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  1. I think there are some good changes, I specially liked the fact that the Railjack is actually smaller now (easier to be looking for all those fires), and while you're at it I would advise a "declutering" of Grinner ships. If there is one thing Orphix Venom showed us, is that it is MUCH easier to pilot the Necramech, and even parkour with the Warframe, in the (new) Corpus ships. Corridors are wide and there is little obstruction in the way. While in the Grinner... Well, it fells like we landed on a toddler's room. lol But IMO most of these are "turning nobs"... The Command and it's Intrins
  2. So... I didn't get into the Warframe Creator Program. I knew it was a long shot but still, it let me feeling a bit... unappreciated. A bit Like a Limbo main... which I am (or was). I don't think I'll be posting here anymore... For those who supported me: my most sincere Thank You. It is most appreciated.
  3. A bit of goofing around to be honest, but LOTS of fun... I was actually surprised I got farther than 3 "Orphixezes" (in Normal). Enjoy!
  4. Well, I managed 3 Orphixeszesezes in Advanced mode... Not sure that's a bad or a good thing. Enjoy!
  5. Aka Operation: Orphix Venom. I ear all good thing about this before it came to Consoles, but now that I played it for myself IMO this is kinda overrated. I do like the use of Necramech, and there is no Railjack, but Warframes don't do anything... not even clear the agro. Which I was kinda disapointed to learn, since this IS a "Warframe" event. Just my two cents about it... Enjoy!
  6. In case you are having trouble with this, here's a video of how I solve it... Hope it helps!
  7. In this (kinda long) video I talk about what I liked and disliked about Warframe in the past year. And despite everything (and there was a LOT last year), IMO Warframe actually improved... oddly enough. Here's hoping that 2021 will build upon that, and it's a great year for everyone. Enjoy!
  8. Right now damage is king in Warframe. No CC. No Support. Just... Kill! Kill! Kill! Players either melt waves of enemies, or get one shot if they blink. It is so bad, that DE doesn't know how to scale it properly, thus it is either throwing tonnes of enemies at us, or making enemies immune to it, or creating missions were we can't have any Mods equipped (lookind at you Gendel), just to try and make them more challenging. I took a look at Wiki to (try) and figure out how it worked and... Holy Hell! The spread* on that made my eyes burn (it hurt, it really did.). So here are a few suggesti
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