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  1. Will I get left behind?

    its been an amazing roadtrip how far things have gone from the Alpha days thru the "awkward teen" stages of Closed Beta to where we are today. this has been a shining example of FTP done Right. the Warframe Wikia will be the best source for information if your stuck on where something drops or your unsure about a boss, frame Weapon etc.
  2. Will I get left behind?

    you wont necessarily get left behind there will still be people doing Public Matching not every single solitary player will dive head first into PoE, a good sizable chunk of endgame players will.but no you wont get left behind, dont forget what you set for your region settings affect matchmaking depending where you are in the world, you should have reasonable pingtimes to both NA players an Europe players, you'll find more active players from UK till up around 6PM EDT ish. (by this point its gotta be almost 11, if not Midnight for them) if you have set to Europe, Switch back to US. you might if much first few weeks see a longer wait time or slower matchmaking times in terms of the normal star system on certain nodes Sure but after awhile, people are still going to need resources, need to farm bosses for things,Especially alerts, dont let the Size of the PC Community make you fear your going to get left behind, it's good to see more newer players enjoying the game, makes more of the older "battle scarred" players from the much earlier times happy to see the game continue to evolve into something new players dont have much a problem with. (i started back when Update7 dropped ^^;;) so Good luck Tenno, and don't let yourself be discouraged :3
  3. Coming Soon: Devstream #98!

    i dont think they would, theres teh mess about dedicated servers for conclave and i only hear about it in Some Hotfix notes i havent yet seen the files, (maybe this is something for chosen beta testers or something for the founders?) and something that opens External Access to the live enviroment at large (PvE an dnot anything PvP,) opens a Potential Security Risk. there was just a verry recent (i think what was it? 9AM EDT? ) Server Maintenance and upgrade to prepare for PoE(probbably Preloading into the Production servers (what we play on/are handled by etc) a not final build, but more an Release candidate that once PoE is ready to deploy would take less time to do so, without something like when U18 went into Deployment there was a considerable time for people to be stuck in thier lisets and in missions while it was being installed [remember how things go read-only during this point?] ,) could give reason More Storage Capacity was Added. and a few dev streams back they stated (i think it was Steve that did maybe..i only caught glimpses of this particular one on my phone ) that they are continuously looking for Efficient means of Database Compression that doesnt flat out Break on em, (sorry if its a convoluted answer my thought process kinda goes around , side ways into a loop out the back and in every which way between sometimes ^^;; but tldr, they did server maint. this morning w/ more than likely a pre-load of a RC build, and to add More storage? and to your Question in such a short manner, "Highly unlikely from a Security standpoint."
  4. Hydroid Prime: Hotfix 21.7.1

    for the Plasmor, this sucks fair deal less now, (felt useless on bosses/enemys w/ certain weakspots.) (does this mean Eximus Ancients this is effective against too?) for the Lenz? THANK YOU!!. i've been RIP'd because i've misjudged the spacing between the frost bubble and aimed target and it just immediately Exploding right in the face. but only if we can get it to not instantly explode on contact w/ a Frost bubble in general, there's a small growing trend in public matchmaking for frosts if they spot a lenz user just infron and Snowglobe up just as they shoot to down the user. :/ gets annoying as F* durring Sorties!
  5. Why Nidus Prime will NEVER be a thing

    exactly!, said tech (aka going beserker) Probably left the user in a temp state of mindless rage.. just... what alad did kinda... he Ooopsied more than likley. considering couldnt understand what he saw that we know is just basicly a Mindless Infested Host flesh inside the frame that plays host for the mind of the Operator to not cause manic when they cant sense certain things of the body.) while its assumed Alad as nuts he is himself isnt stupid to how a frame functions he's learned more than that into Zanuka but could be the idea in the case with valkyr and what gave this technology it's power to increase the users rage/tenacity and lust for the kill as it were ... he probably did something that he shouldn't of. leaving valkyr in a perpetual state of "Angry Kitteh" :D (i always personally prefer even with the Gersemi skin, to use the Bastet Helm cause.. yea no denying Valkyr is cat themed <3 )
  6. That moment Shadow Stalker asking for revive...

    i see it sometimes happen if you manage to tell him to "Sit the Frack down and STAY DOWN" way to fast (ie the verry split second timing he's out of his apperance invul. state)
  7. Why Nidus Prime will NEVER be a thing

