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  1. The rework looks good, specially is Cloud Walker that will be VERY useful in Spy missions. Now, here's my feedback: Celestial Twin - it would be nice that, if we target an ally (console, recue target, escavator) INSTEAD of an enemy, the clone would them protect him/it... Or, at least stay close to it? Defy - I have a big issue with this going away because it is a great help with every new mission or Boss. I hope the invulnerability phase is long/good enough for it, and the spin can be big/strong enought to open stashes. Right now, I believe only Equinox can do that with his 4th, so it would be nice to have that little "extra". For... variety sake? Also, I don't like that he gets slower, because Warframe is a fast game. One thing is for stationary power to have mobility (e.g. Hidroid puddle, Nyx Absorb Assimilate aug - good), another is for mobile power to be slowed down (bad). Passive - I'm not a big fan of leaving stuff to chance(?), specially when the "buffs" last so little time. So maybe we could have a way to select the ones we want (or not)... Possibly like Chroma, by changing the energy colors (now that we have two of them)? And/or, if you really want people to play Wukong, have the buff for the entire time he stays alive! I know, it's kind of overpowerful but even Kavat's Charm double power lasts over 2 minutes. So 60 seconds seems WAY to small to be beneficial. All in all, he's comming along great, and so is his Deluxe skin from what I know. Good job. All the best!
  2. That's what I'm saying... Like I said in my post, I'm not saying Warframe is doomed or is going to END. But the "advantage" that Destiny has over Warframe is that it is much easier to get into (something no one can dispute), so a NEW player who wants a "sci-fi looter shooter", may stir to Destiny (despite all it's faults). And I think this could be a great "motivator" for DE to fix/change the "entrance" to Warframe and possibly even progression (something Steve HIMSELF stated in an interview with youtuber Mogamu). "White-knights" comming into the thread simply saying that this means "Nothing" (when EVEN Warframe parters says otherwise) are either naive, or are affraid of how the game might change... Something I don't think Digital Extremes is. Warframe's greatest advantage is it's Community and it's relation with the Devs, something Bungie seems to have lost... That's why I am curious, even excited, to see how everything unfolds... In September.
  3. "Nothing" was what Warframe was labelled of being 5 years ago... Ironically, one of those was Destiny's publisher. I don't think DE should make the same mistake.
  4. I don't understand the comment. Please elaborate...? Because the Devs are thinking of bringing them back and I believe their work should be better spent on something else... Of course, this is just the opinion of one player but I just wanted to share my opinion with DE and see what the community thinks of it.
  5. Let me start by saying that I am not 'against' Trials (commonly known as "Raids" in game lingo). I do like the cooperative-coordenative side of things, and are a absolute delight to do them with friends or clanmates. Making them one of the most enjoyable modes in any game. That said, there are a few downsides to them in Warframe that I would like to remind my fellow Tenno of why they left: 1- Rewards. You could only do them once a day with only one reward droping at each time (3 trials, 3 rewards, when they were closed). 2- Difficulty. They had none to select. There was even one that used a "cheat" to make it harder (something people now complain about Arbitrations). And the last one had a puzzle so criptic it put most players off (or at least, put them out the Golem). 3- Warframes usage. Only a hand full of them were actually useful, while others where just a nusance. Ence, this narrows down A LOT the "importance" of Warframes in game when you have about 36 to choose from. 4- Last (but certainly not least) the toxic enviroment of them. After a few people know how to do them, what Warframes to use and what the best builds were, and although some people help and didn't mind "carrying" others, this particular mode was 'infested' with GOATs that did very little to make it a good enviroment to welcome new players. And even during mission the "exchange" in textbox were sometimes times... Agressive. IF Raids are to return, they should be included in something "bigger". Maybe something with Clan interest (I could say Kingpin, but who knows when that's gonna happen) and... maybe have somekind of 'difficulty level'. Something people could learn on their own before joinning online matchmaking. Also, the Devs mentioned something about being a "Dungeon Raid" and that did peek my interest a little, since the Sentient Fortress is comming and exploring it IS something I do like to do (even in Warframe). That said, I am curious to see what will come, although I am not really not that hyped for their return (ence the title), and I believe that DE should probably focus their efforts on other matters... Specially now that Warframe will soon NOT be the only fish in the pond. [If you wanna know what I'm talking about, I've put up a following post for that: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1101711-destiny-is-going-free-to-play-what-does-it-mean-for-warframe/ ]
