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  1. Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.15.0

    Seems that w/ the update Eidolon Capturing is bugging out even More. :/ just had it happen w/ the Hydrolist and we had 5 charged lures, guess erver counted those as not there/not charged. (no radiant/brilliant shards and body kinda just... "Sat" there on death)
  2. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.4

    far as im aware that crash affecting Ryzen users was fixed for the mostpart, people still rocking higher end AMD FX cpu's dont know about havent seen any crash complaints nor have i personally had crashes related to it, (and use an FX 8350 [too much a cheapass to upgrade.]) the only times i've had crashes lately have been GPU Related and thats relating to overclocking where my card just goes "F* this i'm out! and basicly disconnects from the game engine, causing WF to crash sort of, (anything visual stops and locks up but game itself continues to run, which Supoprt w/ my crash logs pinned it to being exactly for the most part how i described it.) for beamweapon change that *Was* fun using my nukor again.. back to the shelf it goes. please consider reverting this! for the Lure fix, Thank lord. but at the same time a bit sad, my old clan (who had gone inactive uptill the new Eidolons.but i still play w/ some of the members,) had bit of an inside joke of "get out of face lure. you are not pretty Woman!"
  3. Cetus gate

    it's a known bug most you can do (i think what is it F6 that take a screenshot and sends w/ add. Data?) and or /unstuck while falling to the void so that it sends a report to the servers after you relog, there isnt much else you can do about it. but when reporting it try to remember what region your game is set to, (Settings--> Gameplay) and what Cetus Node you originally entered, if you send a support ticket, befor relaunching the game durring a relog, you want to save 2 files that'll help whoever responds to the ticket. in C:\Users\YourWindowsLoginNameHere\AppData\Local\Warframe (or Simplly type %AppData% into an explorer bar then go up 1 folder because warframe's data thats needed is in Local, and this method defaults to Roaming. ) Backup the 2 files "EE.Log" and "Launcher.Log" (because if you start the game back up as you relog when this happens again and you submit a support ticket, upon launcher load, launcher.log is overwritten w/ a blank file and so is ee.log when the game engine begins to run. (just before you see title-login screen) i had the same bug myself happen lastnight but likely because i was set to a non-local Region. (i often play w/ a friend in the UK and to avoid cetus to plain transition bugs, i set my region to match.)
  4. Zephyr Tornadoes not Dissipating

    i know that generally you cant use powers in the transition hall (and for this sort of reason. ) but its almost 100% Repeatable on demand glitchable if your flying at top speed on an itzal/blinking right into the door before it has a chance to start opening/melee slam and it doesnt apply the :Nully" effect to frame powers. its harmless to others ... if your not in the person's Squad. i've had one person say they went down when i ended up doing this w/ Ember's 3rd. as it persisted long enough of loding from plains into cetus and it downed him as if he only had 1 HP. must of been a Client thing as on my end it look like he just jerked back an dfor for a few seconds but i never saw him go down or get the a tenno is down message. w/ ember that dissipated properly at duration end. these however w/ Zephyr? i've been in and out doing bounties trying to get Lith G2's for a glaive Prime BP about 3 to 4 times since i wound up doing that. *and they're Still there.* granted this could be used to cause chaos its not exactly easy and hopefully just a visual glitch on my end w/ Zephyr atleast. EDIT 2/21: w/ todays hotfixes somehow seems to be fixed have tried to consistently try to glitch into the Hallway w/ powers and been unsuccessful.
  5. Can't click anything after launcher

    came across this myself earlier today, dont know what did it really i had been messing w/ a few things mainly w/ Firefox so i dont see how it could of been related, but a restart cleared it up for me.
  6. Where is Update 22.12.0!?

    and its deploying!
  7. Where is Update 22.12.0!?

    if its not here by thier usual closing hours near 7 (server reset) then yea,. we wont see it till atleast monday.
  8. Where is Update 22.12.0!?

    if its not deployed by 7PM EST dont count on it. (and they keep a verry minimal support staff on the weekend no real developer team.) so if not today the soonest we'd see it would be monday. only extreme cases were during TWW and PoE's introductions, where they took time away from families to come in and stablize the game to a "Usable" State so that they could later on then get a real hotfix going.
  9. Where is Update 22.12.0!?

    well you can always do a slight exchange in strength for range (and visa versa) via drifts its not Much but its still something
  10. Where is Update 22.12.0!?

    unless something showstoppingly broken is found in the last moments, Yes. we got PoE on a Weekend like this and when they found so many bad bugs aftrewards they cam einto the office on a weekend and stayed w/o sleep and worked nonstop to patch it to atleast stable enough they could get some rest and a few days off.
  11. Where is Update 22.12.0!?

