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  1. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.4

    they've annouced it on twitter that rotations are broken, they based the rotations (mistakenly) on teh same timer rotation system the normal bounties do. (which tends to adjust what you get closer to rotation time is, etc.) (and we've allready seen how bad things get when they reuse code, I.E. the pre-hotfix rank up costs for the operation standing. this was a copy from the default syndicate layout. which was why it was so high!) only problem is, 1: there isnt much they can do w/o taking the game servers Down to really fix this, and 2: the issue in itself, isnt bad or broken persay, but the time till end of the event was 13ish days from start... and the rotations are going based off this,so technically we wont see anything beyond uncommon (Lenses) till near end of this. (that is if they dont extend it to account for having to take it down to fix.) so reward drop tables are not exactly Skewed... just Broken rotation system in place :/
  2. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.4

    got Didly all back neither no Cryotic Operation standing nothing.
  3. [PC] Operation Plague Star: FAQ

    if they added to rewards in the event in that manner, it'd haveto offset bounty rarity. and would be quite expensive. (cause why run the bounty for it when you can grind and get em from nakak easier) but i think the "Transform any eidolon Lens into XX eidolon Lens" BPs, have no damn use , seems more work for the stupid low drop chance from incursions and has almost 0 point.
  4. [PC] Operation Plague Star: FAQ

    considering atm drop tables seem not broken but "Skewed" (faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too much common and hardly any uncommon and no rares.) i dont see the point untill they rebalance it.
  5. [PC] Operation Plague Star: FAQ

    yea a lil more challenge would be nice. for once we did think it would be That Easy... and its kinda... a disappointment. kinda... making you "Restrain enthusiasm" about it. but just Dreading to do more a grind X_X (ok i'll stop w/ the puns, no need to put people into Despair...just dont goto War about it..)
  6. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.3

    any way we can see variations in plauge bounty rewards?while it was nice getting so many lenses but now that it's been "Fixed" out of running it from 7PM to 5AM this morning. i saw maybe 4 uncommons ?it was pretty much either Augar message or Kuva.
  7. Ivara Roll Breaking Stealth [Fixed]

    not only has this broken prowl, but its unintentionally messed w/ bullet jumping. its harder to get to full upward momentum making it feel like theres a ceiling just barely above your frame unless you look straight up (dead center) otherwise yoru jump is like a rl jump.. aka not much more than hovering off the ground.
  8. had it in free Roam and w/ bounties. and no i'm down to an AMD A10 APU based system it cant record and play at the same time w/o having to reduce qualty to being no better than w/o one. i wont test in public mode as i dont want to be "That Guy" and i highly doubt its just regional settings vs where im actually located
  9. thats 3 times in the last 10 mins i wonders wtf' was going on when i'd find a node or two just outside Cetusi'd walk into a Camp as usally large deposits are in em (the whole risk n reward shannaries) if one popped up right where i was all the nodes in site just vanish and no further ones appear (yes i have the advanced cutter) even if i drill at the spot where i saw one before because of dealing w/ the incursion, nothing nada.. i tried willingly a few more times.. Sure as shine on S***, if there ones in the area they'd vanish and no further ones would spawn. i understand in an attempt to stop public matchmaking , to keep people from saying " I dont want to leave" or ones that wander off saying piss off to the objectives. but entering the plains in Solo mode or otherwise Friends Only/Invite only? isnt that a little overkill and/or redundant ?
  10. take an screenshot of what you got and inventory screen (and if you get good people) ask em politely to send one w/ screenshots as ell, happend to me w/ clan mates. sent in a trouble ticket a few days later, got a reply and i got the missing eidolon lens in my foundry.
  11. everyone posted, take screenshots of rewards and inventory when thsi happenes again , when it happened to me and submitted a bug report i got my mission eidolon lens a few days later.
  12. Client /Host Data mismatch.

    if it happens again next time you finish take screenshots of your reward screen, inventory items and after reconnect your inventory again and send a support ticket... not exactly same issue i incurred awhile back but squad got Eidolon Lens i got Wisp from bounty. i sent in a ticket and a few days later i found the lens adde dto foundry w/ a reply from support saying it got resolved.
  13. People joining invite only games

    not even going to a low-pop region seems to help
  14. Sabatoge bug causes bounty to be impossible

    Incursions w/ cache hunt or kill count on a timer, if takes place over an area w/ a cave that got to open it's "Door" check inside. (though cache hunts w/ that its suppose dto not even start the timer untill you go down into it.)
  15. Host leaving squad counts as mission failure

    i got this too heavily today, the trolls know it and its making people really not want to stay to extraction or even public match-make bounties. sometimes you atleast get to keep the reward but you never get to keep anything else , Standing, Affinity, Focus etc. all gone. @(*()$ hell i mined up 4 Sentiurm and thanks to the last A-Wad i lost that.