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  1. yes and no....new drivers are being designed to do what is already on many video and graphic cards already even intel started putting many of the things on graphic cards and sounds cards on their own chip sets(mmx was the start of it). Which encourages the creators to make things that do not work very well. And it also ends up making many drivers ten times bigger then they used to be and not run as well as they become bloated independent programs causing conflicts.
  2. On the second ability i have got it to 42 charges but that doesn't seam to mean anything. As in i can only use it once every 10 seconds or 5 seconds if i stop the charge early. And it doesnt effect how many things are thrown at the end of the charge. A tip for the power implies you can use the power once per charge but i have yet to be able to do that. I always get a message that the power is not ready. So just wondering if anyone knows and can tell me maybe what the charges are for
  3. I have a Pc and specs that make it run whatever. I am always sad when older drivers are no longer supported. Because many work a lot better then the new drivers. But then again at this point....there should not be a need for support if they work. if you are discontinuing the usage of them though....that is kind of sad...the newest drivers are actually fairly sloppy and not that good. The newest ones keep forcing companies to come out with new things like PhysX or Raytracing because the newer drivers optimize and eliminate certain functions that those new things end up having t
  4. I personally am prepared but not for this test, no one will ever be. I find the RNG for drops for the extra time things (called life support) lacking. I have done this at times and failed because some waves drop no life support(time modules). So its not skill its stupid. I find this test in no way shape or form a test of mastery or skill if its based on some random number drop. Sorry....but that is the cold hard facts. I have yet to fully complete this mastery due to in fact that random generated drop rate and some bosses just being i
  5. I personally like how mesa plays. I find frames like ember and nehzha and mirage and excalibur to be yawn fests and not much fun in fact i can name more.... Why? Because their powers are not only lackluster but not very effective. Sure they look neat but in a real combat just how much do they do? I think the after game reports kind of show what is working and what isnt. The peacemaker is a great power....its a turret ability and no other frame has it. You get a reticle that shrinks as you shoot things. Very easy concept to master and use. You get a mod that lets
  6. Yep I am getting that too. Aside from the bad lag from XBOX anywise....yes i play both PC and XBOX and it is noticeable and annoying on XBOX. In this case I am losing progress and going backwards way too much. As in I too am trying to do Thermi\a Fractures.....its already annoying you join players who not doing them.....why the heck do you have a Thermia Fracture Join box if you do not join Thermia Fracture Missions....??? BAD DESIGN DE or it needs a repair. So after doing 16 fractures and leveling up to level 29. The host leaves or maybe they crash.......the migration ha
  7. My theory is: I think Natah didn't want to do what the sentients where doing and became Margulis and helped humanity...and when the orokin arrived she hid the children and then became the lotus. I think the sacrifice is that she will no longer be the lotus and will change again including change her name and look.. And then create weapons of war to fight the evil that the orokin are afraid of. That the hive speak of. That made the grinneer so reckless that they would attempt enslaving tenno. That the awakening of the Tenno caused. etc etc Just a theory though.
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