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  1. I like many noticed the Radio Button missing. So I started trying to narrow the suspects down. Who Stole the Radio Button!! First suspect: Ordis Reason: He was a fan of Nora who decided to take a vacation. So because of her departure his anger caused him to take the button. Second Suspect: Lotus Reason: As a fan of pets and wanting them continually sent to her. She decided the latest lack of getting pets trend was too much. So while distracting the Tenno with her usual "You are surrounded by Grineer Marines!!" she went in and "PLINK!" took the button Third Suspect: The Man in the Wall Reason: Don't know who he is or what he is or where he is. So why wouldn't he take it. Fourth Suspect: Baro Ki' Teer Reason: The places he goes too...yep....probably adventured to the orbiter while no one was looking and took it. Next time you run into him....He will proclaim how he has a new item. A new radio button that fits the orbiter perfectly. Even has that duplicate scratch on it, from when a box of Relics was accidentally dropped on it. Fifth Suspect: Vay Hek Reason: Not only does he want to know why these fools are still breathing his air. But he had to take the button because these fools where listening to his radio. Though I admit since he has no hands, not sure how he stook it...:/ Sixth Suspect: Nef Anyo Reason: To be rich you must be poor. To listen to the radio must first have no button. He stole it to give unto the void. Probably will resell it as a gift from the void for just 10 easy payments of 1999 credits. He may even throw in a book titled : How the void showed me how to make a profit. And if you act now you can also get his entire collection of: Nef Anyo Sings the Void Blues. Nef will astound you with his winning performances and share his secrets for just a few extra Credits. So ACT Now...supplies are limited. Sooo anyone else have any comments or conjecture or any other suspects?
  2. Too bad the Riven inventory cant be based on what weapons the players have have....I just want one of each riven for each weapon I have. oh well....sounds like a nifty system....after a while it will be used less and less as the maximum capacity of 90 is reached. And of course it will be manipulated by people suing multiple accounts that only hold specific rivens.
  3. As I said it should tell you on your transactions on steam if it didn't go through or got stopped.
  4. well if you had stopped that long ago....you would have to start almost at the start anywise..... For me I had done the tutorial and little more.....then after I quit for a bit and came back....I found I still had all my stuff but had to go through unlocking the planets again.
  5. I don't know what you are building your rhino for...the agility and rush mods...I am guess for sprint speed?!? I built mine as a tank..not a big deal...sure people say...but you can use the rhino armor..yep you use the rhino armor too...and sit back and not take damage or die when getting hit by tons of little guys...which eat the rhino armor easily. The poor Mans Build would be and may still require a forma or two: Aura = Steel Charge (I needed points) Exilus Slot = Sure Footed (I hate being knocked down) Redirect (Shields) Gladiator Aegis (Adds to Armor) Fortitude Armored Agility (more Armor) Vigor (shields and health) Flow (more energy) Vitality (health) Steel Fiber (more armor) My actual build is: Aura = Steel Charge Exilus Slot = Sure Footed Redirect Gladiator Aegis Fortitude Armored Agility Primed Vigor Primed Flow Umbral Vitality Umbral Fiber For my build I have no more points to spare and I have used a lot of formas
  6. Ok did some digging That is the original warframe tansaction but did you stop the transaction? You would see on your account the wallet code you made first followed by that transaction....and afterwards if you stopped it or reversed it steam would tell you. If it gets stopped...that's why they reverse amounts many times....in this case you spent platinum but the money never arrived....thus they Digital Extremes reversed it...giving you a negative balance. I think I recall someone saying if you get your platinum up to positives it allows you to access your account again. No I am not support....as the other members said...they hate being pestered...so try not to do that opening multiple tickets...as they are super swamped
  7. WOW more rivens!! I wish i could use them. I hope they start tying rivens to the weapons instead of being independent slots...because I am maxed on the riven space. Just got my log in reward of 3 rivens and slots....and cant get any more slots...kind of a bummer....so got no reward....oh well. Its like orbiter space for decorations....i am almost maxed on that too.....filling up the special room across from the living quarters now.
  8. I don't know about anyone else....but I have playing to try and collect one of each riven type...as in a riven for each of the weapons in the game. I found out a little bit ago....maximum capacity is 90. I think the Maximum capacity for rivens should be raised....maybe to the limit of how many weapons there are in the game at least. Collecting these has kept me sane and is giving me a reason to keep playing. And I spend the 60 platinum every so often for 3 more slots...so its not like I am asking for anything spectacular or suggesting a huge fundamental game change. I think there are probably quite a few players who might be doing this too....so its not like I am the only one.
  9. if you play every day and do a sorti, you will eventually a lot of them. My only issue with them...is that you can only hold 90 at a time....I am trying to get one for each differing weapon....but just found out...90 is maximum...collecting one of each type was keeping me sane and playing.
