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  1. CaelThunderwing

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.2

    i guess the UI Overhaul wasnt ready. but... correct me if i'm wrong (and please do) but didnt Steve mention that the first thing to com with the new GPU Particle system would be the Sacrifice? since it wasnt w/ teh mainline update (the lore quest) that this has changed and pushed to be further "DE-Layed" (sorry i'll see myself out the airlock for that.)
  2. CaelThunderwing

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.19.1

    Its More Progression and Maturation of the Operator. Lore Fluff. going from some lil Somatic Link Chair "Sleeping" Cripple to someone that can take care of itself (and i use that Loosely as to make them Anymuch Viable however, you need to work in Vazarin and Unairu (Health/Defense) able to handle the time, (Zenurik for energy Capacity/Regen rate) and Madurai (Amp Oooomph!) its an option everyone's free to Ignore (w/ the Onslaught you can hit focus daily cap quicker than Eidolons and unless you dont want Arcanes/got plat to buy them/ want to push your focus work faster past daily cap.) theres no need to Do the Eidolons (get a got trinity Harrow that knows when to and not to Ult. and Chroma, weak point Snapping goes quick enough to do a double tridolon, though i suspect a trin+3 Chroma could prob. do a trip-tridolon. just bring an buttload of energypads. ) As for the Eidolons getting fixed? for all we know the issues of them teleporting (when they touch a lake's water) (at random with or without lures attached) maybe within the code extremely difficult to track down if thats the actual case it can take quite some time to fix the Gaunt/Hydro are still relatively New feature wise in thier implementation as all we had before was just the Teralyst. (and at that point he was far less broken then all three are now.) or that at this point far few of the player base is actually fighting them anymore to the levels of the raids and DE's given up on em already. Playerbase Usage does motivate them to deal with a game mode more than Disusage as well how far it continues to break on every feature update. (granted the Eidolon hunts arent exactly a game mode just boss fights where raids were a game mode of thier own due to allowing the size of 4 Squads and special matchmaking was made Just for it, the Eidolon matchmaking is Just Soly there to seperate people who Specifically want to run them vs just stepping out the door and hoping those that join you want to fight em.) We know from the Dev stream just weeks before the raids were removed and arcanes dropped & moved to the Eidolons, that the total playerbase running the raids was less than 5% (it was closer towards 1% or even further less ? i think.. i dont have the VOD to pull up to double check.)with so little of it getting played + it Consistently breaking every-single-feature update, they had No drive No motivation No Reason to continue supporting or attempting to to fix the raids. i can understand some people with High end systems for thier time slowly devolving as time progresses to mid to low end. (my own rig is now more Mid range than anywhere near high end so these optimizations for potato's are welcomed.) but the Super potatoes that run on All low settings and Still complain and whine that force DE's hands to make change sto hamper the experience for all of us isnt fair to hold us back because a bunch of Twats haveto punish us with trying to play on really subpar "Super potatoes" AMD Users rocking anything Less than an FX 4100 (thats Really Pushing your luck and i mean pushing it.) w/ a geforce 5XX series GPU please for the Love of Pete. Upgrade X_X this goes for any Intel player rocking anything from 3rd gen i3/i5 n older or mixing it w/ an Radeon HD Series GPU older than the 7XXX Family. Yes your Super potatoness is giving the rest of us nice performance changes but at the same time your forcing DE's hands to also alter certain visual effects remove certain flairs, some of the Eye Candy as it were all just because Running warframe at anything more than all Low is almost Committing Suicide with your PC. to @KhajiitDova (i posted before seeing yours ) i sincerely hope your not one of these Super Potato's Yes, theres a level of elitisim when it comes to PC gaming in any circle i'd rather never see it endorsed, but realise Hardware does Quickly get outdated and outclassed as games evolve if your PC cannot handle things as it is on full low where your *Needing* a slider/switch option to turn on/off some or All Peculiars consider even a Budget upgrade. because take it as a sign likley before or just after the years time WF will be just beyond your PC's reach. and thats NOT the Dev's Fault. to get something that'll Limp-D**k you by theres always a VisheraCore based FX 6XXX CPU Based system you can always Re-use the ram and depending how old your GPU actually Is.. reuse that. a Upgrade to just play WF at playable FPS doesnt mean an arm n a leg or a full balls to the wall Replacement. (i never recommend Intel to one who's on a budget because you pay a price premium for the higher performance specifically when you need something thats an inplace upgrade/"Hold-me-Over") if you can save up Some? Look into a low end Ryzen based build. from teh sounds of it you likely dont have much Spare "Spend on me me me" cash each month, so put a little aside it'll slowly add up!) the cheapest midrange Nvidia GPU i can recommend that'll run WF atleast till you can get better is a GTX 760. it's not an answer your looking for or a "yea they Need to cater to us Super taters 100%!" but some Cheap AMD options is what i can give you while being Blunt honest just how Close to EoL your current rig sounds like for WF.
  3. CaelThunderwing

