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  1. wow, im dumb
  2. This looks pretty good for 40mins on a side note, and this might be a little rude to some people, but what happened to your thumb?
  3. What is your favorite primary, secondary, and melee weapon? also do you play overwatch?
  4. do you like his rework? if so, does it bother you when people ay jack of all trades, master of none? do you like playing anything else?
  5. i just made this out of boredom and i have no where to post this so im just going to leave this here
  6. im kinda fine with oberon right now ash is kinda in a good spot but i agree that his 4 needs more improvements (and also his augment) Ive never used mag and saryn so i guess i cant say anything about them
  7. Favorite: Ash, one of the best looking frames, strong, and is a ninja Hated: Loki, because I personally just dont like him, and lots of people used to always switch teleported me off cliffs so yeah
  8. dude how tf m8 i call haks
  9. probably ash, his augment for his 4 sucks, and it would be cool if they could make him mark enemies a bit faster definitely zephyr and hydroid
  10. not too good at this yet, and for some reason i cant go into captura mode when im in bladestorm
  11. that cooked salmon image made me instantly hungry
  12. you will definitely not be banned
  13. volts food would be shockingly good