is at the point where killing something you only get glimpses of out of the corner of your eye is... an issue. The point of these challenges is 'hey, conclave exists. Win or lose we want you to see that it exists.' 3. See above caveats. Make Conclave something I won't inherently have a bone deep dread of because 'the skill diffrence between me and people who go there normally is so high it's not fun' Go for it since that gives people who like PVP a way to farm resources for PvE they might not otherwise want to deal with farming. 4. Honestly? I'm unsure how I feel about potatoes in PvP. On the one hand allowing potatoes/nitain/argon/whatever asa purchisable set of items? Fine awesome. On the other with this stance DE has taken that 'PVP FOR PVP ONLY RAAAH!' I'm inclinedto go 'no, you want me to bend over backwards allowing PvE resources in this currently ultr-atoxic enviroment where i'm going t oget bent over hard in an anti-fun experiance? No. Allow some PvE gains and or a way to buy the conclave skins (make them double what their counterpart skins costs, so 40 for weapon skins, 80 for warframe skins, and... honestly i'd leave syandana prices alone. Riv armor bits I'd price the same as riv elite because preexisting.) Thing is I would want things to be FAIR on what can be gotten between the modes so it isn't 'oh one mode it's stupid easy and the other is stupidly hard' for x or y resource. So yea the skins are double 'normal' skin prices, but at the same time I'd want conclave's rep gain to be at a point where even if you aren't that good you have a shot of rep farming to buy that thing in a reasonable timeframe. Any conclave weapons or weapon augments that can work in PvP/E modes? No. Also Teshin needs to sell the dog day supersoakers and other seasonal skins that would normally be conclave only weapons. Because I want to beat grineer up with a pool noodle.
  13. My biggest problmem is you quote spamming. It comes across as 'i will bury you in my textwall.' That said? No, you aren't neutrl. Neither is S.whatever. Youv'etaken a very antagonistic stance to the whole thing while trying to look impartial, which has me very.. .not wanting to play ball since 'oh i'm soooo impartial' and no. Yet i have to have a laugh at the hypocracy there. My own that is. At the moment I assume hostility from you because it exists in another poster you've made vaugely suportive noises of and then started 'sentance. quote. textwalling. It makes me feel like I have to be defensive, which is probably not a good thing for actual convrosation. So, I'm sorry. So yea. I like your idea of more 'level the field' modes. I was never good at shock rifle only in UT, but I had more fun there than in 'unrestricted.' Plus there's the 'gimmick' oro/holiday modes with limited weapons. So That at least helped. I had fun in that it wasn't just me getting torn apart by the vets. It was me, a bunch of other people, all flailing around. So I'm with you on getting matchmaking. Also giving more or less worth based on how they're performing. I'm not sure wo well that will work in practice, but in theory itwould give incentive to stop bullying the guy that's just flailing around and go after the guy ripping everyone to shreds. That is a good idea. I'd love an operator only mode too. No focus trees. No arcanes. No amps, and no invisibility. I don't know how well that mode would go over, but I'd be up for trying it. Going to have to agree with you there. 'Why make changes when the diehards scream murder, and the people we want to try still don't care and in fact act more vindictive for the efort?'
  14. Except I'm not seeing discussion. I'm seeing you chewing apart everything I'm saying as excuse to dismiss me. So. Instead of us going around circling because to be blunt? You and S.whoever both come off as antagonistic (same could probably be said for me. Let's not try picking favorites here.) Since you feel unimedallions working for conclave is apparently a sin against God and Nature? How do you propose conclave get made more inviting so it doesn't feel like 'oh boy i get to be somebody's free point drone while i get a hand full of pity points'?
  15. For me Medallions represented a way to activly get mods that would have maybe helped even the fild with conclave without having to spend precious hard won standing on those mods, because 'spend money that you earned getting your face punched in then getting sneered at YOU being the problem' is unappealing. Another thread offers plenty of suggestions on ways to improve conclave standing, some even suggesting 'indirect' PvP in the form of restoring the solar rails, time trials, etc etc in addition to 'minor' gains for this that and the other. I liked that the person made a lot of suggestions. Not all would be practical, but at the same time 'the idea is to provide options.' Also what I'm seeing is a lotof 'CONCLAVE FOR CONCLAVE ONLY!' and shouting down throwing hate at people who aren't happy with how thigns are then hiding behind' yea now go haead and be spiteful and hateful at me.' The fact people aren't happy with the thigns you say IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF. and Yes, the guy's rank does matter when he's *@##$ing about being 'the last conclave player. especially when you have a lot of people, founders included, that have made the full climb. rank 3? Even I can manage that by getting facerolled constantly getting maybe a few hundred at best standing per match and a dozen or so being more realistic. After Rank 3 it gets far more tedious. I forget if I'm rank 3 or 2. I personally don't like conclave right now because Im already disadvantaged due to poor vision so out of the gate disincentivized. Add on to it the skill gap that really does give the feel that I show up and I'm just a free kill punching bag and I'm not going to feel welcome. THen you, you know who you are, come screaming in throwing fire damndnation, and sheer spite at anyone that isn't of the opinion that conclave is roses and sunshine. You've found a little teeny tiny dead game mode to be lord of. You're afraid of losing that. As much as you whine and *@##$ at how dead it is. You're afraid of people flooding in to show how small you really are. So please, give me some constructive behavior. Give me a reason to feel welcome. Give me a reason to not feel like I got slapped in the face. I am not alone.
