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  1. kind of shameless self promotion. beyond that, w h o c a r e s. The tigris family was never good. Big single target damage? Woop Dee doo. Many weapons can do that. Tigris in any of its incarnations is a sledgehammer to kill ants with. Absolutely murdered whatever you hit, yes, and while you prepared to hit again, everything you DIDNT HIT murdered you. In a horde shooter. and now, it ain't even good at single target killing. you are basically comparing the best nails in the drawer of bent, broken, discarded nails. Just use the Exergis. Mega status, synergizes with fram
  2. As someone who has been playing since 2015, I am not without my gripes towards WF. Great game. I still play. but, there's several things wrong about it - as with all games, really - that could be improved. While I won't pretend I have the answers to every problem, I still would like to share my personal ideas on how I'd remake the balancing system of the game. I did say remake, instead of rework, for a reason. Honestly, I know this likely would never happen, the changes are too sweeping for it to go on. But hey, I still enjoy the mental exercise of thinking of ways to improve stuff.
  3. mine has radial blind on 4. It solves more problems than you imagine.
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