  6. "R.I.P." is probably the first thing that comes to mind for some... So, what I feared (and warned DE for the longest time) as happened. Warframe will soon NOT be the only fish in the pond. For the longest time free-to-play was this little deviant videogame market, where only small or indie studios dare to enter, little even succed. Warframe changed all that. Proving that dedicated Devs, and a dedicated Community can indeed survive, succed and even thrive in one of the most competitive bussiness in the world. But, just like Fortnite had its Apex... Now, comes Destiny: New Light. And this is a well know scifi shooter that is finished, is smaller to complete, has only three characters to master, and has proven "endgame" activities. AND it will include even Cross Save... And now Warframe needs to play catch-up. DE was warned time and again that getting into Warframe was very difficult, and that reaching the "high tier" activites required too much dedicated time (without plat or boosters). Players still get confused and (probably the worst) have to rely on third party benefactors from the Community (Wiki, Semlar, etc) to help complete certain modes, particularlly with every new update. The Devs are working on something to ease the entrance of the game to new players, and Steve has stated that he wanted to make it so players could reach "endgame activities" in less time (he said: "right now it takes about 80h to do so"; but we all know it takes WAY LONGER than that). Unfortunatelly, like so many thing in the game, they're still "working on it". Now, I'm sure that dedicated players (on both sides) will probably stay with their respective games, but what will new players choose? An extensive game with complicated and diferent modes that has over 30 characters and 300 weapons, but hasn't run out of new things to do, and with more to come? Or a well-known "closed" game that has 3 characters to master, is much smaller, but you reach endgame a lot quicker (altought some of those are PvP)? Based on my experience, my conclusion is this: it is a lot easier for a Warframe player to get into Destiny, than to a Destiny player to get into Warframe (and since I've seen more people "burnout" from Warframe than Destiny)... The choice for a new player seems to be pretty simple. [TL;DR] Warframe COULD be in trouble... But I hope this will give DE the necessary "incentive" to change and trim the game in order to make it better for both new and veteran players... DE's future hangs in that balance.
  7. DEVS TO DO LIST 2019! OPERATOR: More uses for the Operator OUTSIDE the plains - maybe a specific enemy that could spawn in some missions, like a/some Vonvalist that could drop some Cores. Or maybe a Kuva Cloud that could randomly spawn... Or, why not both? Make The other Focus schools actually necessary in some missions - like fighting the (new) Eidolons, or some other type of missions. Or else everyone will just continue use Zenurik... All the time. Use Operator in other Orbitals - we go there and can't even get out of our warframes. Use the Operator in Relays - like we do in Cetus and Fortuna. MISSIONS: Go search for a key when doors lock - instead of just hacking consoles to move on. Actually use the Archwing in the Kuva Fortress - I cry everytime I leave the Kuva Fortress and see the Archwing stats in the reward menu... doing nothing. It hurts, it really does. Kubrows (Earth) and Stingrays (Mars) to drops specific resources - like Kuakas and Condrocs do in the Plains. A use for Iron Wake - since the Harrow Quest I have NEVER returned there. It serves absolutelly NO purpose whatsoever. Either move Pallamino to Cetus and get rid of Iron Wake, or make it have an actual purpose in game... Maybe more shops? Or a Mercenary that would come once every 2 weeks with special bounties? A 3 to 5 stage mission that would take you all over the starchart and it would give you special rewards at each stage... Just a tought. SINDICATES: A Sigil for Ostron Sindicate - because all others have them, and so that we have at least ONE other way to earn standing for them outside the plains. A Sigil for Solaris United Sindicate - for the same purpose. Orb Mother Missions should increase Vox Solaris Standing, NOT Solaris United- why is a mission like this given standing for something diferent. Lure Specters - In the Quills sindicate, to capture the Eidolon easely... Maybe no building required? (btw, ALL specters should "hold" position by pressing and HOLDING square button [PS4] because the amount of times they stand still because we are just reloading or opening lockers is too much and reeeeeally annoying). PVP: Lunaro needs a mini-map - just a little one on the upper left corner like we have in missions, to quickly see where my teammates and our oponents are. I have requested this too many times, so... If you are not going to improve it and so few people play it, maybe you should consider remove it all together? Frame Fighter against CPU - I mean, I tried to play it a bit but no one ever shows up. Maybe if it had ANY rewards people might show up... But, at least make it playable against AI. Better rewards - or else no one will play/return there. Possibly some of the itens in the daily login rewards? Competitive Missions - where you don't really fight other players, you compete to finish an objective faster/with higher score... (Arbitrations might be a good candidate). YES! THIS IS COMMING! SO EXCITED! HUD: Type of Landing Craft support displayed in HUD - extremelly useful. Reactant marked on radar - a little yellow dot would sufice. Instead of a clutered screen full of icons. Eidolon Cores be sucked by Vaccum mod - why do we still have to run right over them to get them is beyond me... [Note1: Like excavator powercells, these thing are already pretty visible in the game. But unlike powercells (that we have to pick up manually) these do not happear in radar but (should) work with vaccum. And because the hud can get pretty clutered with every little