  16. I love these ideas. Maybe I wouldn't be good at these, but it would show that options exist beyond 'FACE TO THE GRINDSTONE SCUMBAG!' The important thing here is you are going 'I do not like how thigns currently are. I will nt give just one set of options, but a whole BUNCH of options.'
  17. THE CONCLAVE https://imgur.com/ryjHXgo This is the sort of perception I see crop up time and again when people ask players what is wrong with conclave. Then there are even founders who dislike Conclave as it currently exist, calling it 'the most toxic experiance in the game.' https://twitter.com/StallordD/status/1170421889367326720 Strawpoll on the matter of 'why don't you like conclave' that appeared on reddit: www.strawpoll.me It Indicated a majority of thos that voted (607) are not into PVP, then 'Didn't like the gameplay,' 'Que times too long.' It should be noted more than one option is allowed when voting so take that as one will. Examples of removing past grind exist as precident: THe drill obtainable in fortuna at rank 0 is as good as the max rank drill from cetus and lets you mine fortuna specific gems. Likewise DE has removed the need to build arcanes bought from fortuna and upgraded anyoene's unbuilt arcanes to built during that transition period. That last cannot be overstated, because unlike other examples that directly affected the market value of arcanes as that greatly lowered the barrier to obtain, thus directly affecting the economy of the game. In the last year alone, off the top of my head. * Harrow parts added to rot b of defection instead of just c * Amino beacon count needed to fight ambulas lowered * Nav coord count to fight alad v lowered * Judgement point count required to fight Kayla lowered * Bonus rewards added to cetus bounties On the flip side of 'preserving the grind others have already done' is... the Hema, a weapon that dropped years ago right before a christmas break. DE themselves admitted to goofing on the mutagen amount then went 'oh some of yu have already done the grind. We don't want to take away that accomplishment by obliviating the grind.' Anticdotal, but every clan I've seen that has done the hema grind, including clans that got it during that initial release window, AND including warframe partners... say that the costs are stupid and should be adjusted with existing clans getting a mutagen sample refund or a trophy or the like. DE has even done 'rewards that literally nobody can obtain' too. Give those existing conclave players an existing emblem, or armor, or something they can show off going 'Hey I did conclave THE HARD WAY and you can't get this.' Allowing Medallions does not obliviate the grind, as they are a five percent drop chance on rotation C, and even then you would need roughly 360 just to get to max rank (not even actually gaining rep to buy anything, just to get to max rank.) This post does not Name Names. I am not arguing in favor of whoever made this post: https://i.redd.it/im88cadrh7l31.png Apparently though he is only rank 3 (Tempest) in Conclave. Not even max standing, and he's effectively bragged that 'I went to Steve on twitter and got things done. why are you lot here crying?' The largest flaw in this argument is that it implies that nothing should be improved. Taken to the logical conclusion, the game should stagnate and die. If One Guy not even max rank whining to Steve can shut down an entire community going 'we like this as an alternative slog' you at DE never intended on actually allowing universal medallions to be truly universal and simply wanted the playerbase to flock to the new game mode, suggesting a lack in confidence by dangling an enticing carrot like that at people.
  18. Then don't call it universal. Also don't be inflamatory by catagorizing literally the majority of the playerbase as 'whiney and entitled.' Also You're also insulting other conclave players and founders. See, even some of the other founders and vets think this is stupid.
  19. Honestly? That actually does provide a nice bit of insight as a well worded well presented piece. Thank you for sharing esecially since i had expected some flippant damnedby faint praise piece. I'm going to freely admit to being biased against conclave, but that's more because I just don't feel like in its current form conclave has anything to offer myself or others like myself except frustration, aggrivation, and an exeriance where I trade in feeling amazing and powerful and having a good time... for being somebody's 'free points' punching bag.I don't feel like I'm making any headway even when I do get kills, and don't even start me on this 'first or #*!% you' way standing is handed out. Stil. You actually gave a response that had thought and merit to it. I'm grateful precicely because of how little regard I hold most people that cling to conclave since many get... violently hostile over the matter. Thank you for proving me in the wrong, at lest in this instance.
