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  1. Her second ability Psychic Bolts works randomly. Skill effect happens, bolts search enemies, but they dont do anything. So far this has only happened when Im NOT the host.
  2. Grendel Catapult is really great. I just think it should have been part of his base skill. I feel like Grendels base skills have been neutered so they can have their full intended functionality via syndicate mods. Like his second skill, Nourish, has been divided into 3 mediocre ones. I dont get it.
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  4. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Played Ground Assault for 17 rounds got the points, then we started another round and did 17 rounds. Apparently our instance changed and we stayed at rank 1. EXPECTED RESULT: I should have gotten 2,5k + 2,5k points for doing 17 rounds of Ground Assault and get to rank 3 OBSERVED RESULT: My instance changed and it only counts as 2,5k points and my rank stayed at 1 REPRODUCTION RATE: Happened once, just now
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