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  1. My journey as a warframe player started in 2016. it was a troublesome period of my life. Warframe was the game I played most then, as it was exceedingly outstanding and satisfying to play. I spent countless hours grinding for content, surpassing myself, and being surprised by newer and newer builds. Nowadays... I haven't really been having much fun for the last two years. I peaked by that time, so to speak. all questlines made, all guns viable, forma everywhere. This is also when open worlds started being the focus. DE has changed its vision for warframe. It feels like it is becoming more casual and mass-pleasing with every other update. not that this is a bad thing, but I do miss those old days when things truly felt challenging. I barely have a goal in playing anymore. half the time I join I quit within five minutes, as just doing a menial mission feels like a chore, since there's nothing I need. Kuva Liches kept me on my toes for a week, until I concluded the experience is designed to be as thanklessly grindy and time-consuming as possible from a design perspective. adding the trade ability was the nail in the coffin. for a very long time, I haven't bothered farming anymore. there's a LOT of content I don't enjoy. I hate archwing. I hate Defection. I loathe the Nidus mission. I feel bored in many mission types. I HATE both open worlds and wand nothing to do with the retarded grind found in them. I don't touch Eidolons or Orbs with a 10ft pair of tweezers. I just dislike this content. So, I simply do my sorties and occasional fast Syndicate mission, and simply sell up my drops - rivens, etc, for platinum, which I then use to acquire the things I legit can't be assed to farm for. that's how I got Harrow. that's how I got 80% of my prime equipment. as well as Hema. as well as many, many other examples. The truth of the matter is that at this point, I only play to get platinum which I really have nothing worthwhile to spend it on. weapons? don't need more. frames? have all I need. etc. I recently realized that I end up organizing much of my day around the best timing to do X in warframe. sortie refresh. daily rewards. syndicate missions. relic cycles. and I realized an important personal truth: Warframe is designed in such a way that my enjoyment of it is directly reliant on a server's settings and timing to bring up missions and rewards of interest. I grow tired of not having control over my fun. for instance, I returned to Borderlands 2, in which I can have similar build variety and enjoy equaly insane gunplay - but I can also mod it to my heart's content, and play whenever and however the hell I want. I don't need to show up daily to maximize sortie drops. I don't need to keep tabs on Warframe Market to make profits... I legit only need to play the darn game to enjoy it. not so much here. Skyrim in particular is what just killed Warframe for me. I have complete and total control over that game, which I'm modding for over 4 years, to such a degree I can barely call it skyrim anymore. thing is, I'm gravitating more and more towards single player and personal control over my own fun and enjoyment of the game. and after all this analysis, I conclude that Warframe is not worth the 30+GB of HDD space it occupies in my machine, or the 3+ hours a day I spend doing my grind. I can have much more enjoyment off of other games, and those 30+GB are enough for plenty of variety. I hope this lengthy post does clarify one thing. I like this community in general, and I don't want to do a "IMA LEAVE" post that disses DE for some arbitrary motive. I am abandoning Warframe and DE out of personal taste and preference. I consider Warframe many positive things. Warframe has incredible artistry in its many facets, from design and concepts to lore. even music. many quests are incredible; with personal favourite being the Sacrifice. Warframe has the single most forgiving monetization system I've ever seen in any live service, period. I could go as long as 6 months without ever running out of platinum and hitting low double-digits just off of how thriving the market is. Warframe is a cautionary tale of success on how one should not dismiss an idea we understand little of, as despite all naysayers it grew to be a titan among free-to-play games, and even gave several AAA titles a run for their money. I love the game that is Warframe, and the vision that fueled it, and if I could, I would work in Digital Extremes to make it better. Sadly, laboral satisfaction does not equal recreational satisfaction, you see. I have the utmost respect for the diligence and dedication DE continues to show over the years, and I admire their audacity. Their efforts are truly inspiring to a multimedia/gamedesign student such as myself. I wish literaly everyone the best. I hope DE never loses creativity and keeps greatness coming. I hope you all continue to enjoy a game that has so much to offer. I hope the story comes to a memorable ending, and I may one day in a year or two even reinstall just to catch up with the main quests. Farewell, Dreamers!
  2. PM offer. I can buy, or trade, though I -DO NOT- have anything as high as 50%. I can make up the difference with other items if needed, should you choose to trade.
  3. I'd love to get a Kohm. are you by any chance looking for a toxic Quartakk?
  4. if you're interested, I have a converted Toxin Quartakk that we could trade. the % is a bit low though.
