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  1. Is it true then, that people who prefer dark fantasy have no place in this game anymore? I enjoyed Chains of Harrow's artstyle and atmosphere and consider this quest as a parting gift from the old days.
  2. In a perfect world this is what I desire, yes, akin to those 2013 beta test videos, dark and gritty. This would suffice.
  3. To those who might find my post - I apologise. It was an outcry, I had to let it out. This is how I feel when I see fashionframe. I'm not asking to take away what you like and what you earned. I just asked for an option in the settings that disables or hides visuals, what harm to your personal aesthetical taste, or cosmetic makeup do you see in this request? It would only affect me, if I choose to.
  4. Requesting a "Hide all cosmetics/Hide ephemeras" option under the display settings. Seriously, this is getting out of hands. Never in my life have I imagined that one day warframe would turn into a korean-mmo lookalike. As if pooping out flowers or bats wasn't enough. You are ruining my immersion, these are war machines, not some league of angels wing fetishists. Now I log in only to see a horde of cherubs and cupids. The new mission result screen is a flock of seagulls. Pink-winged rhinos with titania's stance hovering and dancing in fortuna is a thing now. Zephyr isn't the only bird now
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