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  1. honestly, I love the skin. using darker colors addresses the metallic / saturation issue to a degree, though I imagine it'll get fixed at some point I'm more bothered on two things: one the completely broken state of her syandana (only two of her spines even MOVE, and they don't even move properly - they only dangle in place, as if broken and hanging b a wire. the other, is the rigging, where in some animation sets her right shoulder implodes inwards, and her very lower back (coccix area) is also extruded inwards in a very odd way. Besides that, however: she's an energy goddess and looks the part now, and the Alamos sniper skin is honestly one of the most elegant deluxe skins yet. it solves the horible aestetics of some guns (komorex in particular looks retarded in my opinion, would be better as an archwing with a model like that;) and, among all snipers, it«s the leanest, thinnest skin. it practicaly screams PRECISION.
  2. ... there's your answer? like, I literaly just did exactly that. worst case cenario in doing it that way? someone is inspired in your build. Why are you even complaining about a problem that has a direct, swift, easy solution already?
  3. title says it all! I'm curious to hear what everyone likes to use when they aren't min-maxing, or unorthodox uses people have for unpopular guns. here's a few I have: -The Komorex, wielded by Nova specificaly. This gun is soooooo misunderstood. If you try using it like a regular sniper rifle doing a sniper rifle role, you'll be disappointed. this is an assault sniper, not a sharpshooter rifle. it's super, super spammable, status oriented (but with good crit nonetheless) and even has a brutal AoE viral explosive mode. with the removal of self-damage it's gold. being able to effortlessly go from target to target chaining headshots with no effort makes it actualy outstanding when facing fodder enemies, though heavies still fall apart with repeated headshots and bleed procs. It's essentialy the sniper I bring for sniper-only sorties because it's the most multi-target capable sniper rifle, and generaly handles like a prisma grinlok with innate punchthrough. Despite how people often say "USE THE EXPLOSIVE SHOT! ALWAYS USE EXPLOSIVE!!!!!!!1!!!11111!!1!!" I find it to sometimes be inferior to low-zoom, specificaly in corridors: all that splash damage kills one guy, but won't go any further. punch-through shots can sometimes kill four people if aimed right. if not... they come out MUCH faster than the explosive and have virtualy no recoil, so... it's all in all a VERY underrated weapon. it does require a buttload of forma though. -The Knell. it's my go-to lich murderer when paired with invisible frames. Loki, this gun, and hushed invisibility can solo any lich, no matter the level. it's also insanely strong if used with Mag, Harrow, Volt, Vauban, Limbo... anyone who can facilitate headshots WILL have a great time here. -Gaze kitgun. I legitimately can't understand why people call it a bad weapon. it's basicaly an alternate, single-target (still has AoE, just not as prominent) kuva nukor that can have infinite ammo. this gun SHREDS. the combination of raw crit it can have, with how fast it fires (beam stats make them insanely powerful status hoses) means you can shred a target's armor, or stack viral, in the blink of an eye, while showering them in yellow. Absolutely eats heavy enemies for breakfast. like, it's not even funny. I kill late-game enemies faster with this than I do with "THE META" catchmoon/tombfinger. -Cernos Prime! with status changes, this bow can simultaneously proc a lot of viral, and force-proc a lot of crit slashes from HunMon. it also has a bonus headshot multiplier. ... it's a better Dread, for me. Absolutely insane with some setups.
  4. banshee is stupidly strong right now due to shield gating fixing her biggest weakness.she can wreck things faster than mesa prime while also stunning and not being restricted movement wise. before warframe revised I would agree with you. Now? Not really. She needs some QOL - one handed casting being a big one - but no more power.
  5. that's a big ouch. I don't have anything beyond basic mote amp. I hate eidolons and thus never invested in amps, or quills, at all, despite being MR24. any "budget" amp combinations you suggest that I could get early? just something more reliable for this one event. Mote did nothing.
  6. 1 - there is seemingly no option to extract. Ending a sauron only makes a new one appear. 2 - an aerolyst spawned on eye#3. It was immune to everything. Void beam did nothing. Weapons, also nothing. Abilities did nothing. It had gray hp bar all the time and only 0 was displayed for damage. It was harmless, lol, but considering its required to kill all lesser sentiments o continue the mission, I was effectively stuck for a good ten minutes until I simply aborted mission - couldn't extract regardless. did I miss anything...?
