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  1. TYPE: gameplay DESCRIPTION: 15 minutes for 1 code to come in out of 9 out of 4 Murex. Ground battles were sending them but they came so delayed from one another it was unbearable. REPRODUCTION: no idea i just join a space team EXPECTED RESULT: they should come immediately one after the other REPRODUCTION RATE: Been happening every game i played today on space battles. I hope i get a reward in credits for this nonsense.
  2. No this has nothing to do with with the community frame contest, i'm just fantasizing on my own and i can't stop it 🙂 (and sorry i have no art, i'm poor and without a talent) Anyone played Prototype back then? Remember that game? I loved it but does anyone get a Prototype feel when playing some frames? No? Just me? Sorry... That was a strange thing to ask. Anyway my idea has little to nothing to do with Prototype. Back to the concept, i had the idea of a frame that has his whole kit and theme revolving around "spikes". That's easy enough so let's jump to his description and kit. If you guessed he has spikes you guessed well. He's covered in them and they are more dynamic than just fixed in his model. To prevent eyesore model clipping the spikes should probably be made of some sort of energy. PASSIVE: running into enemies damages them for a flat amount. ABILITY 1: spikes transfer to melee weapons enhancing the damage, range and giving it a % slash proc chance for a duration. ABILITY 2: used on an enemy, you lock him in animation, infuse him with long spikes that sprawl from his body and spartan kick him into enemies. Length of spikes and distance of travel depend on range mods. ABILITY 3: you sacrifice your shields for an instant burst of needle like spikes from your body that extend to a long range, these spikes are left on the spot where you use the ability and pin all enemies for a duration. Killing pinned enemies restore small amount of energy, health and ammo depending on the energy color. ABILITY 4: as a drain ability, you use your surroundings to summon waves of spikes from walls, terrain or enemies, depending where you aim, as a melee weapon. You cannot use weapons during this ability and you're locked in custom melee animations, similar to Baruuk's 4 but more fluid like a dance. Waves of spikes are bigger with more range. If there is only a flat terrain (open world maps) spikes are summoned from the ground but at a greater range.
  3. I know some people have resentment towards a frame that looks like a "knight" but if you ask me there are frames for all different themes and playstyle so why not. My idea was of a frame with a sword and shield as signature weapon that are made of light. The shield absorbs all status effects inflicted on the frame and transfers them to the sword as status damage and chance. Maybe something to do with his armor would also be cool.
  4. I'm a big fan of fantasy books and medieval age and i would LOVE a knight looking frame with a sword and shield signature weapon. (my idea is that the shield absorbs the status damages received and transfers them to the sword as status damage)
  5. Did you trade a Riven or a Primed mod? Are you building in dojo? Did you start crafting a smoking body ephemera? That's how your credits go *poof* without even noticing.
  6. Alright gees sorry for asking... I'm still confused on why someone would be "preferring the current system" which sounds like "i never tried anything else so to me this is better" because there is no way on Earth dedicated server could make things worse.
  7. It still makes no sense, if you play with americans you should get better ping with dedicated servers because you're not relying on a questionable single person connection. I'm glad you enjoy playing with 400 ping, most of us don't.
  8. You know you most games that have servers let you autohost if you queue solo...
  9. Will we have to deal with S#&$ty hosts for the rest of the game's life? Will we never be able to play in the open maps with more than just 4 players?
  10. I'm trying to play all the frames i own and get a build for the playstile i like the most set, but i can't figure out some. Gauss was super easy to understand and pretty versatile with different builds, meanwhile this fat bloke makes no sense to me... Am i supposed to go full efficiency and just eat as much as i can and rollout? Spitting enemies seems dumb since it's kinda weird to aim and you lose the use for the enemies eaten for a damage i might as well deal with weapons. And the nourish bonus doesn't seem worth the effort. Any Grendel mains can tell me how you do it?
  11. Yeah that sounds more like it. I bet there's someone doing it for the memes.
  12. That's around 300'000 kuva where are you people even getting that much?
  13. Growing power is kinda sick, 25% power very easy to proc
  14. I'm so sorry to have forced my will upon you, I'm still getting used to my mind powers
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