icon, I would prefer to have them marked on radar and have Vaccum pick them up. ] Ratler spawning location visible on Radar - it is REALLY annoying to have these things popping up all the time, and have to run around trying to find where they are comming from. A little red dot (like the Grinner electric traps) would suffice to resolve this. Diferent icon between Mineral or Cristal displayed in our Mini-map or Minning scanner - useful, to say the least. Icon of the equiped Focus School (Madurai, Unairu, etc) displayed on the lower right corner of the HUD - instead of the 5 rings... our school. A "quality of life" improvement to help us see what Focus we have equiped. STARCHART: Missions of Cetus displayed - and able to pick from there, like all other Sindicates have, instead of having to go in to village just to take a look. Thus saving in loading time. Missions of Fortuna displayed - and pick from there instead of having to get into Fortuna and waste time with loading screens just to get into a mission. ORBITER: Infested Room - Having it there always locked and just accessable to Nidus or to remove Cysts, is kind of reductive... this room needs more use(s). So my idea was: some kind of enemy we could capture, bring here, sit them on the chair and let it analise/eat them. This would give us some kind item or boost... Nitain Extract(?) or 10% bonuses for 1h (equal to rare stashes) sounds mighty fine. ARSENAL: Auto color match for weapons - changing weapons in loadout should still match Warframe color selection, just like syndanas do. Arch-Gun Gravimag should work for EVERY primary arch-weapons - I have NO IDEA why you made this to work with just ONE! I would believe the Archwing launcher debocle would have teach you anything... But aparently not. Diferent Archwings per Loadout - I don't understand why I can have a diferent Archgun per loadout, but the Archwing is the same in all of them. Please change. Some missions I prefer the Itzal, others the Amesha, etc... It is a pain to always have to go into Vehicules, to select the one I need. POE & FORTUNA: New Open Worlds - a typical request, I know, but what I'm most looking forward is the Infested Hive in Eris (a completly alien world, and maybe we could know more about how the infested came to be) and Uranus with the FIRST underwater open-world. Able to use Abilities when fishing - do it the same as minning. I use Loki Invisibility a LOT (so no one bothers me) and it is quite annoying having to: unequip spear, use ability, equip spear... Please change it. Use our OWN settings to control Archwing in Open Worlds - forcing players to play with the "new" style command is annoying and degradating to (my) play-style to say the least. Use Archwing UNDERWATER in Open Worlds- I mean, we use it in Urano, so... (Logic 2). [Note2: concerning Archwing, if these things cannot be done for POE, them it is better to just change the entire design for a proper "Atmosphere Archwing" - something attached to the back (just to make the diference and) would be better understood by players of WHY it works diferently.] Vaccum to catch Eidolon cores - you did it with Reactants, so... (Logic 3). Have bounties to fight each Eidolon specifically - when night comes, have specific missions/bountie for each one INDIVIDUALLY (well, for Teralist we already have). This is very important specially now that everyone is migrating to Fortuna, and finging good squads to go all the way in fighting 3 of them is hard to find. And not everyone can Solo all three. -Arcanes and other itens already crafted and have them purcheseable just with Standing- DONE! TYVM Ability to change Warframe loadouts when requesting new missions in Orb Vallis from outside Fortuna and in the Plain tents outside Cetus. MAROO'S BAZAR: Leave Exposed itens - have a console where you could leave itens exposed to sell AND browse itens that other players have left there to buy. People would them use chat messages to negotiate, but trading would still require both players present at Maroo or in a Dojo. ARCHWING: (BTW my brother, a avid Destiny player, when he got it he LOVED IT SO MUCH. He too was suprised there weren't more missions with it.) Archwing Defense (or similar) - PLEEEEEEEASE comeback! Make it ONE objective defense and put some good rewards there (Axi Relics!?) so I can go back to my Archwing fighting days. That, or another form of Endless mission. Archwing Races and PvP - POE clearly show you have not forgotten good'old Archwing. Besides, if K-Drive has them, why not Archwing? Use of regular cntrol AND archgun in atmosphere mode - C'mon, we NEED this. FOCUS: School Sigils - Once you fully unlock and complete a School Tree you should get a Sigil from that School to mark your accomplishment (for shoulders). This should happen for all Schools. All Schools Master - After unlocking and completing all nodes in all schools you should get a "Master" Sigil (for front/back) and a possibly a Trophy as decoration. [Note3: This would work a bit like the Kuria rewards. You get one half way, and another at the end.] Create your OWN focus school/tree! - since focus isn't closed (even after you filled all nodes) this would be a very welcomed feature. Or have a solution (that isn't more "nodes") for people with all Schools completed. MARKET: PLEASE allow us to buy Deluxe itens seperatly - Even if it is only 3 to 6 months after inicial release, and even it they were more expensives than the Complete Pack, you would STILL make money and have many players happy to get just the item(s) they wanted. Personally, for me it would be Chroma Deluxe Heavy Sword Skin, and Infested Helmith Deluxe Skin. Lastly, QUESTIONS: When will the big nerf drop?
