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  1. [PC] Give players a on/off Option for gamepad Mode&UI

    just did that actually was after 3 restarts and even yanking out my bluetooth adapter and all USB Devices except Keyboard n Mouse it Still enforced Gamepad Mode untill i Removed teh device from the Device manager.
  2. Since Update 22.8, PC Players were given a new how shall we call this, "Auto-start UI and Mode" for those who play by Gamepad and make it easier and Convenient. for them to navigate and use the Menus. This became a QoL for PC - Gamepad Players but a Hindrance for Keyboard & Mouse Players. When PC Players w/ Any gamepad connected "Or disconnected" (Wireless ones) after clicking Play in the launcher for teh first time the Resolution switches to 720p and goes full screen and greeted w/ a new Screen. ] (i edited out my email for annon sake.)(i have the Framerate information displayed so i can see Pingtimes it also Displays once in a squad) Now anytime you you'll see an certain options you'd see an X Y B A Start SELECT icons near them, and limited Keyboard and Mouse functions (similar to just interfacing any old application, the game wont respond to WSAD Shift ctrl z x c q e r f for game movement and actions. or the mouse to Fire/Aim etc. again, another QoL for Gamepad players this stopped accidentals if you brushed against your Mouse or Keyboard. Why this is Also a Problem: Not every PC Player who Has a Gamepad connected plays the game by such. (i have for instance .hack//GU Last Recode and Okami HD, and i have many emulators and various games that use a gamepad)and tend to either load up Warframe while playing saifd games or visa versa when waiting out something in WF and in this Current state Bluetooth controllers nee dto be Disabled (or bluetooth turned off.) or Wired Controllers Disconnected (this is essentially a pain for those that connect their Wired ones in the back than the front ) before even starting the Launcher as it doesnt matter if you remove your controller before pressing play by this point. Honestly this gets bothersome Every Single Time i start Warframe, and i'm certain there are others in the similar situation to DE: Please in light of this what me and all other K&M User would request is NOT removal of this mode but an Option to Disable this
  3. Console & PC Controller / Gamepad Suggestions

    would love to see this as well, as since the last update Any controller connected it runs in Gamepad Mode theres many games i play on PC w/ and w/o one, for me WF isnt one i play with.. u started with K&M and i got used to it as such.. i play emulators alot of JRPGs or MMOS w/ a Gamepad but i dont want to haveto re-lean WF just to haveto deal w/ "Whoops forgot to unplug my bluetooth adapter/Disable it !"(because otherwise it detects my 8Bitdo SN30 Pro regardless if the controller's connected or not. )
  4. Companion abilities are still mods?

    I'd hope that they get made innate but,before the change was made to frame abilities, this severely limited build diversity as mod collections grew. there isnt enough diversity for companions and Sentinels to be the case *FOR NOW*
  5. i never used or Want to use gamepad controlls HELL i was on WF just lastnight and it not forcing me to bind to my bluetooth controller now i cannot use any Keyboard or mouse inputs., i have a few gamepads in my System for Games that are designed around one yes, , Disabling, Removing even restarting Doesnt help :/
  6. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.5

    hope this gets a quick fix, it makes slide/wall attacking extremely hard to perform. ( and pointless to have any range+ mods on polearms if its biggest damage comes from these.)
  7. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.5

    ok yea w/ a mewan Polearm Zaw and Orthos Prime, like others reporting you stop dead in your tracks, kinda almost similar to a bug that reared it's head when you got rid of coptering, please fix this, as i really hope the effect wasn't intentional, if it was you just broke all flow with melee'ing, making everything slower paced and take alot longer to finish (this would be devastating in melee only sorties or Riven unlock requirements!)
  8. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.5

    scroll up a bit they're reverting it back in the next hotfix/update.
  9. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.5

    Thanks to Thinking it over and giving back us our tiny Baby Scythe!
  10. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.5

    awww ;-; why was the Keewar changed to Machete ? i had the impression it was a rigging experiment to test new weapon types with a modular animation :/ it was cute to have a "Baby Scythe" ohh well, Off to Donation stock that zaw goes ;/
  11. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.4

    they've annouced it on twitter that rotations are broken, they based the rotations (mistakenly) on teh same timer rotation system the normal bounties do. (which tends to adjust what you get closer to rotation time is, etc.) (and we've allready seen how bad things get when they reuse code, I.E. the pre-hotfix rank up costs for the operation standing. this was a copy from the default syndicate layout. which was why it was so high!) only problem is, 1: there isnt much they can do w/o taking the game servers Down to really fix this, and 2: the issue in itself, isnt bad or broken persay, but the time till end of the event was 13ish days from start... and the rotations are going based off this,so technically we wont see anything beyond uncommon (Lenses) till near end of this. (that is if they dont extend it to account for having to take it down to fix.) so reward drop tables are not exactly Skewed... just Broken rotation system in place :/
  12. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.4

    got Didly all back neither no Cryotic Operation standing nothing.
  13. [Console] Operation Plague Star: FAQ

    if they added to rewards in the event in that manner, it'd haveto offset bounty rarity. and would be quite expensive. (cause why run the bounty for it when you can grind and get em from nakak easier) but i think the "Transform any eidolon Lens into XX eidolon Lens" BPs, have no damn use , seems more work for the stupid low drop chance from incursions and has almost 0 point.
  14. [Console] Operation Plague Star: FAQ

    considering atm drop tables seem not broken but "Skewed" (faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too much common and hardly any uncommon and no rares.) i dont see the point untill they rebalance it.
  15. [Console] Operation Plague Star: FAQ

    yea a lil more challenge would be nice. for once we did think it would be That Easy... and its kinda... a disappointment. kinda... making you "Restrain enthusiasm" about it. but just Dreading to do more a grind X_X (ok i'll stop w/ the puns, no need to put people into Despair...just dont goto War about it..)