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  1. its a small issue but it'll be nice to know theres a chance it'll reduce the load on servers, it was nice being on your friendlist for so long since atleasti think what 2015? i'll always have that massive group Xmas photo at the DE Dojo you had us all! @[DE]Rebecca
  2. its 10:08pm EDT they'd be out of the office, probably no earlier than tomorrow , wont happen on the weekend so no later than Friday if still on target for this week
  3. i float around alot of Consoles, including many older consoles (i even have my old NES still!) i've played on many systems over the years and quite a bit of PC games as i've de-potatoed where i could. i Never liked the "PC Master race" mentality having grown up in the boom of gaming's revival (i was born in '85 putting me right in the NES era), just makes no sense i enjoy just being a "Gamer" not a "PC Master race" i hate when i get called a "Console Scrub" i enjoy vintage PC's for many older PC titles that cannot run on modern systems, (hell i got a smiling rise from Steve Sinclair over twitter talking about Unreal tournament and remembering "Epic Pinball" was the last game the CEO of Digital Extremes made before Forming the company) "a Delayed Update maybe Annoying but a Rushed update will be forever bad. "
  4. i've got account son Switch & PC & PS4 im not bothered, given that even w/o the new server they want ed then and now on the new system, things like events/operations etc run on a new ohh i dont have the right word i maybe tech orientated but i dont do server work... umm... kinda a "Scheduled Sync'd global Task" it starts ticking instantly multiple instances (or a single instance w/ flags for each platform) and set to end at a designated time.(but w/ the new system maybe they cannot just set multiple of these "tasks" to run at different times for each platform) now i understand some frustration others have, like say currently the Balor Formorian/Razorback Armada is unique between each platform, (meaning things can still run independently between each) but this is highly likely their first step towards cross-progression there's a high chance New War *Could* be the first thing to be held back for simultaneous release given its going to be a HUGE jump in Lore likely for a long while. Rail Jack? Not likely. (i don't think Nightwave intermission/next real round of nightwave is because of consoles, we saw a simultaneous release despite mismatching game version on all platforms at its inital release.but its taking them time to make the next season while working on Railjack and bugfixing and working on getting Jovian Concord out to Consoles) that's my two cents on the matter, but given i've been around since early open beta (late april 2013) i've grown numb to late updates/delayed updates so *shrug* dont let some of the bad apples make all us PC Players seem as nasty, i've encountered a fair deal of nasty ones, there will always be the bad apple in any community (i personally know a Founder who's got an attitude of " I am a founder i am God you should worship the ground i walk upon now Lick my feet Scrub" i blocked him and super glad he quit! or atleast died down in activity.) now asto about the complexity of Software Development, i'm aspiring to learn myself and i've been reading tutorials and basic's in C (urgh my head wants to go BOOM) but i belive i have heard them explain Warframe at one point in a dev stream simply as "Spaghetti Code" for how its like 1 bug down 200 more new ones to go. (take a look back in the day how bad Trials Broke w/ every Mainline update )
  5. so w/ this update i noticed something annoying as ** now. theres a nausiating flash on anything being built/accepted in the foundry, it wasnt there before hand and none of my graphic settings have changed.
  6. from what we know till the the list is up anything Post-Mask of the revenant will not copy over. switch edition wont launch w/ Chimera/Fortuna Content.
  7. bear in mind usually most switch launches for any game occur at 11AM EST (this is equiv to JP Midnight) and for our international Tenno, Any Time and date announced by Digital Extremes unless Specified, = Eastern Standard Time Zone US/Canada as that's the timezone they are in themselves. https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ use to Covert your local time to Canada - Toronto (closest listing they have but DE is based in Ontario. (makes me wonder offtopic wise how far they are from Kent County..)
  8. hmm not everything will transfeer + its at Mask of the Revenant hmmm 🙄 @[DE]Rebecca How long will account migration be open? uptil fortuna for Switch? if much sooner than that .. i dont really want to regrind Chroma Prime and Solaris Standing all over again but i dont want to haveto start from scratch , that was painfull as is and still is having had to start over on PS4,
  9. the abilities to Pacify(Equinox/Ivara) Animals is Broken, its making ones like pobbers or others immune to the tranq gun once slept @[DE]Megan
  10. DX9 bugs wont be fixed, infact DE Steve tweeted DX9 and older OS 32Bit versions are going to be Phased out next year. you rgoing to by 2019 need to upgrade if your having to rely on 32bit Windows 7/old GPUs that lack DX10/11 support. as about the removal about the boot in the personal aquarium, give us back our boot! ;-; let the little "Demon" Children have thier fun!
  11. considering how often we see upgrades being purchased and deployed before big updates atm seems oonly atm they dont really have the hardware for such a testing server. while it'd be nice would haveto require people to willing basicly do what they do on the production servers Twice and theres a good deal who wouldnt be willing to re-grind. it's a good idea on paper but how DE could execute it , it could be wasted time and resources. (edit: i have no idea WHY my forum-Profile glyph/icon keeps changing X_X)
  12. let me rephrase that "Have time to fix showstopping bugs as they come up" instead of releasing potentially a seriously broken mess leaving us w/ a unplayable product over the weekend.
  13. after the horrible mess PoE Released on a *LATE* Friday? i Sincerely hope not. Fortuna has teh same potential to break just as horribly on launch. its best they do tomorrow/thursday. so they have time to fix showstopping bugs and console people begging for fortuna... Hold yer horses, i'm sounding like a broken record, but they use us PC Players as a big "Free bugtesting" audience to find bugs fix and optimize content released to Console, then ontop of that you haveto wait for Patches to pass thru Cert. which who knows how further will be impacted w/ the Switch Edition Nov 20th. Best case scenario you guys are looking *LATE* December/early Jan 2019, Worst case not untill mid to late feb. Steam/PC Independent of steam, thers No Super strict regulations on functionality of thier code so it can be "Rush it out allready it maybe buggy but they can always fix it" Consoles.. .Microsoft Sony & Nintendo have a long and super strict Testing *THEN* cert process to ensure a content Update (CU)/Patch[Hotfix] cant lead to either Exploitation of the Console, or lead to inadvertently Bricking the system. your "Wait" is mostly out of DE's hands. you want fortuna to come faster to you? yelling at DE? your barking up the wrong tree.. that'd be your Platform's own QA Divisions you'd be screaming at! (Switch version has the potential to be quite behind or, with how DE tries to keep things in line, cause Console updates to lag even more so )
  14. being that i play on both PS4 and PC, now only if this fix could come to PS4 Sooner.. gets tiresome when Hyekka Masters get stuck in certain maps for Defense (mainly lua or the Stationary Defense tilesets that some sorties use.) they always seem to get stuck on some invisible wall or act like the host is lagging, but glad to see this getting fixed on PC.
  15. still no fix for Broken kubrow previews/ingame textures,
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