  8. I've searched the videos. Most are outdated. Others say that that is how they got it, but the video doesn't show the achievement. Archwing method, we tried it, I thing has been patched. Some say that if you keep sliding (even against a rock) it works, but still that's more of a "cheat" and it doesn't always work (hasn't worked yet for us). I really think DE needs to step in and validate if this is "doable" or not. Cuz, right now, there is no sure way to unlock it.
  9. I don't know if this is an issue, but I've been trying to help a friend get this trophy for a couple of days now and it seems Impossible. Since the plains where Remastered there are a lot more trees, rocks and cracks that stop us from sliding the distance in one go. I already got it, but now the location where I did it, changed... I believe the distance needs to be reduced to unlock this. TY
  10. A small request: Please unnerf Limbo's Cataclism so I can do Thermal Fractures with him Solo. Ty
  11. Nem acredito! Só consegui fazer o poster mesmo à ùltima da hora. Não estava nada à espera... Muito obrigado!
  12. Link do Poster https://www.deviantart.com/leonidas666/art/Maria-Lotus-796637480
  13. Tbh permadeath was never an issue for me (I can always wait for rotation to be over, or leave and try again). Nor was the scalling (since rotations are so slow). So, this "revive" will only make the remaining players get 'debuffed', thus increasing the chance of failure. That is NOT a big problem since missions change so frequently. My only "real" concern is just how long rotations take. Up till now, the ONLY mission players like to do for long time is Escavation, in particular, with Infested. With a squad of 2+2 every Rotation takes 6 minutes instead of the regular +10. To me, shorter rotations would be my biggest and most welcome change to Arbitrations. Also, I don't like the "debuff" drones. If they at least dropped some kind of 'valuable' resource (maybe Kuva, Forma, wisps or relics... But that being said, a BIG plus would be if they could drop itens found in "rare" stashes: landing craft parts, boosters, etc.) THAT would make players wanna stay in-mission longer (actually playing). Otherwise they should just be removed... Which in turn, might also help make rotations faster. Archgun Rivens ARE a good addition, and I hope all others (rifle, melee, etc.) could be added in the future too (real "Endgame" rewards). Looking further ahead, I always believed that this game mode should never be in Arbiters of Hexis. My immediate question was: "If this Sindicate has this, what do the others offer?" Quickly realising that DE only put them there because they really didn't knew where to out them (on Relays), since Onslaught was already in Simaris and Clem was in Darvo. They could have opened a new room in there (since some of them are closed), but I believe this could/should be moved to Iron Wake (that serves Zero purpose right now) and Palamino could have the itens in her establishment (since she only has 1 item there). Also, still related to the drones issue and since this is considered "endgame", I believe they could be changed to Vonvalists (or Sentient-like, since these already carry some sort "immunity") and have the Operator destroy them. Thus using, the "full" capacity of your Arsenal. I know, this would require a BIG change in the Lore (definitelly a change in name. Maybe" Sentient"... Something?) but I believe this would tie in much better with what we have (at least, so far) in Warframe.
  14. If I could make one request: Before Melee 2.etc I would select the Minning tool, melee kill enemies, and then get right back to minning. Now, I select minning tool, I kill enemies with melee, but THEN I have to select the minning tool again!... Could you please make it work like before? (Also, it would also be nice if you could do the same with the Fishing Spear. Too many times I forget, and end up blowing the fish out of water. Hehe)
  15. Hey pessoal, Eu e o meu brotha estivemos a fazer os Alertas de Aniversário e no último tivemos uma conversa sobre como evoluiu o Warframe nos últimos anos, e como se compara agora com o Destiny 2 e o The Division 2. Se quiserem dar uma olhada: Leia também a descrição do vídeo para mais detalhes. Obrigado.
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