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  1. I have multiple 1. Ash 2. ash 3. ash 4. frost 5. volt 6. ash 7. ash ash is gorgeous with either reg prime skin, deluxe skin, or tennogen. Hes fun to play, very stronk with his augments, can go very deep into endgame, and hes a literal ninja
  2. -Theres an ignis wraith, which is a stronger ignis, you can get it by going to a clan that has its research. Just go to any popular clan in recruiting chat and pm the dude who sent it if you can join -akstiletto, aksomati, or if you are lucky to get the relics, akstiletto prime are good weapons if you like the double furis -complete second dream or war within if you havent already -late game is just a bunch of high level enemies -Go to the wiki and search some stance mods, or good mods in general, people in trading seem to be interested in so you can get enough platinum to buy a volt prime(if you want) or buy anything else you want -also staticor and sonicor are really good CC weapons and they are fun too -Tipedo is a good pole arm melee
  3. whoops im dumb, thought this was in players helping players
  4. Btw i dont have a high voltage or primed cryo rounds
  5. Akstiletto Prime, Zarr, Vaykor Hek, and Tigris Prime
  6. i saw a glyph with left shark with the mlg glasses. who gives that out? and how do i get it?
  7. this is interesting...cornfish
  8. 1. Ash 2. Ash with deluxe skin 3. Ash 4. Ash 5. frost 6. volt
  9. i know its vaulted but it isnt even hard to get because its a common.
  10. Warren
  11. ive had the head glitch happen once. and is the someone you stealth killed your teammate?
  12. hek is a good weapon to craft, it requires master rank too
  13. mr_chainsaw555 knows that because he is secretly omega123