  20. I have asked this to someone else. I ask you this same question. I will make a thread asking all conclave people this question. WHen options, free or otherwise, exist where PvP is the primary focus and the primry element being worked around by teams of hundredsand then playtested before rollout. Why do you PvP in a game where it's at best an afterthought? Why do you cling so to a game mode that saw less use than raids? You give the impression fo someone who wouldrather stand there in the middle of the road with arms crossed scowling at anyone wishing to pass. 'PASS MY TEST OR I WILL MOCK YOU RELENTLESLY. NONE BUT THE WORTHY SHALL PASS AND I JUDGE NONE OF YOU AS WORTHY.' Why do you feel PvP deserves to exist in warframe?
  21. Not everyone has north americ'as player density. Maybe he can't find people on his endof the world to play ball. Maybe he doens't want to jump through five diffrnet hoops because DE decided to dangle this carrot out and then yak it aside. Do you feel so threatened tht the idea of someone not going thorugh getting teabagged continuously or sniped from people they can't see that you willingly argue in favor of people in a primarily PvE game that live in very population thin servers With bad internet that have high ping to just' suck it up'? THe arrogence you have. The sheer bloody arrogence. It's still a grind even with the medallions. Just a kind that people are already equipped to deal with.
  22. So why are people crying and bawwing that people shouldn't have access to these things? 'It's just skins' after all. If you're going to act minimalist towards the idea, that argument can and will be turned around. 'If it's no big deal' why is it suddenly a big deal that someone has a chance to farm for hours to get a 1k rep gain?
  23. I make sugestions to Scott, Steve, and company constnatly on augment ideas, game mode tweaks, visibility issues (low vision sucks.) I even made a suggestion Scott liked about allowing operators who dash into enemies to do a superman punch for an instant knockdown/stagger. People have been complaining here, on reddit, youtube, and elsehwere that conclave as a game mode promotes attitudes that are opposing to the normal loop of what gets people interested, to the point that it's like... five toxic people screaming about 'muh accomplishments and achivements' screaming at everyone else, and a general feeling like if you do anything to dare annoy any of those players you'll be accused of win trading and get locked out of the ENTIRE game. So given you are literally sneering down your nose at the rest of the population about a game modethat literally was statistically less populated than raids.... and raids went away. What do you suggest to draw in new players in a way that doesn't make those newbies feel like they'rej ust being trotted out as fodder for people like you to crow about being scrubs? In short? How can we be made to feel welcome when the stereotypical conclave player is seen as a selfish entitled elitist jerk who makes CoD and Counterstrike's communities appear well mannered in comparison? While i share the sentement. I actually could find uses for the medallions as is. Problem is while I personally could find a purpose, as in 'oh hey i'm swapping syndicates around so this will help me redo standing' the big draw was going to be Conclave. If you're going to lock conclave out because 'pride and accomplishment' lock out simmaris, vent kids, quills, etc for the same reasons. There is literally nothing sensical about this decision. As stated above, conclave has less useage than raids used to and raids got removed. 1k standing. HELL, even 5k standing medallions suddenly aren't going to invalidate oncalve players. It's a slog and a grind regardless given low drop chance in a single game mode and maybe twitch drops/alerts. It isn't the end of the world for those sitting atop the conclave mountain hurling boulders at us PvE plebs. Exactly. What was this discussion. Please, post that discussion so we can read it. Was it 'everyone begging one guy who's stubbornly in favor of PvP?' What was yoru rational here? How did you come to this outcome as being fair and good given how little people like conclave, the community perception of 'hardcore' conclave players being elitist A******s, and how unliked the past pvp events were alongside the continued fear of being banned from the entire game because someone's throwing a hissy fit. Explain your logic. PLEASE. Second/continuing the motion. Fair is fair and if you aren't going to throw us a bone to give us an alternitive path up the PvP mountain that is still a slog, but one we are equipped and willing to deal with? Axe everyone else getting any love. Alright. I'm going to admit to feeling hostile towards people who like conclave. So instead I'm goign t oask for your input here. How would you make conclave better? A place where people like me will actually have fun rather than this 'oh you're either first place or you get scraps'? Give me your insight on how to improve conclave so it will be better. More importantly. What made you look at a PvE focused game. Then go 'nah i wanna play this game mode that has literally one percent of the playerbase and is often viewed as this toxic cesspit of hatrid' and go... 'yea, forget CoD, Halo, and the like. I want to do that!' Can... you please answer that?
  24. The only thing I saw concrning player feedback on universal medallion in conclave is they wouldn't give enough to help people who hate farming conclave, which is basically everyone.
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