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  1. Thank you for the update! They look fantastic, I've been busy with the military so I apologize for coming back so late, as of this message being sent I'm currently talking with the clan, I will get back to you about the rest of the payment or changes as soon as possible! 😍😁
  2. Ah alright then, whenever your queue is able to clear up and you can get started I'll send the down payment then 😁
  3. You haven't sent me an update on how much for the down payment yet and overall final price @Jithvan
  4. Awesome 😁 > Clan title: Trial of the White Wings > Preferred Payment: PayPal > Emblem details: So we're looking more into an angelic vibe with the clan emblem. So we want a dark greyish cloud/misty background, with a bright light blue energy circle around the grey, the emblem should in the center. White angel wings with silver for the outline of the feathers, with gold outlining for the wings, the wings spreading out from a gram prime in the center of the wings and of the emblem. Wings are spreading out going upwards, the gram prime is facing down. Normal coloring for the weapon, but we want a nice prime coloring and just again an overall angelic feel. If there's any ideas on what you'd think would make it better that would be great 😁 Reference: https://t4.ftcdn.net/jpg/00/81/91/81/500_F_81918140_2EC3UEvKfVVCvu7U223b6wHN5HUEgb2Y.jpg So this isn't bad, but the wings want to be more spread out overall, so its more of the last quarter of the wing to be wrapped in. Replace the sword with gram prime, and around the whole emblem, bright blue void energy (in the detail of similar to the mist like energy that warframes emit) with that dark grey background Thats the overall basis, but if there's anything you can do to make what I described better than what I explained it to sound like, than definitely add your own touch to it and go wild. Or once the basis is complete if you would like to add any extra stuff please message me with like a blueprint so I can see what it looks like, thanks! Would like to see this not in an animated cartoon look if you get the drift Also what is the advance payment and final payment.
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