    the changes they made to Nyx's Absorb has been such a case. *Over time* where on paper it sounded like a good idea. shoot at your teammate nyx's Absorb bubble to charge up its damage help them out to make it explode in alot of damage yes? No. it turned out to almost every-single-pub would troll any nyx they saw to drain thier energy pool in a near instant the Moment it went up regardless the reason they put it up(which was a real d*** move when reviving someone.) the change got reverted after enough outcries. there's actually been a few times if you peer thru all the verion changes since U13 where they really started listening to Community outcries or "Complaints" w/ slow to quick turnaround Revert on changes. i get the feeling there likely will be enough people that will complain en-masse about nyx and ember changes (cause god lord nooo cant take away from the lazy ***s their press 4 to snore! *insert sarcasm here*) i hope the ember & Banshee changes will be ones DE will stick to thier guns and refuse to revert it. they've shown us time and time again they hate the "Press # set n forget it" mentality a sizable portion of the community shows time and time again. (and ya know forcing these lazy players to you know be a lil more ACTIVE.)
  12. Should warframe be expanded to the switch?

    your forgetting one thing "Longevity of Storage" Yes Flash Storage these days are getting to the point it can withstand more and more Write and erase cycles but the amount of write/erase cycles of the average years Updates n hot fixes we see will be Murder on the average cheap to mid-range SD card (Storage life/longjevity is and feel free to correct me if im wrong!, pretty much this in order of shortest to longest, FLASH(media cards) >, SSD (standard NAND > M.2/NVME) >Mechanical (HDD/SSHD[Hybrid Drives]) and as far as im aware, you cant use USB Storage on the switch, yes USB Keyboards Work but they only work in very Specific circumstances (entering in text in the Social Media Linking Applets and within that verry heavly neutered hidden browser it has,) there's also this to consider, DE wouldn't Support Tabletop/Portable Mode. the Switch Downclocks the frequency of the Ram & GPU when it's undocked (otherwise you know that maximum 3hrs you get on Breath of teh wild from a full charge would likley turn into 2hrs or Less, the switch is a Console First, a handheld Second. ) the Heat generated at almost an hour of gameplay while docked is another matter your going to need a Fan pointed at it otherwise once its too hot it will close the game in an attempt to stop the cause of the overheating and save itself. failing that it Shuts off. Considering Nintendo is really Squeamish after games, Bugs they themselves introduced and the Web Browser they used (WebKit i think it was?) Riping the 3DS a new Bunghole and then some. If warframe came to the Switch Testing and certification would be alot longer and further behind PC PS4/XBONE than De would care for to make SURE that no way in any capacity any update or part of Warframe could be used to Exploit the system. , it Just wouldn't Happen Maybe if Rainway officially gets cleared for thier app and not haveto go behind Nintendo's backs and try to bruteforce it w/ that crippled web browser, and depending on the input latency? then you can technically have Warframe on the "Switch" The Closest to Warframe on the go is going to be that GPD Win2 when it's out. but Deffo not the Switch you'd sooner see Sony partner up with Nintendo again before it comes to the switch (to put it bluntly how far off it has a chance of happening.)
  13. [PC] Give players a on/off Option for gamepad Mode&UI

    just did that actually was after 3 restarts and even yanking out my bluetooth adapter and all USB Devices except Keyboard n Mouse it Still enforced Gamepad Mode untill i Removed teh device from the Device manager.
  14. Since Update 22.8, PC Players were given a new how shall we call this, "Auto-start UI and Mode" for those who play by Gamepad and make it easier and Convenient. for them to navigate and use the Menus. This became a QoL for PC - Gamepad Players but a Hindrance for Keyboard & Mouse Players. When PC Players w/ Any gamepad connected "Or disconnected" (Wireless ones) after clicking Play in the launcher for teh first time the Resolution switches to 720p and goes full screen and greeted w/ a new Screen. ] (i edited out my email for annon sake.)(i have the Framerate information displayed so i can see Pingtimes it also Displays once in a squad) Now anytime you you'll see an certain options you'd see an X Y B A Start SELECT icons near them, and limited Keyboard and Mouse functions (similar to just interfacing any old application, the game wont respond to WSAD Shift ctrl z x c q e r f for game movement and actions. or the mouse to Fire/Aim etc. again, another QoL for Gamepad players this stopped accidentals if you brushed against your Mouse or Keyboard. Why this is Also a Problem: Not every PC Player who Has a Gamepad connected plays the game by such. (i have for instance .hack//GU Last Recode and Okami HD, and i have many emulators and various games that use a gamepad)and tend to either load up Warframe while playing saifd games or visa versa when waiting out something in WF and in this Current state Bluetooth controllers nee dto be Disabled (or bluetooth turned off.) or Wired Controllers Disconnected (this is essentially a pain for those that connect their Wired ones in the back than the front ) before even starting the Launcher as it doesnt matter if you remove your controller before pressing play by this point. Honestly this gets bothersome Every Single Time i start Warframe, and i'm certain there are others in the similar situation to DE: Please in light of this what me and all other K&M User would request is NOT removal of this mode but an Option to Disable this
  15. Console & PC Controller / Gamepad Suggestions

    would love to see this as well, as since the last update Any controller connected it runs in Gamepad Mode theres many games i play on PC w/ and w/o one, for me WF isnt one i play with.. u started with K&M and i got used to it as such.. i play emulators alot of JRPGs or MMOS w/ a Gamepad but i dont want to haveto re-lean WF just to haveto deal w/ "Whoops forgot to unplug my bluetooth adapter/Disable it !"(because otherwise it detects my 8Bitdo SN30 Pro regardless if the controller's connected or not. )