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  1. What you said is corrent. But sadly 0.75 energy/s is before it's expansion. Then his Gloom expand to max range its 1.5 energy/s, which is x1.5 than before. And you barely find situation when there is less than 10 targets within range except running from tile to tiles. I have tested this in game, and he is even more energy hungry actually.
  2. This is no good, Sevagoth is even more energy hungry than before! Currently, when the ability expand to its max range, it cost 1.5 energy per enemies, in total of 15 energy per second when affecting more than 10 targets. Which is x1.5 time than before, and... In mid~high level content you barely find situation where there is less than 10 enemies within your ability range. Tested using my build with maxed Arcane Energize, 175% efficiency, 78% duration, 170% range, on Steel Path Pluto Survival (theoretically strongest enemy fire power). I play regularly, use 1 occasionally and keep kil
  3. Thanks for your reply and you are correct. The issue I discussed is that, regardless of balance as current melee meta won't be affected so much. Slower speed could make some players feel less 'fun' when using melee. Because "able to see melee move clearly" may not be important for everyone. Someone may just like their sword being lighting fast. And the CC nerf was never that much of a concern, we have other ways to deal with that. However, DE has the right to do anything they want. Guess we just have to sit and work around the changes as always.
  4. The developers have talked about nerf attack speeds via limit how players can stack attack speed mods. Which in other word, is taken away player's freedom to make a build that feels best for them. Dps drop? If the nerf is on on how players can stack the speeds, then current dps meta (0~1 attack speed mod) is unaffected. I only affect players who already willing to exchange damage to put more speed mod in their build by make their life worse...less damage and worse feeling.
  5. Exactly my point. You want fast, you mod fast, you want slow, you mod slow. The true elephant in the room is that guns need a scaling system.
  6. I don't think slow down melee will do anything. At this current stage, most players who has the attitude to min max everything only put 1 attack speed mod in their melee build, sometimes even no attack speed mod and outsource that problem to arcane or warframe ability. So that they have the mod slots to put on both Condition Overload, Weeping Wounds and Organ Shatter. Which means, slowing down melee attack speed won't change any of the current meta but only taking away the fun for players who prefer fast attacks at cost of some damage potential. I know a friend who spent 2600 plat se
  7. The question come into my mind right after they talk about it. And as a 5000+ hours player and experience with trends in the so called "meta melee mods". I don't think slow down melee will do anything good. A preferred attack speed plays a critical role in how much "fun" the player can have from melee game play. Sometimes just a bit faster or a bit slower can change everything. You can fine situations where being too fast make your hard to execute combos (polearms & staffs, mostly). And situation where you just desperately hope you can attack a bit faster. The players should have
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