    i think we can only saw about "Mirage's Death" in some manner something went Wrong w/ the somatic Link that trapped the operator 's Mind in the frame, or at the death of the frame it did something that ended up killing the operator. but w/ that in context consistency would mean all lost frames their operators outside potentially this are locked still in the "heart" asleep/in stasis out of Lotus's ability to awaken/revive them (and likely then this considered "Dead") *(because how'd this explain what happened to the original operator of the Limbo that was torn to the winds?) there's a missing link we dont know yet about the original operators of these frames and to all the Tenno that are us the players, that have been awoken by the Lotus, Or just how many ships were in the void that caused the children to change. (kinda a logic there that we are likely only get told as "Online game plot device.") she may of been an Berserker before then and the Corpus only noticing this had been intensified due what they did/ just noting something that was underlying within this Valkyr if the descriptions are anything but left to take as cannon at this point, that the changes the children all went thru after being recovered had changed them. it couldnt explain how say then the prime has higher stats than the one that was tormented , but atleast a idea why the powers are the same. (other than how Berserkers in most games are explained as a state of pretty much loosing themselves for the kill ) and valkyr post-corpus is just her snapping and going bat S#&amp;&#036; insane. ? for those two questions/arguments i might be talkin out my &amp;#&#33;. i just recently woke up and not all in the head yet but thats what first comes to mind. just other than take in "Plot Device."
  8. August 23 Database Upgrades

    hope this maintenance also includes optimizations to help alleviate the growing Disk Space Problem your creepin up on.
  9. Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.3.1

    i just mentioned this in my Clan's Discord (well our WF Only Discord anyway) (and excuse my habbit of mixxing the terms "Squad and Party" i often play FFXIV when i'm not on Warframe.) yea there's the merit to Quick Revive in some common cases 1: your in an survival or say an Exterm Sortie when you went down in a crowded room/hallway full of "Corpse campers" this lets you revive right away without risking squadmates from joining the Dirt nap party. 2: your a rusher or in reverse your squads a bunch of rushers, and your downed too far from everyone, this gets you back in action w/o having to slow the flow or dynamic of things down or put people at risk of a mission failure (Captures and the targets already on the fast scoot outta there.) 3: situations of Exterm/survival/etc Mission types in sorties or extremely high level (events) where theres an crap load of Eximus enemies that screams "WALK NEAR ME YOUR DEAD BUDDO" (i had this w/ a Eximi Stronghold grineer sortie some time back cramped hallway of grineer frost and arson Eximi you go in there you walk slower than a frost on an icetrap with a hobbled key @_@ it was stupid ludicrous ) This is sorta like the first situation. in this scenario you can get up and gtfo out 4: your Companion or sentinel is dead and your downing yourself intentionally to get them back (in examples your in a survival and your Chesa or sentinel with vacuum bites it and/or the Squad's Nekros/Hydroid Loot monkey)and you have squadmates that wont listen and revive you anyway. if you quick-revive before they get to you. BLAM! you got it back! now here's the big downside to this. general public "pubscrubs" players are going to stop reviving anyone regardless if its easy or possible without endangering the flow , dynamic, mission, or themselves these people who make you wonder why they play in public mode already have a somewhat high tendency to say "F*** this SH** i'm out!" by either leaving squad or leaving you to die. even if you die right in-front of them by the "Working as intended" Ogris, Tonkor, and now the Lenz (or any Weapon w/ a self harming potential) you or your squad arent going down because of the enemies you "whoops"d yourself because companion in the way, they ran by at the wrong time or other factor down to your last revive? "Your fault" 3rd sortie Survival, interception or Excavation? "Every man for em selves", Half a room away from em? "Well shouldn't of died now then!" basically if the mission has the smallest chance to fail this change will start a chain reaction of people not reviving, people getting mad you went back for them and this is only going to intensify in Raids and "We're bored and/or drunk so here's a stupid high 200+lv tact for XXXX Item!" event (yes i'm STILL salty over the Astral twilight event and am also making a reference to the troll Gift of the lotus where it was for a blue 'tater it was full of LV50+ scorches and napalms) so Please dont completely revert this and im not saying "Get Rid of it!" this has alot of merits and this is something we needed for along while, as the non-solo only instant revive happens if everyone's down and your last man standing, i am only stating my concerns with this change!
  10. WiP Warframe 3DS Theme

    WF Related Hacks Yea dont think 3DS related are if it is ill hapily remove teh Forum thread and just hint where to find it.
  11. WiP Warframe 3DS Theme

    i'ev allready had it tagge don twitter but for full coverage here it is on teh Forums. (this does Require a Homebrew'd 3DS be it HBL or full on CFW!, it's my hopes this can become something buyable on the eShop to be offical!) This is a WiP (missing the intended Foundry SFX for Folder open/Close/Game Launch as the creator is scurrying for the tools to convert them.) this Theme was created by NitroBW on the GBATemp Forums as a request i had put in thier request thread. the Theme's DL Link is in teh thread. the Background music is "This is What you Are"
  12. Update 21 Deployment Status Thread[LIVE]

    one thing i'd rather do than thsi damn wait? put myself thru FFXIV DPS Que Hell atleast thats semi productive for the same time it takes, as the saying of the wise go,
  13. Update 21 Deployment Status Thread[LIVE]

    that doesnt bring me peace that just gave my wallet a panic Attack.
  14. Update 21 Deployment Status Thread[LIVE]

    4 hours of sleep, only 1 cup of coffee, gonna wait for this gonna wait for this ... aaaand
  15. Update 21 Deployment Status Thread[LIVE]

    needs More :D