  5. there's a very cool synergy with Adaptation, too - blocked damage still counts as damage for resistance stacking. you can easily gain 90% DR with any frame now, long as you hold block for 3 seconds. it's pretty nice. and since you'll continue taking hits, you don't really need to refresh often. I for one quite love the rework. made me mod weapons very differently from eachother, made many weapon types useful, made things super fluid, and even improved gameplay on some frames. what, we lost the broken multiplicative melee damage?...... just. use. Banshee. spam 2. you get the same effect with all guns. why all the sobbing? I'm killing sortie-level enemies even faster than pre-rework.
  6. Grineer Liches are created using Kuva, which is Warframese for "applied phlebotinum". that's all fine and dandy. it's something that is established to bring things back from death in a bunch of questlines, so it totally adds up. DE brought up liches will be expanded to other factions, and I started thinking on how this could be cool. here goes my suggestions. CORPUS DATAMIND a Corpus Datamind consists of a volunteer working for a group of scientists, likely working for Frohd Bekh since he's been working with high-end adaptable AI before. This volunteer's brain has been scanned into a digital template, but requires their death to fully transfer consciousness. thus, it shares the EXACT same creation mechanic as Kuva Liches. After their death, their bodies indeed die, but Dataminds become, basicaly, a human mind digitized inside its own software. They use this to control PROXIES, which are, basicaly, custom-made humanoid drones that they send after you. These drones are the latest in Corpus tech, which include armor, overshields, and self-repair. unlike requiem mods, you use a different set of mods, the CODA mods, which function similarly to the requiem mods. these are used to hack into the drone and stop its self-repair from working. inserting the full combination results, well, in hacking it completely, and gaining access to the datamind wirelessly, where you're free to: A - disable system protocols (spare) or B - wipe all data (KILL). CORPUS DATAMINDS are, similar to liches, single targets with large HP and DR carrying a customized weapon. instead of abilities, they have four different deployables, all of them souped-up versions of regular deployables from various corpus enemies. this has its own strengths and weaknesses compared to liches having alternative warframe powers. things like Vauban's vortex bombs, or the sniper crewman's summon, except his has no real limit and spawns blitz / guardian eximi instead; swarms of Nemes drones, etcetera, all while attacking you with its unique weapon. intended to be far less tanky than kuva lihes, making up for it with minions. Ideally, Corpus weapons would come with different element options. for instance, many of the available options in Grineer kuva weapons are excelent against Corpus. magnetic, impact, toxin. The Corpus weapons could have different options, like innate corrosive, puncture, innate cold, or innate viral, or innate blast.
  7. yeah, exactly. My first lich died in two stab attempts. thing is, the longer you take to kill the lich (i.e. more failed attempts) the more Kuva it will drop due to being higher level.
  8. imagine the scenario i am at, where I got a nice kuva quartakk. The latest lich i got... Has a weaker quartakk. I don't super hate that fact. The new lich is very amusing and i honestly want to keep him as a partner in crime. but i can see how this would be frustrating. right now we have 2 outcomes from beating a lich. We kill them and get a gun (which may be useless) or we don't kill them and get a buddy. Both systems have their flaw yes, but alas. what if... I don't want their gun - thus killing them is pointless for me - but i dislike them and want them off my A team of cool undead Kool aid grineer? I suggest the Kuva Harvest option. if you so choose, murder a lich. But do so by COMPLETELY DRAINING the kuva keeping them alive. This would cause the lich to explode, destroying the weapon with them. instead of a weapon, you get a riven mod for a grineer weapon and a large amount of kuva. This is dependent on lich level - higher level liches drop more. If it were to me, they should drop at a MINIMUM 5000 kuva per level. Cheaply avoid your lich like a coward and take ages because you don't want to do hardcore farm? 5K kuva. Enough for one late rolle and little more. Actualy engage with your lich? 25.000 kuva in a few hours. Plus a riven. this would address the whole "I got all kuva weapons I wanted the F do i do with liches now". And "my quartakk has 34% toxin i don't want a 26% toxin one". DE made kuva the most worthless resource due to how rivens work in rng. 900 kuva can turn a mod into a 1000+ plat sale. It may also take 500.000 kuva to do so.it is completely random and thus, impossible to translate into value. This would make riven rolling a lot more accessible to literaly everyone. You will be doing siphons and floods, possibly getting kuva from relics, and possibly even draining liches. At the end of the game it is still RNG, but at least there's a clear incentive to do liches, and make this persistently useful content.
