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  1. I saw your original art for the skin in the workshop, I really like how the skin is shaping and would love to see it in the game (and down the line on ps4 version) My feedback: The helmet: It could be a little more sharp in the edges, the side fins on the helmet could use some metallic and they seem too flat, they could be a little by more cylindrical and curved. The back of the neck could use some more detail. The overall shape of the hetmel is really cool in anycase. Also adding a visor of some sort to it could make it look cooler. Main body: The chest area seems a little to smooth and I feel the circle detail doesnt fit with the overall aesthetic, maybe you could do another shape with same metallic tubes that are around the skin. Wish I could see the back of it but the syndanna is in the way, but from what I could see you are using the tubes there to add detail and I like that. For the waist and back skirt I have no complains, I like this layered armor look you are going for. Arms: I really like the glove style and the metallic knuckles, but I think the beige part could be a little smaller Legs: The tights could use some of that red armor detail that most of the skin has. Finally what I think holds the skin back the most is the tenno engravings. They are distracting and makes the sculptured detail get lost, makes the unnecesarily busy. But I dont think you should remove detail on the beige parts just change it for something else: I suggest doing something like with the circle energy details on the sides of the syndanna. Also the energy dots that are all over the skin could look better if the were more rectagular and go along the shape of the armor. I must add that I like that the textures have a matte coloring, its refreshing to see a skin thats not over glossed in the main color channels Well thats my take on feedback, looking forward to see the next update!
  2. If you are a veteran then you know how this game works. You at least should have known the basics of the PT fight before hand, not only just from reading but from other media sources and other players alike. Sorties were never meant to be difficult by any means, they are daily activities. Adaptation is a good mod, broken is an overstatement because it only can be use to its full potential by tank frames and is used to make weaker frames more durable (they would still need another DR buff tho). Same can be said for HA and rage, not all frames would survive a direct damage to use the energy gain by said mods at high levels, and the energy gain is minuscule at lower levels. Im pretty sure from Unairu only Unairu's wisp is useful and only for eidolons so I don't know whats broken there, people can do eidolons way faster with madurai or with rivens. Any how I dont know how this relates to your problem with the PT fight I can agree that people that aren't maxed with solaris are locked from the fight is pretty bad. Also saying that you could grab chorma and do the fight quickly is proof that you knew what you needed to fight it properly, really it just makes this post pointless if your only problem is that you didnt knew about the enemy that drops the timer cooler. And by banshee apocalypse I think you mean people farming focus in hydron using banshee? thats over, I never see people do that anymore. Its your choice to go public or solo, you should know as a veteran there is a recruit chat for a reason. I'm not going to defend the PT fight (especially its first version with knockdowns everywhere), but I think the mechanic is a way to pressure players into finishing the boss fight in the final stretch, not saying this is engaging or fun, but its how its designed, and as you said a chroma could finish it quickly, so again your problem is your lack of information. Information is not missing, its in the patch notes, wiki, other media, and even you could ask another player about it. Don't want to get inform? then trial and error is your way good sir. You as a veteran should know not every frame or weapon is useful on certain missions/boss fights. I can take profit taker in 4 maximum, you say the sandbox world is a problem? PT spawns relatively close to the Fortuna elevator, and even so a quick archwing trip should get you there in no time, as a veteran you should at least have an archwing. There your complains have been asnwered, have a good one
  3. You know most assasins are not dificult at all, right? Wolf is the first one that actually gives an actual fight or challenge; I can agree to some extend that it doesnt impact or give standing for nightwave progression and that the fugitives can be anoying. You sound like you have had really bad luck, thats all
  4. So I was looking at one of my kitguns to know which parts I made it from because another player wanted to know the combination. I manage to notice that my selected kitgun didn't any critical chance, damage and hardly any damage when I compared to another weapon, but when selecting it all stats were there and I realized it was a UI bug. All that I described here applied to my Zaws too.
  5. Why did you buy relic packs with platinum anyway? Who does that?
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