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  1. You forgot that we are on the Warframe forums. That is a classic... but I still wish Hema was cheaper on research xD My Ghost Clan and I are getting there with daily login bonuses xD
  2. Somehow it was clear that there will be issues. Besides DE knows this. They mentioned downloads should get better. If not contact support with your launcher logs.
  3. If it would be that simple everyone would do it.
  4. Hovering between 100 and 600 KB/s Progress at least. I thought my Windows permissions were screwed up again.
  5. Warframes Discord crashed in an instant xD
  6. Redtexters (red coloured frames) are all over the Strata Relay.
  7. Cannot say if they would work better under a deadline.
  8. Either when a big red text says it or when you start your launcher and it suddenly loads a few GB. Nobody can tell. Only Steve knows.
  9. Today or not today is the question. Obviously, official channels already tease it.
  10. But then we cannot make fun about it. A huge loss for the community if you ask me.
  11. This isn't even its final form.
  12. Get Owlboy, HyperLightDrifter, Ori, Ghost 1.0, Dust: An Elysian Tail or HollowKnight. Great cheap very unique games. Mark of the Ninja Remastered came out very recently. I don't think you would regret looking into those gems.
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