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  1. In this (kinda long) video I talk about what I liked and disliked about Warframe in the past year. And despite everything (and there was a LOT last year), IMO Warframe actually improved... oddly enough. Here's hoping that 2021 will build upon that, and it's a great year for everyone. Enjoy!
  2. Hi all! Hope everyone had a great entrance into 2021 (we sure needed it). I know Operation Venom is out on PC, hope everyone is having a good time with that too, but here on "Consoleland" we still waiting... sad. But, new year, new challenges! EDIT: And apparently, reading the challenge correctly was one of them - lol. I misread "Sentinel" and thought it was "Sentient" (not much of a 'challenge' imo, but well)... that's on me folks. Still, the video does show how to unlock it, so I hope it helps. This was done on Desdemona, but you can pretty much do it on any Sabotage mission. Enjoy
  3. IMO this was a good way to expand on content (I believe) players are happy with. And despite minor changes (and drop chances for the new weapon parts being really low 😓 ) I see it has a really good improvement. But, at the start I was a bit confused how everything worked... if you find yourself in the same situation, I hope this helps! Enjoy. 😉
  4. Master Huntress herself decided to finally hunt Warframe's prime game... an Eidolon. And she wasn't too bad at it either.
  5. For those who claim that Zephyr is one of the worst Warframes in the game, I got news for you... You are not wrong. hehe Still, one can make it work... even at capturing an Eidolon. Enjoy! 😉
  6. I cannot believe I've been playing this game for 7 years... 7 YEARS! I got a problem... Well, more than one... but this is definitelly one of them. lol 😃
  7. She's gone Prime, but: Can one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) DPS Warframe in the game capture an Eidolon Solo?... Yes, yes it can. A bit of chat at the beguinning. Build at the end. Enjoy!
  8. Nezha recently went Prime and decided to fight an Eidolon Solo... cuz, you know, that's what big boys do. 😉 (build at the end)
  9. After months of antecipation we finally got to meet, and defeat the Glassmaker. I gotta admit that I really didn't like the chapters at first. But after I figured out what to do and they lowered the Cephalite requirements, it kinda grew on me. I do like the exploration part, and I like the small quizs, but the way they were implemented... not so much (the glow doesn nada, and why platforms?). Anyway, altought the boss fight was a bit troublesome, I did enjoy the fight as a whole. But what we got in the end was really... "poor"(?) After months of this I thought were at least gonna have a c
  10. Not a hot topic right now, but I just wanna leave this here for the Devs to address it, and the players to discuss it, BEFORE new content gets added to it. The video is rather long because I tried to talk about everything in it (and I still feel I left stuff out), but like a friend of mine said when I told him I made a one hour long video about Railjack problems: "Just one hour?" hehe 😅 So, I leave it for your consideration. Enjoy!
  11. So, I first started doing this with Volt, but I needed some CC. Most people recommend Octavia, but I was a bit disastified with her. So searched for a Warframe that could deliver CC and DPS... And I think I found a pretty good one. No Forma required. No Riven required. (altough they DO help, of course) Lots and LOTS of advantages! It is a pretty long video (it is full gameplay just to show it WORKS), but you can just check the Tips at the beguinning, and the Build at the end. Hope it helps! 😉 BTW, it's Revenant. 😁
  12. According to the stats shown on Home Devstream #6 these are the most changed ones, either because the Warframes are the most used OR because they are just THAT bad. And these are my suggestions to improve them: 5) Excalibur Radial Javelin - The problem with this one is "line-of-sight" (altough they can bend a little around obstacles). So, make the Javelins fall vertically on the enemies. 4) Chroma's Spectral Scream - A great visual ability that unfortunatelly reduces us to a walking limited range flame-thrower (altought we can use melee). Change the element attack to a floating "something"
  13. I really like the "event" because I don't have to run the same exact mission over-and-over again. However, I am kind of sad that we didn't get somekind of cosmetic change in missions (imagine the Iso Vaults full of Jack'o Lanterns) and/or fight the Lephantis... I mean, we ARE on the Infested planet. Quarantine might be the reason Devs couldn't do all these things, but that said (unlike other open-worlds) we still don't have a Behemoth to fight on Cambion Drift.
  14. According to the stats shown on Home Devstream #6 these are the worst, and these are my suggestions to change them: 5) Baruuk's Lull - Invert the mechanics. Make it an AOE that lasts LONGER and time to "go-to-sleep" SHORTER. 4) Limbo's Banish - Combine Banish with Stasis. Enemies are sent to Rift and Stopped at the same time. You cannot damage them, but they can't move or hurt you either 3) Loki's Decoy - Have Decoy's damage taken convert into Warframe Damage buff. 2) Hidroid's Tempest Barrage - Have it work "backwards". Charging would in fact REDUCE the AOE to a smaller area where the
  15. Recently, there were changes made to Iso Vaults (with more to come, as seen today on the Home Devstream) so some tips might be outdated... Apologies for that. However, IF you are having trouble completing them Solo, I hope this helps. Enjoy!
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