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  1. In open worlds, if you launch the Archwing while crouching down. The Archwing will then NOT activate "race" mode (usually with L3).
  2. In Relic Missions, only the host can select the relic immediatly after choosing the mission. Guests, after accepting, get a screen saying "Wanna play without a relic?" So you have to cancel (with O) and THEN select the Relic you want to open.
  3. If I did that, I would just write a (wall of) text about it and post it here in the forums... I wouldn't need the video. But I will take it into consideration for the future. Thank you. A typo. Dang it... And yes, I skiped it because it was 5 seconds for me to say: "I don't like it". :P Thank you for your feedback.
  4. It's a video, made by me, where I share my thoughts and opinions (small as they may be) about what I saw at Tennocon this year. In this case, the New Cinematic Intro and The New War trailer... (Just like it says on the title). Just following the advice I got from other Youtubers at Tennocon...
  5. I gotta say, some of them look ok (I guess), but others... My oh my (looking at you Excalibur Deluxe)! Also, this is my last Tennocon related video, so feedback is apreciated (but please, be gentle).
  6. Out of everyhting they showed on Tennocon this year, this is the one I have more questions about... "Need more data."
  7. A very criptic trailer, but it really got my hopes up...
  8. Just a video to share some thoughts about Tennocon...
  9. So, my thread got added here and I am happy to see that there IS a real debate for this issue: endgame, content, quests, cross-playform, etc... I also realise that it is the "veterans" (reps above 1~2k) that are more reluctant to address the issue, either saying the thread is "drama", "stupid", "doom", "laughable", "clickbait", or just dismissing the issue all together (meanwhile saying that they're going to play Borderlands 3)... Every opinion is valid, of course. But those who treat it with this kind of respect, get the same respect back. I still think that ultimatelly the competition will be a good thing (despite some accusing me of the complete opposite) and it will help the game get better... and get better faster! (we might see that thing the Devs were "working on" to ease the entrance to new players, this year(?)... Or at least, sooner rather than later). But I learned that, if there is one word that gets people triggered in the Warframe forums, that word is: Destiny.
  10. The rework looks good, specially is Cloud Walker that will be VERY useful in Spy missions. Now, here's my feedback: Celestial Twin - it would be nice that, if we target an ally (console, recue target, escavator) INSTEAD of an enemy, the clone would them protect him/it... Or, at least stay close to it? Defy - I have a big issue with this going away because it is a great help with every new mission or Boss. I hope the invulnerability phase is long/good enough for it, and the spin can be big/strong enought to open stashes. Right now, I believe only Equinox can do that with his 4th, so it would be nice to have that little "extra". For... variety sake? Also, I don't like that he gets slower, because Warframe is a fast game. One thing is for stationary power to have mobility (e.g. Hidroid puddle, Nyx Absorb Assimilate aug - good), another is for mobile power to be slowed down (bad). Passive - I'm not a big fan of leaving stuff to chance(?), specially when the "buffs" last so little time. So maybe we could have a way to select the ones we want (or not)... Possibly like Chroma, by changing the energy colors (now that we have two of them)? And/or, if you really want people to play Wukong, have the buff for the entire time he stays alive! I know, it's kind of overpowerful but even Kavat's Charm double power lasts over 2 minutes. So 60 seconds seems WAY to small to be beneficial. All in all, he's comming along great, and so is his Deluxe skin from what I know. Good job. All the best!
  11. That's what I'm saying... Like I said in my post, I'm not saying Warframe is doomed or is going to END. But the "advantage" that Destiny has over Warframe is that it is much easier to get into (something no one can dispute), so a NEW player who wants a "sci-fi looter shooter", may stir to Destiny (despite all it's faults). And I think this could be a great "motivator" for DE to fix/change the "entrance" to Warframe and possibly even progression (something Steve HIMSELF stated in an interview with youtuber Mogamu). "White-knights" comming into the thread simply saying that this means "Nothing" (when EVEN Warframe parters says otherwise) are either naive, or are affraid of how the game might change... Something I don't think Digital Extremes is. Warframe's greatest advantage is it's Community and it's relation with the Devs, something Bungie seems to have lost... That's why I am curious, even excited, to see how everything unfolds... In September.