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.8

    strictly from(atleast my understanding of it) basic network Security thats a really Insecure and insane thing to do, that implies what the client reports to be true and trustworthy. in situations such as MMOs or in Warframe's unique category, you should never 100% Trust client side data and verify against Server, and after last years lil Scandal relating to Data miners and a unauthrosied 3rd party Server letting people scam even bring a leaked umbra model onto production servers, DE has even *LESS* incentive to just "Blindly" trust client side data. (the servers do track more data on what you do, your load out what you earn drops etc. moreso than ever now. it doesnt track it 100% but enough theres still a client/Server verification phase during extraction. (failing this or when teh server's are down/Read Only just as your extracting is why you get "Failed to update account information." i'd be more than happy to stand corrected if @[DE]Rebecca would care to correct me but i believe i got the Jist of it. tl;dr: its too insecure to just "Give you" what the client says you earned. as it opens many ways to manipulate reward data. (if you do thwart the launcher/ game's protections.) That Said, if it fails to Migrate hosts, how about it should create a new instance and set the failed transfer player as Host?.. also bear n mind, we PC Players are kinda.. .. how can ya say it "Guinea pigs" or" En Masse" testers for teh first month or so after content updates where console users tend to benefit alot more (thier updates are more refined as a result.. If you hate these kind of game breaking bugs. Steer clear of stuff like this for awhile after it comes out let bugs that are discorded come to light and get fixed. usually after the first or so month. the real big showstopper issues get delt with. (trials not withstanding it was a game mode in comparison by those who ran the raids vs the playerbase at large was Woefully under-played and the devs had little reason or incentive to continue fixing them after they kept breaking horribly update after update.)
  4. CaelThunderwing

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.7

    i'm not going to be surprised if the servers got get Rip'd by somone more salty than most of us here. if history shows itself more often than not this big a change someone doesnt like, we soon start seieng the game lag.. server instability before eventually complete DDoS. :/ whoevers going to be that guy dont .. let us atleast stew in our salt a little bit to "Possibly" see them revert these changes.
  5. CaelThunderwing

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.7

    So.. in one update you've Removed the trolls for having thier fun *thats good* much appreciated. with this? all you've just done give people who Enjoy goig out of thier way to Screw people and go "lol its a game." and try to keep you from what your after (going in underleveled, weaker weapons, you've made enemy health scale higher but making it difficult by allowing sub 30 frames going in or people cheesing a run from going by *Intentionally slowing the PC Down.* its not hard to do and doesnt need tools like Cheat engine or others easily detected by the launcher. (if i wanted to do that i can open Second Life, a 4K Stream and Minecraft w/ shaders.. Blam my pc is instant potato. ) w/ the now potato'd PC i could as you've changed it, force people to loose out by causing efficiency to plummet while my PC to everso slowly loads See the room for Trolling others out of a Zone 8+ Run? *Every-Single-Event/Game Mode* you have had affected by Host PC Speed has and was Cheesed by many people. Revert this change PLEASE. in fact Revert the LV/health scaling entirely! or Fix the issues forcing everyone to go Meta builds just to make it to Zone 8 its quickly going to breed animosity of "you didnt take XX Frame and XXX Weapon? *Leave*"
  6. CaelThunderwing

    Khora's Planned Changes

    when Rebecca gets deadset on a change its gonna happen one way or another.. Please if you're going to allready this damn soon nerf Khora by the venari change Make it respawnable on its own upon a cooldown, expend full energy upon Holding 3 (as you've done with Nekros' Soul Punch augment) (or atleast half energy) because its not hard to get energy back plop down a pad or 2. but please dear God Do not make venari just fall over dead and skip bleedout i allready stated this almost 10 pages ago and on twitter, if you Make Venari like this its going to push people to only obtain Khora for MRFodder and shelf it or worse sell it off never to bother with again. because dead cat = a locked out ability for the rest of the mission , i highly doubt anyone of us sane players would willingly burn a revive Just to get the cat back, maybe if its allready dead aaand we're bugged where we Haveto OOB/Die Everything else looks fine Granted strangledome is Hardly unique its a smaller AoE version of Harrow's Chains and feels rather out of place for a beastmaster frame. but pleasebe nice to the community on this Dont take our New kitty away from us like this.
  7. CaelThunderwing

