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  1. I am just surprised the Kuva weapon Riven dispositions are still fairly low. In fact, I do not use most of the Kuva Variant weapons after i level them, because most seam to have lower statistics and not perform very well. Granted i do not have rivens for most of them, considering we have a cap on how many rivens we can have, but the difference in performance is glaringly noticeable.
  2. The art work in the differing sectors for the rail jack are incredible. Who worked on them and how long did it take? And it also looks like there is a lot of extra stuff out there that i assumed is being fleshed out, so any teaser items on that stuff at all? Oh and....Kan haz Cheezburger?? =O_O=
  3. um a bunch of stuff left out of the patch notes All weapons on the rail jack and archwings have had their range and damage reduced by over 50%. Railjack hull and Armor and Shields have also been Reduced. Resistances to effects from all weapons and attack on enemies has been increased. Regeneration and healing on Enemies have been increased. so the armor changes on enemies....don't seam to do much....hate to point that out....feels like the weapons now are even more in-effective.
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