  12. "Nothing" was what Warframe was labelled of being 5 years ago... Ironically, one of those was Destiny's publisher. I don't think DE should make the same mistake.
  13. I don't understand the comment. Please elaborate...? Because the Devs are thinking of bringing them back and I believe their work should be better spent on something else... Of course, this is just the opinion of one player but I just wanted to share my opinion with DE and see what the community thinks of it.
  14. Let me start by saying that I am not 'against' Trials (commonly known as "Raids" in game lingo). I do like the cooperative-coordenative side of things, and are a absolute delight to do them with friends or clanmates. Making them one of the most enjoyable modes in any game. That said, there are a few downsides to them in Warframe that I would like to remind my fellow Tenno of why they left: 1- Rewards. You could only do them once a day with only one reward droping at each time (3 trials, 3 rewards, when they were closed). 2- Difficulty. They had none to select. There was even one that used a "cheat" to make it harder (something people now complain about Arbitrations). And the last one had a puzzle so criptic it put most players off (or at least, put them out the Golem). 3- Warframes usage. Only a hand full of them were actually useful, while others where just a nusance. Ence, this narrows down A LOT the "importance" of Warframes in game when you have about 36 to choose from. 4- Last (but certainly not least) the toxic enviroment of them. After a few people know how to do them, what Warframes to use and what the best builds were, and although some people help and didn't mind "carrying" others, this particular mode was 'infested' with GOATs that did very little to make it a good enviroment to welcome new players. And even during mission the "exchange" in textbox were sometimes times... Agressive. IF Raids are to return, they should be included in something "bigger". Maybe something with Clan interest (I could say Kingpin, but who knows when that's gonna happen) and... maybe have somekind of 'difficulty level'. Something people could learn on their own before joinning online matchmaking. Also, the Devs mentioned something about being a "Dungeon Raid" and that did peek my interest a little, since the Sentient Fortress is comming and exploring it IS something I do like to do (even in Warframe). That said, I am curious to see what will come, although I am not really not that hyped for their return (ence the title), and I believe that DE should probably focus their efforts on other matters... Specially now that Warframe will soon NOT be the only fish in the pond. [If you wanna know what I'm talking about, I've put up a following post for that: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1101711-destiny-is-going-free-to-play-what-does-it-mean-for-warframe/ ]
  15. "R.I.P." is probably the first thing that comes to mind for some... So, what I feared (and warned DE for the longest time) as happened. Warframe will soon NOT be the only fish in the pond. For the longest time free-to-play was this little deviant videogame market, where only small or indie studios dare to enter, little even succed. Warframe changed all that. Proving that dedicated Devs, and a dedicated Community can indeed survive, succed and even thrive in one of the most competitive bussiness in the world. But, just like Fortnite had its Apex... Now, comes Destiny: New Light. And this is a well know scifi shooter that is finished, is smaller to complete, has only three characters to master, and has proven "endgame" activities. AND it will include even Cross Save... And now Warframe needs to play catch-up. DE was warned time and again that getting into Warframe was very difficult, and that reaching the "high tier" activites required too much dedicated time (without plat or boosters). Players still get confused and (probably the worst) have to rely on third party benefactors from the Community (Wiki, Semlar, etc) to help complete certain modes, particularlly with every new update. The Devs are working on something to ease the entrance of the game to new players, and Steve has stated that he wanted to make it so players could reach "endgame activities" in less time (he said: "right now it takes about 80h to do so"; but we all know it takes WAY LONGER than that). Unfortunatelly, like so many thing in the game, they're still "working on it". Now, I'm sure that dedicated players (on both sides) will probably stay with their respective games, but what will new players choose? An extensive game with complicated and diferent modes that has over 30 characters and 300 weapons, but hasn't run out of new things to do, and with more to come? Or a well-known "closed" game that has 3 characters to master, is much smaller, but you reach endgame a lot quicker (altought some of those are PvP)? Based on my experience, my conclusion is this: it is a lot easier for a Warframe player to get into Destiny, than to a Destiny player to get into Warframe (and since I've seen more people "burnout" from Warframe than Destiny)... The choice for a new player seems to be pretty simple. [TL;DR] Warframe COULD be in trouble... But I hope this will give DE the necessary "incentive" to change and trim the game in order to make it better for both new and veteran players... DE's future hangs in that balance.
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