  9. you may be seeing this the wrong way. I quite like how the system works: 1 - 90% of weapon builds that have matching forma and / or no riven can fit most exilis mods - you likely need 1 more forma to reduce cost of your build and get leftover space, and exilus polarity does the rest. 2 - most weapons that have full builds are very ammo efficient. You don't need maxed ammo mutation on them, you literaly can make do with basic unranked ammo mutation. Things like Sniper rifles (a full build WILL one hit kill almost anything on headshot, ammo drop is plenty common, etc). So what if you're unable to fit in maaaaaaximum ammo mutation? Your gun spends 1 shot to kill most of the time, and most enemies drop around 3-5 shots if you rely on mutation. Even if you had an average accuracy of just 30%, you would have a hard time running out of ammo. 3 - hush and suppress are stupidly low cost. Your Ivara literaly needs no more than pexilus and THREE mod points to have prowler-functional arsenal. Most likely you wont even need another forma for your purpose. 4 - recoil reduction is a bit costly, but even not maxed makes a huge, noticeable difference. 5 - I consider all remaining exilis mods completely optional, but these 3 types are imho the most useful, so what's not to love here? 6 - guns were already insanely functional before. Some do not need a pexilus at all. fulmin for Instance. What exilis would you put in it? Recoil? It has none. Hush? Silent by design. Ammo mutation? It has a battery. 7 - upcoming weapons are likely to have more than 30 mod slots. Kuva weapons are just BEGGING for absurd builds due to the major increase in capacity over normal weapons, even primes, and this is absolutely going to help get exilus onto them. there's talk of Corpus Liches coming in as well, so you can expect corpus guns in the future to also have this feature. I expect us to have a large majority of our arsenal, in 2 years, to have 40 mod capacity variants. There may even come into play an item, like a new forma type, that grants weapons the paracesis effect. or even arcanes that do so for craftable kitguns/zaws. hell. Right now you literaly can use pad seeker AND not worry about ammo due to ammo mutation exilus... This is a simply insane addition if you really think about it.
  10. I am a MR24 player, who’s been around for the last... 4 years? I joined long ago, when Inaros first came out. For the last 2 years, Iv’ve been twiddling my thumbs, for the most part. I’ve gotten to a point where if I WANT something, I can get the plat to buy it in a week or so, with little burnout o frustration. If something is grindy in a way I enjoy, I grind it. If not, I trade and buy it. It’s a way of playing I’ve grown comfortable with. There’s many things I actively ignored for the most part. For instance, I never invested into rivens. In my perspective, it’s safer to sell them and make a GUARANTEED profit (sometimes they have price spikes that last months!) than it is to spend time to open it, and RNG screwing me over, either right at the start with a worthless weapon, or constant awful rolls. I never bothered much with kuva farming. Got the Kesheg, then the Paracesis (I think it requires kuva) and… y e a h… never touched kool-aid before. I farmed Wisp. I loved the new boss, new enemies, etcetera, and she ended up becoming my most upgraded warframe, sitting now at 6 forma, one being UMBRAL forma. Only 1 drop away form completing Gauss, but I’m still doing his missions sometimes. Grendel, I’ll ignore. I play warframe to play warframe. Not NoFunAllowedFrame. Those missions are cancerous, and I don’t particularly want to get Grendel, as I hate his looks, his abilities legitimately gross me out, and he offers little I need. Even the MR is something no longer matters much to me. Also ignored Garuda. Also ignored Hyldrin since I HATE orb fights. Etc, etc. Now we have liches. At first I was skeptical, and rightfuly so. It seemed like just obscene RNG grind, even more RNG layers than rivens. Seemed DOA for me. Then two things got me interested. One, being able to choose the ELEMENT. And two, the upcoming (not implemented) ability to combine versions of the same gun to get better elemental stats, while keeping all invested forma, catalysts, and pexilus. This is all grinded with major focus on kuva missions. So, DE successfully gave me a reason to do Kuva missions. Thralls also give Kuva. And many missions are now higher level… MUCH higher level. To top it all off, rivens are even EASIER to get now, via the crystal shards you can get from requiems. So… I believe I will return to ACTUALY playing warframe with some degree of frequency now. I’ll finally invest in riven mod rolls because I literaly will be drowning in kuva within a month of lich fighing. Might as well use that! Considering every weapon can be upgraded later on, that’s EXACTLY what I will be doing – I’ll get one of each, forma’ it, maxxxxxx it, and if a better one drops, well that’s just NICE. The liches themselves (and to an extent their THRALLS) are fun fights, rivens sell for tons of plat when they’re good, and there’s a LOT of weapons I really am interested in, as many are guns I actively enjoy, but no longer use due to powercreep. In particular, Kohm Drakgoon Tonkor Seer and Karak. To say nothing of the new archgun. I REALLY want those. The addition of PExilus is just icing on the cake. I did Paracesis before, and I know 5 forma + 20 mod points usualy results in leftover space for mods, so… My goal is to get every new kuva weapon as my most useful element, maxxxx that S#&$, customize the heck off of them, upgrade them with new rolls, and roll and farm rivens with all the kuva by-product of hunting liches. Some of my weapons will likely get rivens. If not, my wallet will be loaded with platinum. Say what you will about how Kuva Liches first were shipped, the system seems very appealing to me right now, and how it’s confirmed to become in the near future.