  10. hmm...after playing her for a bit....this is all based on my own opinion and the way I slotted and played this frame. I am using the umbra vitality and umbra intensify for example, and streamline, and some range mods, and redirection and the prime vigor, along with a corrosive projection aura among other things About her first power: Her first ability has some range issues....at times it will go a very long range at other times it doesn't seam to go far. I noticed this in orb valis shooting at long range enemies with it. The radius blast is also a bit erratic as well...at times I can hit multiple enemies but most of the time a single target. Also the damage report is a bit erratic too. Since it does blasts I use it like a rocket launcher so I don't shoot the enemies but the ground for the blast radius if they run or jump a lot, and found sometimes it didn't seam to do anything as the radius of the blast was erratic. Shooting and charging the bale fire also causes an extra slow down on movement for a second or two....I can understand while charging but not after as ingle single shot. Thus running and gunning are not a very good option all the time. It consumes 100 shields it looks like per shot, tried to change this with mods which according to the power page reports it should cost less but does not. Charge up of the power is also erratic, at times I was able to one shot or take huge chunks of damage off a vehicle, again this was in orb valis doing the new fire fighting event. But most of the time the charge up didn't seam to do much more then use a lot of shield energy for a normal shot. Again erratic blast radius happened during the charge attack as well. Her second power: hmm....this one sometimes gets shield energy and sometimes does not. It consumes more shield energy then usually what it gets back. And doesn't seam to effect enemy shields enough to warrant it as a viable attack either. Kind of find this power as it is a waste of time with no purpose. I surrounded myself with enemies at times trying to use it, and it replenished 500 shields out of over 15 enemies...>_<;; Not impressed. The enemies caused more shield loss in 2 seconds then this power took over 5 seconds to achieve to give back. Her third power: This one...is...well with range enhancement it its ok....but it consumes a lot of shield energy to make it a waste of time again. It provides an ally with a little extra damage output, for a heavy cost of hildren's shields. The actual 2nd power does more damage and its horrible as an attack in my opinion. This one doesn't defend very well and it has a very low radius. It consumes a lot of shield energy based on each person in the radius. I found the drain most of the time to actually be faster then when her shield recharges. I just didn't get much out of this. Maybe I need to slot differently, though intensify and other things didn't seam to help it at all. Also most of the players I played with kept going out of the range of usage. In addition they the other players killed faster then this paltry thing did anything of value. Again....I think this power needs a serious rework. Her 4th power works extremely well. This one does consume a lot of shields, especially the more enemies you effect by it. I didn't see many blue orbs to recharge the shields....but that was fine...it worked well as a great way to stop the teleportation on top of the cannisters and the ones that jump and run fast to them during the fire fighting in orbvalis. Its radius was a bit to get used to as it changed depending on your height. But...using a controller I couldn't lower myself except doing the ground slam. The ground slam from this, is very weak, doesn't do even any knock back, so I wont use it. Not sure if that's intended. I assume its weak because it doesn't use your melee weapon to do it. Its damage wasn't a lot which is good, as I can see this is a definite crowd control thing. But I felt it was a very useful tool at times. Its radius was greater then the third power, and I noticed when I floated too high, the third power consumed energy but stop effecting the other players. Tips said to use the third power while doing the 4th power. I would say, never do that. The shield drain is too great for that sort of thing, I did try many times, and it didn't help it hindered more then anything. Oh and her innate power didn't always work. I did some defense and survival missions and I am not sure which enemies of the infested actually caused health damage bypassing her shields but this was beyond just poison. I was taking a huge shield and health hit. In fact a few times I got one shot downed. This also happened during a sorti in the void facing the corrupted corpus and corrupted grineer . Again this is all my opinion based on my play time. So my examples and experience are from actual play. I do like the frame so far, but I find myself only using the first and fourth powers only.
  11. Well not sure why people have issues....or cant upgrade....I am using a computer older so far then many of the low end machines listed. Yep an Intel Core i3. I run windows 10 on it now....and have a 64 bit system running. I have a GTX 980 could have probably used my old GTX480 and still have no issues. don't know why everyone uses the low end 70 or lower model graphic card. Those use a lot of ram and are slow as tar. My ram is 16 gigs as my motherboard is at its maximum unfortunately. Do I have lower then 60fps...maybe...its not much lower, cant really tell, too busy playing then just sitting there staring at some refresh numbers.
  12. that's not all...the picture of the gathered material is also lower quality. The amount of the items are not shown either anymore. Also detection range is slightly smaller as in the mini map isn't showing the icons until closer now. Still not sure why the almost free new mining tool is ten times better then the advanced nosum cutter from cetus….as the old cutters seam to be obsolete now.
  13. ok....so more upgrades... Does this mean we will get our Hero Liscenses now? =O_O=
  14. Will there ever be a way to forma umbra slot types in Our Frames? and Kan Haz Cheezzburger?
  15. will there ever be hunting and other additions on Cetus? will we ever be able to dive in water with our archwing on cetus or other world places? Will there ever be more Archwing missions in space instead of missions where you only use it in a water area or small place? Will we ever be able to use our archwing weapons instead of out tenno weapons on Cetus?
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