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  1. It doesn´t matter how fast you can do it (and I can) it is unnecessary and boring. Besides it was DE's idea to tie this with MR not mine. The point is exaclty "grind": there is already enough of it. In this game there is NO such thing as "no grind", so why waste more time with it just to level up stuff after Forma? And remember the change only happens AFTER the 1st Forma. Since DE's is already offering advantages linked with our MR they could go that little bit (not a mile) further. Besides, Kuva, Tenet, Necramechs and probably more things to come go up to lv 40 (and require 5 Formas to max), so there will still be lots of "grind" to do.
  2. IMO once you apply a Forma to ANY item (including weapons) it should reset to your CURRENT Mastery Rank level. Among other things...
  3. I think you could be a bit more ambitious and just make the gear (Warframe, Weapon, whatever) reset to our CURRENT MR! I really don't like to do the level up from 0 (no matter how fast it is) just so I can use it properly. Plus with Necramechs, Kuva and Tenet weapons the max level is 40 so even if it resets to 30 (current max MR - not counting legendary), we'd still have the some leveling to do. Also, I think it's time for "Universal Forma". Even if it took 3 Formas to craft (3 polarities = 3 Formas) I think it would benefit the players a lot. It would give us more build diversity and we'd be prepared in case (e.g.:) we get a Riven for our Weapons, or a Warframe got reworked, or a new game mode required us to change an entire build... that sort of thing. One last thing: can you make it so our MR influences gameplay a bit more? Maybe higher resource drop rate, better odds at reward pools, even ranked mods (or fully ranked mods, possibly on Stell path) would be a great benefit to players instead of just stuff we use "outside" missions (standing, void traces, mod space, etc).
  4. I know, right?... Shocker! 😅 Sometimes, just sometimes, under all the grind and all the rng you find something (in this case the Kuva Darkgoon) that... just puts a smile on your face. And then you remember why you like to play this game afterall... Enjoy!
  5. The only thing that got me worried was the "In Development" part... #feedback
  6. I second this Motion. My small suggestion would be to AT LEAST have the parts drop on different rotations. The weapon has 4 parts so two in A, one in B and one in C (depending on planet). Corrupted Void Keys should AT LEAST have a chance to drop each time you continue a Endless mission (Survival, Defense, Orphix). Right now that doesn't seem to happen. Happy to see I'm not he only one... lol 😅
  7. Sister of Parvos brings with it the new aquatic Warframe. Yareli. So, I guess now is the time to talk about another oldie aquatic Warframe that desperatly needs a rework... Enjoy!
  8. Honestly, I don't even play Steel Path that much... And I see this as changes that will mainly affect those that do. I'm posting this here just to provide some feedback and opinion about the changes. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/7Ch0ZmWij9c
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