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  1. As much as I love to hate mainstream riven trading, I still beg to differ on this one. If it's under 100 plat and fits the weapon of my choice - I'd buy that.
  2. @IceColdHawk I guess I'm just blindly barking at anybody who is "pro-more-than-1kP-per-any-item". This is a bit sad behavior, but right now the state of Warframe (subjective) is: "It's more fun to post on forums than to actually play the game". Overall - DE could easily come up with a solution to the artificial Riven problem, but they just don't want to. The whole "constant rebalancing" thing is just laughable. Rubico nerfed? Ok, now i need to shoot the Eidolon 3 times + fart in its general direction instead of just shooting it 3 times. And I completely agree on that whole "don't blame the seller - blame the buyer". I would LOVE to NOT agree on that matter, but I just can't. Like I said above - manual stat assignment.
  3. Yeah, but the amount of people who would willingly go through all the hustle to grab the exact items of choice for the seller would be (hopefully) so low that you could just say "#*!% 'em" Also: plat and items become mutually exclusive on a single-trade-wide scale (you put plat in one of the slots - you can't put items into the others, vice versa). Community feels limited on the number of trades per day? Double it. Hell, I have no idea why there has to be a limit on that in the first place. BUT (!) I still do admit that your "you don't solve a problem with this" statement is absolutely correct. Anyway, the real solution could've been manual stat distribution for Riven mods. Within certain bounds (Riven Disposition, wow, we even have that already). You have X points in the Riven. +1% CC = X*a, +1% CD = X*b, +1% Damage = X*c, etc. I hope I don't need to explain how you can use a negative stat in that scenario. Feel like the amount of points is too little? Pump some Kuva into it, forget the endo for Rivens. That gives us THE GRIND you folks at DE love so much. And don't get me wrong - I like grind, and I like RNG, but I don't like them mixed. Just like I don't try to mix whiskey and goat milk and then persuade somebody into drinking the bloody thing. Also also, the only category of people who would be upset by Rivens with manual distribution (correct me here if I'm wrong) would be the hardcore riven traders. And I can sincerely and wholeheartedly wish them to blow a donkey in that case.
  4. "In June 2016, Leyou purchased the remaining shares of Digital Extremes." - Wiki. And since Chinese are actively hating all foreigners right now, because they (the foreigners, absolutely not Wuhan) brought the pandemic onto the world - we get what we get. Didn't expect it from HK, but I guess at the end of the day big HK companies are still being subordinates of the mainland China. Conspiracy jokes aside though - that's just market probing. If the morons in affected regions will keep buying stuff because "they can afford it" - the prices will stay. I said this before in this thread and I will say this again: 150%-175% final price would be fine and understandable. 266% price from out of the blue is NOT OK. But the offer when your marketing department blows me still stands, DE. 50 bucks for the job, not covering any travel expenses though, can maybe throw a dinner offer to the table. @Sadraven feudalism is a solid compliment, considering the current state of this country XD
  5. All because somebody thought it would be a good idea to randomize stats and the amount of stats. Why not make it manual and introduce Riven Fusion? Like: You get a "weapon X" Riven, it's Grade 1 or smth. You can can pick 1 positive stat on it OR pick 2 positive and 1 negative. You later get the same "weapon X" Riven, you fuse them - now you can pick 2 positive stats on it OR pick 3 positive and 1 negative. Years have passed, you now have 2 kids OR 1 kid and a dog. You get the third Riven for "weapon X". You fuse them - you may now pick 3 positive stats, period. Amount of stats? Same or slightly bigger than on dedicated mods. What about trade? Either close it off completely and add the ability to re-roll one mod into ONE mod OR make Rivens only be exchanged for other Rivens. Rivens themselves are a good addition to overclock a weapon of choice. Attempts to balance them based on a given weapon's popularity are just miserable to watch at this point.
  6. Ever tried going to settings? O_o Or are we on different pages here?
  7. My favourite part is when you do your best to spend as little time on your RJ as humanly possible during space missions. That "mobile defense with extra steps" is a phenomenal move to massacre a mode where you could potentially shoot Murexes with your main gun and S#&$. 10/10 would pimp my RJ again.
  8. Client's language and selected preferred region for matchmaking are two separate variables. Choosing English client and eastern region basically put's you to a dimension where people are "situated" in Europe but for some reason prefer to speak russian. A nice and quite limbo of a region.
  9. If you don't have matching client language / region (russian client + europe region, vice versa) - there are plenty of most peculiar bugs out there. A completely normal phenomenon.
  10. I sincerely hope it will plummet just for the sake of "adjusting" and "doubling" being different words. Plus now the relative price of an item here is actually more than that in Europe.
  11. You guys are officially a part of the European Union. And Ukraine used to have European prices initially as well. After that they've adjusted prices. My issue now is that the prices were nearly tripled in some cases. I'm okay to pay 175% of what I paid before, but not 280%. Also: stop pointing at others. You want lower prices for Poland - you say "I want lower prices for Poland" and not "Ukrainians over there have it too cheap!". Would you also be happy to get an active invasion? Limit on your stay in normal countries? BullS#&$ taxes that actively prevent you from gaining profit in legal way and invest in your own country? THAT COMES IN PACKAGE. Just stick to your own cattle, okay? No hard feelings.
  12. In all seriousness - your marketing department can eat a $&*^. And should they choose to do it literally - they can pretty much charge 50€ for that kind of services. As for tennogen prices - I'd be okay with 69₴ per item, which is a 75% increase in price from 39₴. Not 89₴ and 104₴, thank you. Now I can only hope the graphs will support me and ₴ prices go down a bit.
  13. Ukrainian prices just got up like 2,5 times! High-five, neighbor! Sarcastic one, obviously.
  14. Right? It's not like there's a quarantine and Hryvnia is steadily falling. Perfect time to squeeze more cash! FYI, DE: average salary (January 2020) is ~525 euros (in capital), while minimum wage is... wait for it... 160 euros!
  15. It was capped at 39UAH, now I have skins for 104UAH, some syandanas for 89UAH, etc. Close to tripled in some cases actually.
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