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  1. no prob, it does seem to be selling for 90~110p according to warframe.market, you could try whispering the people listed as online ingame there and see if you can get a copy that way.
  2. If you cant get it for a reasonable plat cost but have the tennocon digital ticket, at the time of tennocon, Baro will be in the special relay with it and everything he's ever had previously. see if a clanmate/friend has said ticket who can help you out that day if you dont have it by then.
  3. at 18 i dont think theres Anything that is Locked out , theres no one singular Weapon that clears everything out, but i never really go wrong w/ the lens for most (you will w/o a decent riven hit a roadblock on it w/o playing AS harrow or one in squad at 100+) but it has the biggest Self Damage kill potentials more so than the tonkor, theres also the Arca Plasmor as a good choice (and by extention a particular Catchmoon (Crit build which i belive is w/ Haymaker and Slap? i forget which but you want "Maximum crit chance" in description) for a "Pocket Plasmor") though a well build Pox you can never go wrong with against atleast grineer and infested,(i got one pushing almost 13k corrosive dmg w/ 99,9% status, its going to make someone's day a living nightmare XD) Tigris and Tiberon Prime are well rounded shotguns that can push to 20~40k+dmg, and for niche case uses where snipers are usefull Vectis Prime and lanka are prime choices for the Eidolons. (Especially when you run a lazy or "Selfish" Chroma build or have one in the squad) check out a few of the partnered streamers from time to time to get an eye for some decent things., Ryuu The Inexpensive Gamer, has a "XXX Build of the week" on thier Youtube channel, VorticoseLine75 & Aungelecette both help players that tune in (off the top of my head i cant say for others as i dont frequent others often enough to be certain, but im sure most dont mind helping.) for Melee really i might really be the Wrong guy to ask for help on, i've kinda... Stuck to the Orthos Prime so so long its not funny and just now experimenting w/ great swords (like gram prime and to which im trying to decide a crit or status as you gimp that thing hard going hybrid,) though i often see whips used by randos that are room clearing but i havent the foggiest how they are. hopefully someone can answer w// recommendations on weapons your asking for, As for better frames... thats a verry loaded question.. Most frames are good at a set of tasks rather than a great "Jack of all trades" and starting with the newest 2, DE is going with a route of no "Throw-away nuke" state that you can sink into negative levels w/o affecting its better abilities (Like Ash/Loki/Ivara are best at stealth and not so much else, exceptions being Loki being abl eto do some CC by disarming a crowd, ash's AoE ult to kill multiple enemies and Ivara to CC by sleep arrows) to name an case, it wouldnt hurt to invest in a lil plat atleasto to open quite a few frame slots so you can have most of the frames at your disposal for the task at hand, (as they say "the right tool for the job." ) One player i could suggest you try to contact here (sadly they are a PC Player so its not like they can unfortunately help you ingame on PS4) " @Yuni_Hermit " she's while been around less than i have, has given me more advice on builds i havent given a second thought.
  4. yea i didnt know of it till i accidently'd it on PC and was going "whats going on? why am i suddenly going somewhere?" did help me given on 3 platforms i play on,and it'd be a pain finding a group on PC/PS4 and switch otherwise (esp Switch w/ all teh crashing there,) What would you like to know? in how to get them, what you need for them, how to play them etc? as for playing w/ Rando's essentially asking for a group on the forums your asking/doing the same. (i try to encourage people who've taken long break / who are new to play more with publics when no friends/clanmates available as otherwise you stunt your experience with the game) and to why your clanmates who dont want to help, they've likely done it too much to care as it can be.... a droning task, over a long enough period There's always the wiki when you need to look up something but nothing beats trying to out things yourself,or looking for advice to try builds you never thought of, if you want a testing ground, there's the simulcrum and my personal fav is Derelict survival. (its often enough i idle there my clanmates nicknamed me "Resident of the Derelict" )
  5. If you click on it in the World State Window, it'll matchmake you for people running it. rather than relying on blindly going into freeroam or trying in recruitment chat,
  6. it's your net, its having Micro-hiccups not enough overall for you to notice on your PC or other systems as they have more fault tolerances, but the switch has No internet fault tolerance, moment you have as little as a 3 second interruption to the servers WHAM that's gonna happen. Wireless or Wired. i'd also recommend forwarding the default ports in your router/modem gateway to rule that out. if you even leave the switch at Home screen or sleep for more than a min, thats also going to make the game return to login.
