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  1. goodnight sweet stealth redeemer you got me thru my 18 to 19 MR Test in ease with style. ;-; *Presses F*
  2. ty lord for not re0nerfing Nyx like all teh damn crybaby trolsl want. and for fixing Mallet!
  3. TY DE for un-nerfing teh Nyx Strut, Good bye anoying Limbo Nukers now to just deal w/ more spamming stasis making guns go spurt like as if the Guns had ED D: ok Serious Pants now: DE has long since been against stupid drooling easy Press 4 to win. Limbo was never a really powerfull frame he's a CC frame and a CC frame shouldnt be able to Nuke everything in a massive area. you brain dead monkeys that catabombd got your fun outta it shoulda known this was comming sooner or later. and he's not Useless at all still has a averaged damage to his 4 but its still usefull for an inplace of a defense when no one wants to or none are in your squad of a Frost (defense/MD) and stasis is perfect for further safegardng a defense objective as long you keep it up and your bubble up. if all you did was nuke and not your CC Job then please do us actual serious players a favor, Airlock it as your never going to learn how to properly use your limbo.
  4. DE thsi sure took your arses fixing, i cant recall how far back this was but atleast back durring when revives didnt refill and were "Frame Specific" did it a few times outta S&Gs when my old clan mates were having fun when we first discovered the bug that'd ocassincally let you use your weapon outside the Dueling room. if it could occur when Dojo's first became a thing? i have no idea. but this was a looooong standing bug. as for the Deluxe skin, maybe i need to do a Cache optimization thinking maybe my textures are bugged but. the pelt's wings look like durring his #4... well hard to explain in any other way i know how.. "Poorly Textured Second life object" (the texture not fitting the object or mesh's spacing or size) it looks like odd lines all over its bounding box or something like its being contorted or Twisted. i've seen that near exact problem there before many times if i had a image of it or felt liek destroying a No-Copy item to make an example i'd like it :/ but suffice it to say DE Please fix the deluxe skin's "Wings" for the Pelt!
  5. will there be a fix for Spash damage reaching Limbo in the Rift?your in a seperate Plane when your in the rift, unless the Grineer and Corpus have developed weapons for thier members and automated systems cross planes of existance like that. a Limbo should NOT be dying while in rift (and no im not regarding say you take a bleed or other status proc before going in) sorties the other day was a total nightmare on teh Rescue because of a bloody Missle Launcher RIGHT AT THE DAMNED prison area Door constantly downing the target and myself while in the damn'd Rift. i'd watch while rifted teh missle hitting and chunking out mine and it's shields and health as if rift walking (w/ the crappy new system) and banish wasnt working. as for things to wish to see w/ Octavia: Maybe a means of Custom Tempo (nothing too slow or too fast.) but w/ the pace we have now while its good for some fast paced songs, to make it usable for buffs stifles Use to either something made w/ less beats and no harmony really, or must use Darude Sandstorm for ease of Gun Buffs. while a slower pace song would let people who use Melee weapons w/ length animations slow swing speeds or Clunky mechanics benefit from melee buffs! (people who use Orthos Prime w/ a Fury/Prime Fury (thats been my baby since i first obtained it many updates ago and <3d since Primed Fury. it's my go-to for fast room clear on a fair deal of level ranges. ), people using greatswords Grahm, Galatine(Prime), Scindo(Prime), War or even Gunblades (for those that dont have Bullet Dance.) i cant imagine even Glaves are any easier! Timing to a random Octavia in Public is niegh impossible for these reasons for melee and difficult as -is for guns, i just dont seeing it being Feesable durring a sortie or anything end-game (raids. i think i can forsee raid groups booing or aborting when an octavia would be present just as i can see some doing w/ a limbo w/ the way Rifting works now. its going to be shunned like a huge chunk of Public players did right after Greedy mag got nerfed)
  6. looking forward to seeing this finished w/ an an more senitave FOV , (thats also been knackered since U20.) but this clears up the last response i had by a support staff was just disgruntled saying soon 1080p (1920*1080) Resolution would be droped and display would fall out of Min req.
