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  1. I am sure there are other ways to get this Solo (using Loki's Decoy comes to mind) but this is just one way I do it. Hope the video helps those who need it. If it does, please leave a Like and (kindly consider) Subscribing.
  2. Wait, so Ember's 3rd and 4th do the same thing? (Put enemies on fire in a certain area) AND she lost the abiltity to run and light them in flames?... No, not happy. Not one bit. Guess Equinox will continue to be #1 run and kill warframe. Now, Vauban is a total diferent case... Not. Minelayer still does close to nothing (a "speed up"? why?) Orbital Strike basically copy-paste from Ember's new 4th. And nothing about buffing his armor... Great. #sarcasm Grendel's as a Donut stick... Horrible and terrible at the same time. Kuca Leechs: Now this sounded interesting, however, way WAY TOO many moving parts. And if I can summon them to help me, why don't I do that when a new one appears? That would just make them fight each other, and I can bypass the all thing. Although, getting a 'custom' high power weapon does interest me a lot (Division/Destiny already have "exotics"). BUT again, need hands-on experience because Rivens are (also) a thing. Exilus mod slots for weapons: hmmm... New slots are always good, but most exilus on our Warframes have buffs and debuffs, AND (like I said before) we have Rivens, so I might prefer that... Need more data. More loadouts... For 20 plat EACH. DE's favourite cash cow because fashionframe in endgame, as we all know it. Titania Deluxe looks BATass. #pun In conclusion: the reworks were a total disapointment. I can't say they are specially bad, but they certainly did NOT meet expectations (imo). The "new" endgame (btw we have like 3 of these right now: ESO for Focus, Arbitration for (Adaptation?) Aura Forma, Disruption because they said so, and NOW Kuva Leechs)... I mean, I wasn't fun of Raids BUT at least that still looked more like endgame than this does. I guess maybe, MAYBE if they implemented somekind of coordenative-cooperative gameplay (like they were going to with Kingpin, because Clans were involved) then MAYBE it will be considered "True Endgame", because has it stands, it looks more like an Upgraded Stalker mode (which might also deserve a 'rework' - because sentients already DO become immune to our attacks and there are already the Acolytes who 'work' for them, so... Yeah, that would make sense for me).
  3. Now, this used to be pretty easy when it was NOT solo (just piggyback on a mission with randoms or teammates, and they basically did the mission for you), but when you have to do it alone... it is a bit tricky because if even ONE enemy spots you, it's over. However, "undetected" is NOT the same as "unalerted". Which means, the enemy CAN be alerted (see the full red arrows on the mini-map) BUT as long as it doesn't see you, you will be fine. To do this I took Loki (obviously) with a long duration and I/you just need to pay good attention to your Invisibility timer. Animal Instinct or Enemy Radar are also a big plus. Hope you enjoy the video, if it helps you in any way, please leave a Like and 'consider' Subscribing.
  4. It is a pretty simple challenge, made very easy with the Stunna and heading to Orb Vallis. Since stunning the fish makes it easier to get four in a row, and the spear doesn't work on the Plains. If you don't know how to do it, here's how I went about it: [I know it's not the most complicated of tasks, but I just do this to help the Community. There's a playlist at the end of the video with all Riven challenges that I've done so far. If you find it helpful, a Like and (possibly?) a Subscribe is all I ask.]
  5. Good point. Also, thank you for your feedback. Will try add some beats. Because Shattering Impact is a thing (it destroys armor with every Impact damage). I use it on my Orthos because of speed and reach (0:54), but most people just use the Sarpa.
  6. Is this a joke?... I'm sorry, but I'll be blunt: NONE of this makes me wanna play Arbitration again. You made rewards shorter BUT you also increased the rotations!? Meaning, I STILL have to be in there 30 minutes to get a C!!! This is NO diferent than any other 'endless' mission. PLUS, we get more rewards now, but you also DOUBLED the amount of Vitus necessary!?... This just makes everything stay the same! Where is the "change" in this? Where is "endgame"? Now, the rewards: The Aura mods are double edge swords with buffs and debuffs, not exactly OP (unlike Adaptation) and Arcanes are nothing better than Platinum ones. To be honest, I already got everything from Arbiters Honors and was only farming Vitus for Arch-Rivens. Once I got a Grattler one (my fav) I just stopped. Because more Rivens just means more Plat spent on slots... The ONLY thing interesting in Arbitrations (for me) is Aura Forma, but the drop is so small, I rather farm regular Forma with my zillion stock of Relics, than do this mode. I would be happy with JUST shorter Rotations and Vitus drop from drones, but these changes just seem to say: "We don't want you to have fun with a challenging mode, we want you to grind the hell out of this for all this 'stuff' just like you do for everything else in this game." [You didn't introduce Bosses. You didn't remove Drones. You didn't introduce challenging phases (possibly similar to Nightmare modes)... You just made EVERYTHING like EVERYTHING ELSE in Warframe.]
  7. I gotta say, I was really suprised I liked Wisp so much. Her abilities at first seemed "meh" (many still do), but after spending some time with her I found out I was really happy looking (!?) I mean PLAYING with her. So much so, I decided to see how she handled the Teralist. She wasn't half-bad, but if they ever rework or augment her a bit (motes/pods heal Lures, and electric one could be combined with heat to/or buff Radiation) that would not only make her OP, she might become the new Meta facing the Eidolons. (Bold statement, I know)
  8. Consoles be like: http://gph.is/16hHqap But seriously, we should get 1000 for back drops, plus 1000 for the agravation.
