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  1. Warframe Builder

    thanks stoi
  2. Warframe Builder

    i dont know if this is happening to anyone else, but for me, when i go to volt prime, discharge is still named overload and still has the same stats for overload
  3. Any tips for completing my riven challenge?

    thanks guys, ill try this out later
  4. My riven challenge is to perform synthesis on a simaris target but i cant use my abilities or traps, i have to have a hobbled key on, and worst of all, i cant take a single bit of damage. Also, I've tried to sell this but nobody wants it so i decided ill just complete the challenge
  5. Best launcher

    The zarr
  6. Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    banned for having a crippling addiction to ben 10
  7. Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    banned for thinking youre the only one here
  8. Akstiletto Prime Build

    a hybrid build between crit and status is one of the best possible builds for akstiletto just use any 2 dual stat elemental mods, primed pistol gambit, primed target cracker, hornet strike, barrel diffusion, lethal torrent, and literally any mod of your choice. i personally like to put in a hydraulic crosshair in the empty slot tho
  9. Must Have Weapons For End Game and Beyond!

    The zarr is an extremely great weapon for endgame-good status, good crit, and it does the raw damage great the torid is also a really good weapon too akstiletto prime is really good sonicor is good for the CC the lesion is a great melee weapon and its a beast too
  10. The first time you met uncle stalker

    the first time i ran into stalker was on a Jupiter capture mission (also at this point, i had never ran into regular stalker, so i was facing shadow stalker) and i was a ash with poor mods and the only good weapon i had with me was lex prime, and after 3 minutes, he threw his grenade laser thing and killed me (well actually the first time i ever ran into stalker was in a squad while we were doing vault runs and my team completely demolished him, but im not counting this)
  11. Sell me on your favorite frame.

    Ash-Gorgeous with any skin (except his non prime skin, its just atrocious), versatile, very strong Frost-
  12. Ash Fatal Teleport+Covert Lethality Build Advice

    I would use a any dark dagger instead of karyst because of the mod gleaming blight. Blight gives a viral proc all around you, and viral is very good with ash, so once blight activates, you can go all ham with your weapons, or maybe, activate bladestorm
  13. Let the longest chain of single worded posts begin!

  14. Warframe Builder

    whenever you get the chance, can you please update glaive prime's stats? its status chance has been upgraded to 20%
  15. Let the longest chain of single worded posts begin!