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  1. After playing it for quite a while, IMO this is probably the best update to Warframe in over a YEAR. Maybe because the pevious ones had lots of issues, or maybe because this one is more "familiar" to us. Either way, the Infested "Planet" was a long awaited open-world and DE did not disapoint... me. 😅
  2. I am just sharing this because just this weekend some players were asking WHERE could they get it and HOW to make it work (since it already happears in our Orbiter). I guess, altought there's lots of information about the "meta" builds you can do with it, there doesn't seem to be a lot of info (on social media?) on how to start using it. So, it is on the Necralisk in the SON's shop... Simple! The video also talks about how you can get Entrati Standing and the Seriglass Shard, if you need it. Hope it helps!
  3. This "challenge" just dropped on PS4 yesterday and all I read was "speed" and it was against the Infested, so I took Volt. Which wasn't the "best" choice, but also not the worst one. Still, I had a pretty good Sobek, so everything turned out fine. Altought this isn't the most difficult of trials, it can prove itself bothersome for new or unprepared players.so, if you are having trouble with it, I hope this video helps you. Just remember IMO Rhino (for beguinners) is probably the best choice. Enjoy!
  4. I've seen lots of player with this issue since Heart of Deimos Launched, I even thought it was a bug, but after a hint from Son that said "look up" I finally found the solution. If you were confused like me, just go to the top of the mountain... I hope this small video helps. And please, Like & Subscribe. 😊
  5. No, really... I'm not being sarcastic or anything. Just a couple of things about the video: First, at the time of recording the list of Warframe interchangeable abilities was not available (it came out about 3 days ago, and it looks fine, even a bit "overpowering"... Maybe I'll do a video about it). 🤔 Second, I neglected to mention TENNOCON 2020 WAS REALLY COOL! I mean, DE is already used to doing streams and all, but the entire Relay idea to share what they were working on with the Communtiy was super. This year we've been having several "reveals" from diferent Videogame companies(?), but
  6. Please change Loki's abiltiy to Switch Teleport. Decoy is almost never used UNLESS I use it to do... Switch Teleport. Please allow Limbo's Banish to also include Stasis, because that's own everyone (#limbomain) uses it. Not only it is much better for us and squad members to recognize which enemies are affected by it, but also prevents having Banish and Unbanished enemies running around together.
  7. Tennocon is THIS saturday and I cannot wait to see what Deimos is all about... That said, Jackal got a rework recently with the Corpus Ships rework, and the Steel Path is also coming soon to Consoles. So, to help out my fellow Tenno, here's a Warframe and 3 weapons you can use to take him out fast (~5min). Hope it helps.
  8. Yep we do... This is the FAN ZONE. Here's a video from last year Tennocon (2019), please pay close attention to @24:36 answers and specially to the reply @26:26. I know it can be daunting for someone who just replies to everything here in the forums, to ACTUALLY put some thought and work into something: just to help a fellow Tenno, improve the game, provide a new idea, or just civically discuss some issue related to Warframe or Digital Extremes. But at least I try... Some people write walls of text, I do videos. Some people might see that has "clickbait", but I only uplo
  9. Having trouble with this Challenge? Well, this might help. Enjoy, Like & Subscribe!
  10. Now, I know "Heart of Deimos" trailer just dropped, but let us put that side for now to talk about something REAL: Warframe is going to (probably) change hands pretty soon... I am talking about Sony (Japan) and Tencent (China) are having an bid war for the mother company of Digital Extremes: Leyou. And who ever gets control will most probably/maybe do some changes. Now, Tencent seems to be in the best position to get it, but does that mean Sony is out of the race? What do you think might happen if either company ends up getting it? Nothing? Everything? Sony usually means quality and Tence
  11. Exactly like last year... EXACTLY. I mean, sure they are all in quarantine but, this was perfect for a new PVP mode... And not even new rewards? Feels bad man. Still, it IS a lot of fun. Please Enjoy, Like & Subscribe!
  12. The Partner Program is dead. Long live the Creator Program. However... Given DE's track record with the previous program (and with previous partners), I do have some concerns about it. Allow me to share my worries... please listen, enjoy, like & subscribe.
  13. Been wanting to to this video for the longest time. I know it is not on DE's "top prioraties" right now, but I do hope they revisit this system in the (near) future. In the meantime, this is what I think of it and how it could change/improve. Please Enjoy, Like & Subscribe!
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