  9. Who said Vauban was bad? Who!? He certainlly isn't in the best shape right now (antecipating his rework with Heavy Breathing. Hehe) but he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. And in this challenge, he proved it... Enjoy! [Like & Subscribe if you find it helpful. Also, there is a playlist at the end with all I've opened so far... In case you're having trouble with any of them.]
  10. Yes this was a while ago, still I wanted to share... When I first eard of this, I was sure it was going to be a grindy, over the top mission to get a new weapon (that ghoul "grind cutter" thing did come to mind). I, just like most of the community could not have been more wrong... Except maybe on the grindy part (1000 pearls for that last Captura Scene, which I will probably never use, was a bit much). Still, this was the most original, fun and entertaining event I ever played, in ANY game. Now, a lot of people had trouble realising that there was MORE to win after you completed the "regular" missions (the PS4 communtiy had lots of people asking "why were people still playing?", and admitelly I was one of them) so in that regard DE should have put something in the actual game UI to address that. Cuz really, how many actually read the event info window? (Guilty your honor - lol) Also, to be sure, I was kind of suprised this wasn't a PvP event... I know everyone hates them (I admit, I am not a huge fan) but in this instance, and because you earned 50 pearls per battle, if they made those drop either if you win or lose and them add more for each kill/soak, I would be ok with it. That said, this was probably most challenging than most mission in Warframe, because the lack of a radar did made one realise just how bad it can get when you don't know where the enemy is firing from, AND if they are on (or comming from) your left, you cannot see them. Plus the travel time of the squirt did cause some troubles with hitting where you are aiming at... Maybe something DE could address if they ever bother to rework Conclave? All in all, I liked it. And here's a video of my playthrough of it with some thoughts on it. Enjoy!
  11. So, the Proxy Rebellion has come and gone for a while, and altought no one counts this as "content" I do enjoy these events where we just get together, kill some enemies, and win some stuff (Hey, we all need Catalists right?)... This is just a casual post about how a (filthy) casual went about doing this casual event. Well, at least I got to try my (at the time) new Wukong Prime.
  12. Please replace "Umbra Echoes" with "Umbra Forma". TY
  13. There is no Oberon ability that I can just activate in the first Defense wave, and it last until I leave (even if it is wave 100). And Reservoirs is/are Wisp FIRST ability. The problem is that if you play solo (as many do) this becomes very reductive. Even Limbo's Banish (his first) does something to "non-warframes", you know?... I have... It's been years. I belive the problem is that, unlike excavators or consoles, each individual players grabs it's own Lures, so it creates a problem to have them A, B, C, and so on... Still, it would be nice (something) to prevent people from shooting the Eidolon before Lures are full, or not realising we don't have enought. The HUD gets TOO full sometimes to keep track of everything.
  14. I said before and I'll say it again: Empyrean looks boring. When you first showed it last year, and said it was Dojo thing and it was going to include Kingpin, I was hyped. Finally something that Clan can work for - I thought. But then, and I believe this was after Nightwave tasks made you realise just how many people play solo, everything started to change. Now it all looks like a "Starfleet" system where you manage system, manage resources, manage crew... MANAGING seems to be the operating word. Not fun or blast or destroy. On TOP OF THAT we get an entire new starchart? This looks more and more like an entire new game inside Warframe. And I know people said the same thing about Open Worlds, BUT at least in those we get to use our Warframes, while here we get to use a... ship. A ship that is about 3 TIMES BIGGER than our Orbiter(?), that we'll be able to SEE from our Orbiter, but that sits in a Dojo, and we can only use it in a diferent map... The more you work on it, the more I think you should STOP! A new player entering warframe already has problems keeping track of everything and it will now have to deal with 4 diferent ships (Orbiter, Landing craft, Archwing, and now Railjack)? Imo, you should go back to the drawing board. 1- Expand our Orbiter to fit the necessary requirements. Include a dock for Landing crafts and Archwings (that will soon be modular). 2- Put Raijack in the Orbiter has a "modular landing craft". 3- Remove managing crew, managing systems. Make everything simpler by changing weapons and railjack parts to change/improve railjack stats. Improving THOSE parts would improve the stats. 4- Create/put the Railkjack mission IN OUR PRE-EXISTING starchart. Do NOT make us go to a diferent mode to do them. 5- Make our current Landing Crafts also usable in those missions. The landing craft support already gives us a good idea of how each should be "unique" (Mantis for support, Scimitar for AOE, etc) so make THOSE usable has a ready-to-use Railjack, and THEN open up the actual Railjack. 6- Last but not least, make it faster! I know there could be an overlap in this and Archwing, but maybe Archwing could have a fighting range from the Railjack/Craft? But then again, Archwing cannot damage the big starship cruisers, so... I know this is a TONNE of work and you'll probably too far ahead to change anything, but I believe in the long run this would make more sense for Warframe game and Universe, than what is in development right now. [PS/ Has a comparision I leave here a trailer of a game that is comming soon, and it looks like everything Railjack wants/wanted to be, but sadly isn't: ]
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