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  1. Baruuk wasn't weak even before the melee change. You just have to build completely around Desert Wind if you want to get real damage out from it. Before the change Desert Wind would scale around lvl 140, now it goes little bit further
  2. Revenant isnt really my thing, but interesting read anyways! + for effort
  3. Wukongs staff is indeed pretty terrible. Also the hold right click+attack still combo does really poor damage and the lunging attack usually misses and takes Wukong out of the battle. I think they could fix it with small numerical adjustments
  4. Overall I like both reworks Vauban Tesla nervos. I like it, it's pretty decent first ability especially with the augment. It just doesn't keep up with Vauban if you move fast. Minelayer. It actually doesn't have any mines, I would liked to be able to place some traps instead just some gimmicks. Tether coil isn't worth the energy, it feels terrible to use. It feels buggy, doesn't grab enemies. Why would I use this when Vauban has so much CC already? Fletchette orb. I find this useful. Actually feels like a trap, you can get some area control. Duration is great and damage is decent (for the cost), synergy with Bastille. I like it. Vector Pad. I would replace this with an actual mine ability, something that deals finisher damage and doesnt get nullified by the bubbles. Overdriver. It's pretty nice for the cost. I would like it to work similar to Motes, so everyone could grab a buff from certain location. Photon Strike. It looks nice. I like the theme. It costs too much energy for what it does. Way too slow to activate, cannot be used in fast paced combat. I would make it work like a beacon instead, so you can mark a certain area where these Photon Strikes are being casted in certain intervals. Bastille. I like it, it feels good to use. Vortex should have 75 cost, since it has only some of the skills functionality. Does the Bastille buff give 1000 armor? It doesn't feel like it, even with the full buff Vauban feels squishy (perhaps some host-client shenanigans?). Buff duration is so small that I feel like I have to spam Bastille just to survive, which makes the playstyle little bit tedious and extremely energy hungry (with base duration you have to cast Bastille every 10 seconds to keep it up). Vauban really needs some more survivability if the playstyle revolves around stationary Bastilles since it doesn't stop bullets. Ember I really enjoy the new Ember, this frame is lots of fun to use. Like Vauban it just seems to struggle with energy management. Fireball. Hard to aim sometimes. Combo window should be way larger, make the base 5 seconds. Projectile should be homing like with Akarius to make it more player friendly. Otherwise it's really solid base ability. Immolation. Energy drain is too much, it forces to build Ember around maximum efficiency, which really hurts build diversity. Immolation should buff Embers melee attacks, you are literally on fire so I would think the melee attacks should at least proc heat status effects. Damage reduction is just fine, I really like the effects too. Fire Blast. Is the base cost too much for a skill that has to be used quite often? Inferno. Works really well, no complaints.
  5. Hydroid definitely could use some work. For starters: every augment should be part of his base skills
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