  7. @[DE]Helen a few friends and i we tested the inital idea on that the switch is crashing because of an memory leak/OutOfMemory issue, freshly loaded the game, used loadouts to not be so flashy particle heavy, we managed to get 2 canisters and get in fortuna no crash what so ever, go back out halfway thru another and Wham. but we had stood in the fracture got particle heavyand tried to make it hard on the system (i got spammy with the staticor) so this might be the lead to the crashing, @(NSW)EdgeWalker these crashes are only affecting Fortuna and thermia fracture sealing as far as most are reporting. rather than normal bounties or Plains of Eidolon for that matter, so atleast PoE should be safe. (yes i know im signed into my PC Forum account im getting sick of switching between 3 platforms i play on specifically for the forums X_X)
  8. using Wukong you can solo this long but doable so long you maintain your energy and remember to keep refreshing Defy to keep revival costs low. or have someone go as a blessing-trin build (which is just high Efficiency& Duration) for damage reduction buff(those lil green raknoid spooders get to be annoying AF,) While Octavia and Nova were "Patched out" of usefulness against Exploiter herself they're still useful in slowing her (slow-Nova) to give you more time to aim at the vents and mas clear the lil green raknoids as well as octavia for the lil spooders, having been around since 2013, most one can tell ya, we've learned to adapt w/ the game as it evolved and its what Warframe is, "The right tool for teh right job" within reason, theres nothing wrong with trying to challange yourself with using a unfitting weapon/frame in this and can be fun when you make it work for you!just make an seperate loadout in mods etc for more survivability rather than Focusing on invis (an ivara would work better off an dash wire to avoid the ground entirely, No ground = no lil raknoids to deal w/ )
  9. look for ammo pickups i believe that decreases cooldown as you pick it up, (they look like an larger yellow colored ammo drop)
  10. (i'd login on my proper Forum account for switch but im getting tired of doing so between 3 platforms honestly) I Started thinking while on PC bumrushing the last of my Weeklies Why everyone's having a horrible time right now on Switch w/ Fissures, it might just be down to the visual effects and lack of total VRam the switch has compared to the average PC's GPU and what is assigned in the PS4/PS4 Pro/Xbox One / Xbox One S or just overall total Ram, and the game is crashing to out of Memory errorsout of anything else right now Fortuna is one of the most visually "Heavy" things we have in game i would Try Mirage w/ the simulor w/ friends in the Simulcrum/invite only instance in OV away from anything that would net any benifit (im aware theres a Bug w/ it and state because mirage + it = improv flashbang plus its one easier way to create a load visually to test is crashing is related to a OOM issue) of all platforms the switch is potato of all potato and really Ramstarved, so it goes without saying its not that farfetched this could be the cause or a factor to why they are crashing, and toning things down there may haveto be done
  11. i find it easier over at The Pearl Personally along the platform by that floating metal orb thing after the enemies are cleared out and you've done the mini defense to have it under control (just to keep spawns to a minimum) though you have slightly more chances to fail to stick a landing and mess up the point stacking,. see if it works over there for you any better than the pipes off by Fortuna (i noticed bounding/hitbox changes recently even on Switch,and trying to do that on joycons is asking for trouble.)
  12. i had this happen atleast once or twice on PCbefore Exploiter Orb dropped, seems to occur if the instance is "Bugged" in any way, (though over on switch i'd rather have that than crashing every 3 damnded fissures X_X )
  13. you mean they finally Discontinued "FREESWORD" ? (which gave you heatsword) @GnarlsDarkley wow thats a bit of a surprise, thats been up for along time! was beginning to think it'd always be there for new players glad i had my friends on switch use it when they joined in november and when i started late late 2017 on PS4, Kinda a shame if ya ask me, as the heatsword while not great by anymeans isnt too bad for a new player + thats a free slot ,
  14. i hope thermia vents stay open longer on switch because you cant do Anything in the vallis w/o praying to RNGesus that your not going to crash but im betting Nintendo sure is loving you guys right about now w/ the amount of Error logs these things send out... im under the high assumption Panic Button/ you guys get a log from when the game crashes but teh switch does its own error logging which gets sent to nintendo each time it goes online Just like the 3DS, if i wasnt wanting to play Hildryn (i got a 75% plat discount, wasn't passing that up!) so much right now i'd be tempted to Solo the fissures right now that way i crash i dont take the whole damn squad with me, and please dont pin this on everyone's net connection because this occurs to those in Solo Mode too. (seems i logged into my PC account name here on the forums. , same tag on switch anyway)
  15. it might still be considered a "placebo" effect and warrant testing by trying it out the immediately checking the EE.LOG for a "Committing XXPlayer Inventory to DB" (if nothing else atleast tags would be saved not 100% sure about everything else, but generally it should include (in theory) all account changes upto that moment) and commit to the server Database, when you use a Consumable. (much like we kinda had to when Connections were verry shakey first 2 months aftre PoE was out.) most of whats in there will go over everyone's head but it can help you find a few things out before you haveto hit the forums/submit a ticket (the log is a PC thing and likely existing on all consoles but out of non-modified systems's reach) but that logs everything the game engine pretty much does but for PC Players NEVER give it out or share it publicly unless requested by a person with the correct [DE] tag or your using ZenDesk, it doesn't contain account info, but it Will have YOUR IP and other's in your squad. (the log can be usefull in a situation your consistently crashing with your Videocard going on the fritz, or give hints to an unstable overclock which it did hint to me almost 2 years ago for mine.) Given new day new round of sorties i need to do for NW and i already submitted my log for a open bug i got in PC subforums, i'll clear my log n double check if the Inventory Commit occurs right after still, if i see it in log i'll altF4, and come back see if i still have the extra standing or not n reply back here (w/ an edit if no one below me.) Edit: yep went to go look for a Virmink, i recorded how many tags i had currently of each and of how much standing i had before hand, i should also doublecheck this w/ a simulated connection loss but an Alt+F4 should oif been sufficent i retained the Extra 800 standing and Dusky tag, Sure as S#&$e spotted in the Log, [code] 1012.280 Sys [Info]: PlayerProfileCommon::SaveProfile() 1012.283 Sys [Info]: Profile hash on write: -SNIP FOR PRIVACY- 1012.292 Sys [Info]: Committing CaelThunderwing's inventory to DB 1012.293 Sys [Info]: Created /Lotus/Interface/Dialog.swf 1012.293 Script [Info]: Dialog::CreateOkCancel(description=/Lotus/Language/Menu/UpdatingDB, leftItem=nil, rightItem=nil) [/code] it appears right before it shows the Engine shutting down log details. so that is the moment i droped a Energy pad (i build em like crazy as i use em SO Much to the point my friends say "Panic button?" when im suddenly down by 15 or more of health sheild and energy XD (i got all three bound to PgUp/PgDn/End on my keyboard) Starting standing: 31,484 Ending Standing 32,284 Starting Dusky-Headed Virmink tags: 0 Ending: 1 So @(XB1)THANOTOS OMEGA , go ahead and farm but the moment you feel you might loose net/power drop a consumable rush in and shut down your xbox.
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