    Khora's Planned Changes

    "Venari will revive when you revive" please tell me that will not mean its not going to skip a bleedout... as i realy would not want to burn a revive Just to get it back if thats going to be the case. If not please Reconsider Changing it to Holding 3 revives the thing,
  8. CaelThunderwing

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.15.0

    Seems that w/ the update Eidolon Capturing is bugging out even More. :/ just had it happen w/ the Hydrolist and we had 5 charged lures, guess erver counted those as not there/not charged. (no radiant/brilliant shards and body kinda just... "Sat" there on death)
  9. CaelThunderwing

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.4

    far as im aware that crash affecting Ryzen users was fixed for the mostpart, people still rocking higher end AMD FX cpu's dont know about havent seen any crash complaints nor have i personally had crashes related to it, (and use an FX 8350 [too much a cheapass to upgrade.]) the only times i've had crashes lately have been GPU Related and thats relating to overclocking where my card just goes "F* this i'm out! and basicly disconnects from the game engine, causing WF to crash sort of, (anything visual stops and locks up but game itself continues to run, which Supoprt w/ my crash logs pinned it to being exactly for the most part how i described it.) for beamweapon change that *Was* fun using my nukor again.. back to the shelf it goes. please consider reverting this! for the Lure fix, Thank lord. but at the same time a bit sad, my old clan (who had gone inactive uptill the new Eidolons.but i still play w/ some of the members,) had bit of an inside joke of "get out of face lure. you are not pretty Woman!"
  10. CaelThunderwing

    Cetus gate

    it's a known bug most you can do (i think what is it F6 that take a screenshot and sends w/ add. Data?) and or /unstuck while falling to the void so that it sends a report to the servers after you relog, there isnt much else you can do about it. but when reporting it try to remember what region your game is set to, (Settings--> Gameplay) and what Cetus Node you originally entered, if you send a support ticket, befor relaunching the game durring a relog, you want to save 2 files that'll help whoever responds to the ticket. in C:\Users\YourWindowsLoginNameHere\AppData\Local\Warframe (or Simplly type %AppData% into an explorer bar then go up 1 folder because warframe's data thats needed is in Local, and this method defaults to Roaming. ) Backup the 2 files "EE.Log" and "Launcher.Log" (because if you start the game back up as you relog when this happens again and you submit a support ticket, upon launcher load, launcher.log is overwritten w/ a blank file and so is ee.log when the game engine begins to run. (just before you see title-login screen) i had the same bug myself happen lastnight but likely because i was set to a non-local Region. (i often play w/ a friend in the UK and to avoid cetus to plain transition bugs, i set my region to match.)
  11. CaelThunderwing

    Zephyr Tornadoes not Dissipating

    i know that generally you cant use powers in the transition hall (and for this sort of reason. ) but its almost 100% Repeatable on demand glitchable if your flying at top speed on an itzal/blinking right into the door before it has a chance to start opening/melee slam and it doesnt apply the :Nully" effect to frame powers. its harmless to others ... if your not in the person's Squad. i've had one person say they went down when i ended up doing this w/ Ember's 3rd. as it persisted long enough of loding from plains into cetus and it downed him as if he only had 1 HP. must of been a Client thing as on my end it look like he just jerked back an dfor for a few seconds but i never saw him go down or get the a tenno is down message. w/ ember that dissipated properly at duration end. these however w/ Zephyr? i've been in and out doing bounties trying to get Lith G2's for a glaive Prime BP about 3 to 4 times since i wound up doing that. *and they're Still there.* granted this could be used to cause chaos its not exactly easy and hopefully just a visual glitch on my end w/ Zephyr atleast. EDIT 2/21: w/ todays hotfixes somehow seems to be fixed have tried to consistently try to glitch into the Hallway w/ powers and been unsuccessful.
  12. CaelThunderwing

    Can't click anything after launcher

    came across this myself earlier today, dont know what did it really i had been messing w/ a few things mainly w/ Firefox so i dont see how it could of been related, but a restart cleared it up for me.
  13. CaelThunderwing

    Where is Update 22.12.0!?

    and its deploying!
  14. CaelThunderwing

    Where is Update 22.12.0!?

    if its not here by thier usual closing hours near 7 (server reset) then yea,. we wont see it till atleast monday.
  15. CaelThunderwing

    Where is Update 22.12.0!?

    if its not deployed by 7PM EST dont count on it. (and they keep a verry minimal support staff on the weekend no real developer team.) so if not today the soonest we'd see it would be monday. only extreme cases were during TWW and PoE's introductions, where they took time away from families to come in and stablize the game to a "Usable" State so that they could later on then get a real hotfix going.