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  1. I vehemently want to disagree with this point. Then again, I am reading through this thread rather than watching cat videos, so maybe you have a point. Also, I appreciate the humour in this in general. Thanks.
  2. Okay, these observations are slightly premature, since I've only had 3 days with the system, but I want the discussion to be started nonetheless. Firstly, I want to point out that, for the most part, the amount of resources isn't requesting too much.in my opinion. Some resources I have stashes upon stashes off, some others I barely have at all, because I dislike the content (looking at you cryotic, thanks to non-scaling excavators). Nonetheless, I've made the following observations: - I've subsumed 3 frames (wisp and nidus done, khora in progress), two of which required 80% bile, a
  3. It's called making a mistake. They happen all the time. I sold my frost at lvl 17 before ranking it up fully because I got the prime and I needed the slot. I then made one to rank fully for MR, sold it again. Had to craft a third now. It's the game. By the same margin players will regret building frames that end up getting severe nerfs to their kit. (Bladestorm ash, Polarize mag, Quake banshee, WoF Ember, to name but a few over the years I've played). They might be annoyed, but if you can't compartmentalize and be happy for the time you got the cool thing to play with, but it was kind o
  4. Probably noteworthy: if you have to punch more than a full combo on the larva, your camera does weird things to center on it. I would recommend ensnare on atlas for that reason, pretty much the same result, none of the janky camera side effects.
  5. First of all, I want to say the new area is absolutely stunning. And sadly, my laptop, quite literally, agrees. A year ago, I played warframe on an actual potato laptop. Averaging 12-15 fps on the lowest possible settings (with exception of resolution, which was somewhere in the middle). This could drop down to 7-10 in infested missions, especially orokin derelict. I always assumed this because of the increased particles and just little moving growths most infested have on their bodies. In september I got a new one, which runs on average 25-30 fps with only V-sync, SMAA and 4x AF turned
  6. Oh, I know, been here since 2016. I just hate that it is this way. Because I don't mind helping with bug reports etc, but the core system has to feel rewarding, and not force me into a corner. And this time, it feels like it does.
  7. Some people are hippies, and some prefer efficiency. I like conservation and fishing, but loathe bounties and mining. To progress, not only will I have to farm the materials, but also waste the materials I farm for standing. I don't like being forced into systems I don't like. If you do, be my guest. I'm just pointing out a flaw in the system.
  8. Originally, I was on board. In theory, storing standing is great. In practice, it has two main issues: - It's a frustrating amount of menu's you need to go through, and more "lost" resources than any of the previous open worlds. Conservation? From now on you have to choose between a floof or the tokens. Normal resources? Grind everything you can, because all of a sudden you need them for father tokens. - You no longer get to pick your poison. If you absolutely loathe conservation, mining, bounties or fishing, tough luck, you either lose 33% of your standing (grandmother requires a var
  9. Can I just point out a few things about your post: TL;DR: You want warframe to be a game it isn't designed to be. Before anything else, you say you're not asking for "new stuff", but you ask for a new pvp mode, new different and unique missions, better reward system (which implies better new rewards). Just pointing out the first inconsistency, now on to the main course! Relays are the social hub area. Find the mandachord in there if you think it's too silent. Due to the network structure of warframe, they will never be the default waiting space. It would require a massive amount
  10. Hm, when I say CC, I mean actual decent CC when you no longer one-shot the enemy (, in this case ensnare + strangledome). For example, mesa doesn't count as having CC that guarantees survivability, since enemies can (and will, once the AI finally kicks in) whack her on the head. I agree that death is a good CC, but we should consider that as DPS, not CC. When you talk about CC in regards to survivability, it's when it's relevant to surviving. A good example of this is Volt, who's static fart (4) is both CC and DPS, and remains useful once it's damage falls off. That being said, I ag
  11. Ignoring the fact that you (as a development studio, nothing against you personally Helen) just killed the hype for this update comprehensively, based on pure theoretical speculation about usage data, are we really going to start putting ephemera's (and drones behind a hard, rather than a soft) paywall too? Oh yes, gaze upon how skillfully I enter my paypal password to get me that sweet, sweet ephemera. Ffs
  12. That's not a really fair assesment, considering achievement stats are over all players that ever played, and this game has existed for a long time.
  13. Sigh, there goes all my hype for this system, with that tiny little strike-through number. When you say you're making a system tailored around veteran players, and thusly also balanced around what we can already do, and then just make it MR 8 instead of MR 15 to get access... It just shows your promises mean #*!% all. Your average active player is supposedly MR 10-11. 5 MR ranks is really not that hard to get if you want it, just buy the weapons who's bp is available in the market, build and level them. Now it's gonna be balanced around them, rather than the older players, who have most fra
  14. I'm sorry, you're literally contradicting yourself in your greatest points for wukong to then say he has to interact with his surroundings. You slap a weapon onto your clone, and then party it up in a cloud, so you don't even have to use the movement system in-game. It's literally the least amount of interactions with either enemies or the map possible. So could you please define surroundings for me, so I know what interactions you see here? Also, infinite ammo is meaningless in a game that already provides that for you without requiring any frame at all. The only time I've ever run out o
  15. B rank, on the average player, A+ if you know what you're doing. Combination of CC + rolling guard + shield gating. But with her damage output, and if you know how to make use of the tilesets in combination with said CC, she shouldn't really ever die. Also, since this thread is kind of linked to helminth, with Ivara's quiver, her survivability will be S-rank, because she builds some duration for her strangledome anyways, and invisibility, survivability-wise, is S-rank.. Still don't get why everyone is up in arms about roar being released, when quiver opens so many more interesting avenues.
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