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  1. I saw them litterally appear out of thin air right next to the Console. With the little spawn electric sparkles around them and everything. A few times it was as discribed but the majority was between 50 to 10 meter distance. It basicly resulted in a instant kill of the first console in every single game.
  2. How about the Demolysts spawning within 5 Meters of the objective? I understood these as a imposing threat that you would see quite a distance away so you can properly engage it. Now i sit basicly on the objective to start attacking the guy the moment they start and barly stopping them before almost finishing there animation. And thats with, not insan, but really powerful weapons.
  3. Supra Vandal is actually God tier among automatic primaries. Even without Rivens. Basicly: You probably play them or ignore them anyway. Mostly buffs, so if you like underpowered weapons there are many good changes in here.
  4. Many good changes. Might do some rerolls for some of the buffed once. Using Rivens for Weapons literally no one cares about helps. Would hope for some reworks of weapons like the Acid, Stug and mabey the Hind. Most of them are atleast somewhat interesting, but suffer from the aged balancing and damage models and have no crit or status capabilities. For the Hind i would like more focus on the burst (as its more interessing), fire rate buff and more usable status or crit stats.
  5. 👆this.* *This is not a actual permission. The video is not mine. I'm here for the cause.
  6. Physique Aura has now a place, but only in the early game. When its easily obtainable/telegraphed to new players, that is a quite good change.
  7. Yay, Tonkor got finally some attention. Let's see if it was love. Hope the Acid and the Stug get a rework. These guns have the potential for greatness and, even more, uniqueness.
  8. AND WE ALL LIFT TOGETHER exept the Tonkor after we broke her, more than 2 month and they dont care don't give an answer...
  9. Soo...the Tonkor is still not fixed? Grenades still bounce of enemys with literary 0 damage and often flying out of the explosion range for again literary 0 damage! I just wanted to bring it up.
  10. Changes sound amazing, especially for Nyx. For her first. I did run the 500% dmg augment with max strenght but the target seems to seek cover for most of the time and just does not effectivly attack. The need a suizidal berserker mode to actually be worthwhile.
  11. Tonkor still not working. No explosion on hit, just bouncing into oblivion or... well into my face.
  12. The Tonkor wasn't fixed, which is sad. Right now its projectiles don't explode on impact, so it just bounces of (with some projectile speed out of the blast radius=0dmg and probably right in your face for instant death.) The fact that no one else seems to talk about it kind of speaks to the fall from grace this still semi useful, once mad fun, gun had to suffer. F
  13. I'm now jumping around in the first part of the new quest for 15 min straight and all i got was "No...No" after i jumped back, and my warframe also first loaded in like 5 minutes after starting...am i suposed to trigger something?! Edit: I was in operater mode and had customised him, before going in the quest. Quiting and retrying worked.
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