  7. was reading mail when a friend was sending missing instrument packs for thier song i lacked. then comming out of that... RIP. edit: now upon doing it again and going to inbox...
  8. its nice we ***ing got a toggle for the archwing system, now i can tolerate it again and not get physically ill because of teh motion sickness inducing auto rotate bullS#&amp;&#036;e. but it was not worth it to pander to 4k UHD players w/o screwing over everyone who dont have 4k displays or GTX 1080's (or wtfever S#&amp;&#036; AMD has thats 4k ready.) if you now consider non 4k UHD players as the Low end" that need (aka in your own words in a support ticket) Must upgrade" you will kill off a large (90 to 95%) of your PC Playerbase. DEdo not do this please give us a toggle or let us go under 100.using the Map in full screen "M" mode or anything else in any mission makes the hud a clusterf****
  9. it's started happening again but now i think its a scri[t thats detecting if it is or nor loading an ad. disabling temp NoScriptPlus and it stops doing this fake page failed to load.
  10. This is Quite annoying after going to nearly 300 in one run to find out something was missing from the drops... Ughh back to the breach!
  11. i had no issues whatsoever taking Vey Hek down w/ a Mesa build soly around Peacemaker and a High damage/status Secondary around Corrosive dmg. he went from full turkey armor to a puddle of goup naked in less than a few seconds.
  12. going to agree w/ so many yea conclave is starting to push its way into your previous statements "we wont force players to play conclave gamemodes for content." i understand the nature of the holiday and its ties to bows an arrows but this is bit of an strech, why not just put it up for plat or credits on the market instead? alot of us perfeer to see Warframe stay Mainly PvE not PVP with "Some" PvE"
  13. thats no bug thats a Moon clan Cost. base cost is 5k for a Ghost and moon has a 100x. cost multiplier. the plastid and nanospore cost should of been a tip off, if you want it so bad go hunt down a ghost clan thats already completed it or plat buy it. the wait to make one is worth it in the end as using it and leveling it is much better getting to appreciate teh grind you did to get it.
  14. i'm going to confirm w/ teh guy from earlier., its cute you think it's broken, the cost is justified by how teh hema works, its sad steve said they wont increase drop rate from all teh people who voted No on his twitter poll, (maybe increasing the drop amount could be better? or they could be looking atm into better ways to deal w/ it but they will and stated on twitter , in dev streams and even on teh forums the hema cost will never go down as many people already farmed the research cost, so good luck barking up the wrong tree.) hmm you think its just as adorable to see "Update = no bard? Blows.." yea its still in development , its not a quick process to make a new frame nor its Special ability UI, if the Quad frame had won out in the design consul , it'd take even Longer because of so many new animations. so let your entitled backside be grateful we're getting bard frame first. the Riven capacity Problem is attributed to the ever growing issue they're facing for Storage at thier data center, rivens could verry well be " few kb a piece" mods w/ frame data into teh few megabytes or wtf ever, but multiply that by the hundred of thousands maybe even millions of Registered players, that few kb or mb? yea that adds up reeeealy quick Buck-o. then that gets made worse for each new account created. (was last year i think? or year before? they had to deal w/ the quickly approaching network capacity limit they were facing at the time w/ the expansion of the game's popularity/player growth) Maybe when they have a cheaper host or plat sales on other things offset increased capacity at the data center we might see em remove riven Caps. for now discard ones you dont use at all /often enough (you dont need to cling onto every riven you get . ) as for weapons yes they've slowed down on the "tenno reinforcements" that brought us mods and/or weapons but i'd perfeer the delays as we get weapons that arent a rush job or something that ends up being how "Slapped together asset" the infested charger pet turned out. (and thats a whole 'nother can o worms at us teh players demand for it before xmas was upon us. so its sorry state's Our fault.)
  15. Thanks on the fixes and there seems to be a ninja fix w/ Sculptures, better hitboxes to pick up the new ones and move em as decorations and they can be picked up and returned to inventory, (i have better endo farming places that are quicker to get the same endo and more in the time it takes to do a sortie to completion) more i get of the new ones, more "Ceiling grabbers" i'll be placing :D