  7. LIES. Kuva liches are deleted in two hours solo. You don't need a group, liches are absurdly easy at level 5. ... Assuming you have good equipment, with good builds, and a good strategy. let's go over the problems you will face and how to fix. 1 - too many enemies fighting you. -CC options like Vauban Vortex, Bastille, Avalanche, Cataclysm, will save your time, and butt, without fail - even if they won't stop the lich. 2 - too much damage being taken. -abilities like iron skin, shatter shield, glass storm, will greatly mitigate damage. Frames like Oberon and Wisp can regenerate immense health amounts and outheal most damage taken. Ivara, Loki and ash, being invisible, are able to cheese the lich. Limbo's cataclism+stasis will stop all bullets - the lich's included - letting you engage safely. Mag can be immortal if you time shield polarize with shield gating. Adaptation will help a lot in all aspects and greatly improves about half of these options. 3 - everything is too tanky. killing armored foes requires some tools. You should build for CRIT. period. Lots, and lots, and lots, of crit. This because the lich is immune to status. You should also bring viral and slash options for fodder enemies- this combination wrecks high level grineer. Corrosive+fire or viral+fire are good too. Bring a nice gun and you should be able to kill things even at 0 forma. I recommend also Carrier, for ammo management, since liches will eat up absurd amounts of bullets if your gear isn't modded right. Alternatively, kitguns with pax charge help (infinite battery ammo) as well as Fulmin (infinite ammo). Exalted weapons are also excellent. Mesa's peacemaker does not have a limit in ammo, and eats liches for breakfast. Mag with a crit Lanka and magnetize will wreck liches. We're talking between 1 and 3 hits on a level 5 lich can take a third of hp off of them. Neither are hard to get. Volt shields are amazing due to their increase for critting. Harrow will murder liches if build and used right - insane firerate, insane crit, and lifesteal will erase a lich in seconds with the right guns. Tenora, for instance, is perfect for this. Knell is brutal on liches as well. if you lack an option for all three situations I described, you absolutely need better gear, and may require a team. hope this helps.
  8. Hek: *sits down Therapist: "I'm adding the price of my cushioned chair to this appointment, because it is obviously not designed for giant metal birds."
  9. I would simply make things like daikyu or ogris have a base 150% status chance. this would mean absurd numbers of procs per hit. all dual stats wound be +240% status, adding up to a whopping 340% status chance- meaning a single shot does three status effects, AND often does a 4th proc! say what you will, this is still inferior to fast weapons, it just makes existing procs a lot more brutal.
  10. just solo'd today's sortie disruption. these missions are punishing for non meta builds. I was absolutely melting these demolysts, but I'm using a 7 forma umbral wisp with a Lesion and Naramon. Lesion has insaaaane status, viral, weeping wounds, blood rush, berserker, and naramon minimizes combo decay. This absolutely deleted those lvl 60-80 demolists. a saw (which I don't have) likely could wreck them even harder. I think the best option really is just mad melee damage output. I also combined her 2 with speed mote to explore real well. Rush to approach route, toss 2 backwards. Go as far as you can. If you didn't hear a demo, press 2 again, teleport back, and try a new one - minimal risk. Her haste paired with berserker results in ungodly amounts of melee damage.
  11. I agree, but I don't think they would nerf sonar. Other warframes have equal insane damage abilities that require a fraction of the skill to be used. Antimatter drop is a nuke that can be combined with Tigris prime to instantly erase everything near you. saryn's spores trivialize any fight. Mag bubble is arguably even more broken than sonar... Etc.