  11. -add to control options the ability to bind finishers to a different key. if people prefer the old system, we can put it in E. If others prefer new system, stays at X. no reworks needed. Not even a ton of coding or work required. Everyone wins, no?
  12. Acceltra is obscene, sorry. tht thing with hunter munitions and ANY form of ammo mutation is absolutely bonkers. it has ammo issues only due to very fast firerate and low reserves; it actualy does A LOT of damage per shot, it's quite ammo-efficient if used controllably. with Carrier, it becomes basicaly a near-hitscan Ignis with 2x Ignis damage and pretty much constant crits. It is particularly busted in Mirage's hands, moreso than most weapons she has access to. the overwhelming amount of area coverage and slash-powered blasts is just like it melts lv 145 CorHeavyGuns in under two seconds. CLUSTERS OF THEM. in 99% of missions, you don't need to aim or even -care.- just do a quick swipe at an enemy's direction, and they are DEAD. along with their neighbor. Opticor Vandal is an excelent, stellar weapon, and one of my favorites. and all your points are valid. it's just that Acceltra does pretty much everything it does, only with a much faster mob clearing speed. even as a hunter munition gun, Acceltra beats it. Another insane gun is Fulmin. -hitscan soma prime-esque secondary attack with insane crit and brutal damage -arca plasmor + crit infinite ammo adaptable silent innate elemental I'd take Fulmin over Opticor most of the time, personaly
  13. I have a sincere few suggestions to further improve Vauban's kit, as some of the new additions aren't that awesome. 1 - flechetes. they deal puncture damage with ok status, but damage isn't stellar and firerate is low. the real problem here is inaccuracy, really; you can jut spam a dozen of these to create a lead storm wall. problem is, they can't hit the broad side of a barn. having these work like the in-game turrets (which lock on to a target and spam lasers) would be much better. I'd also change the bullet visuals to be something more... VISIBLE. it feels incredibly lackluster. if it could actualy lock on targets and unleash lead onto them, I can see this being a viable option to lock down a corridor while you're busy elsewhere. 2 - Vector pad. *HA!* no. this is garbage. I have a different suggestion: VECTOR BARRIER. it creates an energy wall similar to the one vapos crewmen can deploy it's similar to Volt's Shield. differences: 1 - does not increase damage of your attacks going through it, though it does not block your shots. 2 - enemy projectiles are REFLECTED back to the attacker. Vauban can now create portable cover; the one deployable he does not have elsewhere. 3 - the orbital strike could use a Flak effect, because its range isn't the best, has a time to charge up, and even is tossed in an arc... if the area of effect blast also caused a shower of projectiles in all directions (at least injuing those outside the immediate AoE) it'd be a lot better. right now, sometimes you have a unch of enemies being vaporized... with two guys who missed the AoE by a milimeter, *not even flinching at the devastating artilery bombading them.*
  14. I think my biggest grievance right now are finishers going to hell. They are so clunky and hard to execute right now. Parazon appears 100% RNG based, which is *stupid beyond words.* something that got removed was PARRYING. I loved this feature, where activating channeling a split second before an enemy struck you would briefly stun and open them for a finisher. It required timing and, compared to most melee shenanigans, actual skill. with channeling gone, I think it would be great if there was a "timed block" feature similar to that found in some Skyrim mods- where blocking just before an attack struck would stagger the target, while being riskier than simply holding block, which only reduced damage. DE even made blocking give immunity, and even combo. This feature would be awesome. on the topic of finisher moves: Heavy attacks could be given a simple, but signifficant buff: MAKE THESE IGNORE ARMOR - and depending on weapon (if its status or crit based) gain an **additive** 20% crit/status chance value. this would mean, at as little as 3x combo, you have a +60% critical chance on something like a Paracesis. This would make heavy attacks SO MUCH BETTER. You would need some buildup, and you can't spam it like crazy, but this one feature would make almost every weapon class feel as satisfying as before the mod Nerf kerfuffle. Only on heavy attacks though, so... Yeah.
  15. finishers are trash now, and I'm afraid of even testing them with Ivara or BAnshee. jesus, I'm terrified... ... however, a LOT of weapons sudenly became quite powerful. some lost power. for isntance, I never liked the Venka Prime... until now. it's ridiculously deadly with my mod setup. a particular surprise to me was Skiajati; this thing with the reverse grip stance just SHREDS THINGS SO FAST. the Destreza Prime has quite a sense of *finesse* now, and the heavy attacks appear to ALWAYS proc a slash, which, combined with the high crit of the weapon, can sometimes result in hilarious numbers. I had slashes come off of this weapon in the 60.000 ballpark per tick. my gram prime feels like utter garbage now, though!
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