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  1. 33 minutes ago, Redfeather75 said:

    I got a suggestion that I think will really make the progression of hubs more attractive to new and old players both!

    Using a tree like screen with nodes and ranks similar to focus schools.


    As a player earns standing they can spend it in nodes to rank them up or unlock new nodes down a path. Each vendor, their levels of saleable wares, store discounts, additional special services, backroom access, etc... can all be gated by nodes and node ranks. This way there is a lot of progression potential in the system but it is not linear and nobody will feel a tedious grind of having to farm enough standing to unlock X, when all they wanted was access to Y.

    Does that sound nice?



    Interesting... I think you are on to something...

  2. Wow. We are more split on this than I thought. I appreciate all the feedback.

    I understand, and somewhat agree, that all of those who say that the standing cap is healthy for the game. It prevents burnout in some ways and prevents people from blowing through content in a day or so. However this does not address the feeling of wasting time. Just seeing that the cap exists can be demoralizing. I've taught a handful of new players and they all dislike this system. They feel like they cant just sit down and grind out Fortuna or Cetus. However, the cambion drift is more kind. The token system there is, I think, a very good solution for standing caps. I can still grind standing even when I hit my cap. It's just in the form of tokens. And when the reset hits, I can turn them in by the handfuls. I'd like  this system to be implemented into the other open world factions. Of course, I can just give my friends fish and then they can turn them in for standing, like tokens. I doubt this is what DE intended in the first place though.

    As for Syndicates, they don't really need an adjustment since their reputation is so passively gained. Just play the game and you get standing. Grab a sigil and do other content. 

    As for claims of 'go do other content while you wait' Isn't exactly a solution either. For example my friend want's the Tatsu. It's a cool looking sword, so how can I say no? He was able to get the Hespasm for the alloy, but when he needed the auroxium alloy he needed two more ranks in Cetus. He doesn't have a choice in what to do. He HAS to play Cetus if he wants the Tatsu. Sure he can go do other content to pass the time, but how is that any different from going and playing another game? He is being told 'go do something else.' and he doesn't want to do something else. He wants to play Warframe. The resort is the aforementioned providing fish strategy. I'm not saying that fish standing should be reduced, that's not what anyone wants. I just think that there are better and more entertaining ways to grind standing, but the cap just makes it a goal to reach and quit.

    When Fortuna came out, I almost quit the game. I felt like I wasn't going anywhere and I had to go do something else. The problem is that I HAD done everything else. I didn't have a choice. Yes, this is a very unique problem, but I can understand why the cap just existing is draining. 

    In retrospect, a soft cap isn't a solution. I think our best bet is implementing the token system into the previous two open worlds. It would still feel like I can grind out standing, and prevent blowing through content in a few days. 

    I genuinely appreciate the replies from all of you, and the feedback you've given me. You all have some wonderful ideas and points of view. I hope that DE will see this and understand where we all are coming from with this. I believe a change is needed. We shall see if one is ever made.

  3. Something has to be done about the daily standing cap. it is ruining my friends' enjoyment for the open world content. Sure the cap increase is helpful, however I feel that it is simply not enough. One look at it and they don't even want to partake. I understand that new content will be blown through in a matter of days without it. However the previous open worlds have been out for years now, and I see no reason to cap them any longer. At the VERY least, I would like them to add a soft cap. (By soft cap, I mean that we can still grind standing but at a slower rate. This would suffice.) Some of us have the time to spend to grind Warframe, and the fact that the game practically tells us to just stop when we hit the cap is frustrating. 

  4. Chroma: saw that nerf coming. As for his one, I still see little incentive to use it. Perhaps use that ability to switch between different elements, similar to quiver? Spectral Scream usually suffer when building for his 2 and 3 and the same goes for his 4. I understand that he will be looked at at a later date, just some food for thought.

    My number one problem with the ember change is how her augment works. The augment is used primarily for the CC, as we all know, and is a very potent one at that. Halving her range and increasing the cost will hurt this augment immensely. Perhaps we could change the augment, so it keeps max range, and does low damage. Maybe remove the increased cost while it’s equiped too I don’t know. What I think is that it will keep the augment useful while still not being a ‘kill everything and everyone who is below level 30’ type of frame. 

    Although, as Tactical Potato said in a recent video, nerfing frames will only result in players finding other ways to bypass the grind. Ultimately, if it was up to me, I would reduce the grind further. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the changes for the quills, I’m just saying that maybe we need more.

  5. Honestly, if enemy armor scaling wasn’t broken, these discussions wouldn’t be as heated as they are now. 

    Slash is king because armor is bat-excrement insane, we all know that. You know what’s strange, slash is LESS effective against armor raw damage wise, but what makes it good is the fact that the bleed effects stack and IGNORE ENEMY ARMOR.

    If armor wasn’t insane we’d probably be somewhat ok with a slash nerf. Perhaps a limit to how many procs? However until armor is fixed slash needs to stay as it is.

  6. I completely agree.

    As a mastery 24, I also have friends that drop out after the first few hours. DE just needs to explain things like how to mod, what are mods, how to get them, what mods do I need, and the list goes on and on (and isn’t only about mods). I really like your idea of having ordis explain these things. I don’t really see it conflicting with the lore at all. If it does, perhaps lotus could explain? I don’t know. 

    Im just tossing some ideas around.

  7. 23 minutes ago, Teloch said:

    Not hyped at all...

    ...because I will have an entire week to contemplate while the update squeezes through the 1 mb/s channel

    I’ve actually had moments where my download speed for Warframe was 1 bit per second. ONE GOSH DERN BIT. I hope it’ll be better this time. :/

  8. What level enemies are we looking at during the day and night?

    My guess is that day scales with mastery to a point, and night is lvl 100. I could be wildly wrong, who knows. I saw that the skiff rider in the last devstream was lvl 20, but that seems high for extremely green/new players.

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