  12. OH MY REBECCA NOTICED ME?!?!?!?!?! I can now die. my life has been fulfilled.
  13. So, Banshee has always been one of my favorite warframes. She's... equal parts insanely strong and insanely frail. I love the extremely fast-paced gameplay she requires - snappy aim, constant gliding to abuse her Silence stun, and some unusual mechanics and synergies all complementing her absolutely insulting levels of damage using Sonar. Evidently, there was only so far you could take her due to enemies resisting her 3 (her main defense) and her tankiness being equal to that of a newspaper sheet after one week of exposure to rain. Then the shield gating mechanic was introduced. My setup uses Skiajati with high speed and high status, along with healing return and both umbral mods. it's quite juicy and able to deal surprisingly nice damage for a "non meta" weapon, but the main draw is its synergy with her 3, allowing me to go invisible and insta-kill almost anything that isn't immune or health-gated, like a Nox. This was great, but now, it's absolutely insane, because if somehow I get hit, I actualy have a full second to bullet jump away, and in doing so, expose more enemies in my proximity to a finisher. This results in non-stop invisibility, allowing me to fully recover; and in the off-chance I got hit at all, I can easily sneak in a few hits while the enemy is stunned before activating a finisher, which will heal me quite nicely before giving that invisibility. this lets me flee, heal, and recharge my shields and regain gating with minimal risk- mind you, this would be impossible without shield gating to prevent lethal damage! before this mechanic was introduced, Banshee would die to a stray explosion, AoE ability, or unlucky shotgun pellet blast. not anymore. this is legitimately insanely strong now. with a single attack speed mod (in my case, Quickening) she is perfectly able of killing two enemies before a stun ends, which actualy makes this excelent at taking out key enemies. Just... dear god, the damage. Status and shotgun reworks also had a strange interaction with her, specificaly Kuva Kohm. This gun is very unorthodox in almost everything it does, but there's some very, very cool things like insane status chance, full-auto, innate high punchthrough, endless magazine, and evidently, good crit for a non-dedicated crit shotgun. Kohm, unlike other shotguns, starts with no multishot, so those first few volleys (before multishot does spool up) have INCREDIBLY HIGH status chance, while being highly accurate... This, combined with a viral + crit + primed ammo mutation and a LOT of status chance, results in skewering a target into maximum viral procs in under one second, followed by a hailstorm of bullets - around half of those being criticals - hitting the sonar spot region, some indeed hitting the sonar multiplier. Viral basicaly quadruples (doesn't REALLY, but it's just below 4x) HP damage at maximum stacks; and sonar multiplies this even further, and stacks with itself. effectively, I've had pellets in the 40.000 damage range, after allowing Resonance to stack these. the real kicker...? the spread and punchthrough, plus full-auto, make this absolutely insane against enemy groups. I sometimes clear these faster than with a Kuva Bramma, not often, but sometimes. Banshee Prime is seriously turning out to be a huge winner with this rework, just like Mag was, perhaps not to the same extent, but to a note-worthy level nonetheless. In fact, her synergy with Kuva Kohm (and vice-versa; the insane damage output per pellet she provides makes Kohm very sustainable, ammo-wise, countering its biggest weakness and drawback) is so insane, that I find myself struggling to decide on what secondary to even bring along. none compete. I literaly only bring a kitgun because I'm using a Kohm, and psychologicaly, the ever-present fear of running out of ammo is as inherent to the gun itself as its damage output, even if in this case it is barely a factor. I seriously recomend you people try this. I'm not kidding, I haven't had this much fun with a frame in a very long time. It's not meta, I know, but sometimes, fun is just as effective in specific situations. Side Note: this build is surprisingly insane against Kuva Liches, who are completely vulnerable to her Sonar. punch-through and a hefty crit chance coupled with multihsot and spread means all you need to do is cast Sonar a bunch of times to paint the lich, then pepper-spray them with a hailstorm of damage. through cover. fun times! I took down a R5 lich in one magazine of my 28% electric Kohm with the described build.
  14. funny you bring up Vauban, since he is actually quite competent at killing liches with my set up. It's a bit niche, no doubt, fut effective regardless. 1 - max range vauban with zenurik and as much efficiency and duration as possible 2 - crit zenith throwing a vortex as a max range vauban will shut down everything through hard CC in a massive range. Zenith's detector, however, does NOT mark ragdolled enemies. As a result, vauban can throw in a vortex and snipe the ONLY cc-resistant targets (thralls and lich) through any and all walls - all normal enemies are not shown. zenith as a sniper is incredibly ammo efficient and hits about as hard as a prisma grinlok, or latron wraith. Repeated head shots will quickly bring a R5 lich to its knees, and you can do it through walls. I killed three liches with this tactic and literally did not receive damage.
  15. not anymore. 🙂 with shield gating you can literally fire-and-forget your iron skin, no need for iron shrapnel. If it gets destroyed, worry not, your shield will give you i-frames and even flash your screen once shield gate kicks in. My Rhino is a badass now with a free mod slot.
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