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  1. It's time to bump this bug thread cuz would you believe me if i said there is a new bug that begun when the Derelict Shift: Update 28.3.0 dropped unlike the day before where the bug was not present at all. (But jokes aside yes there is a new bug that started happening or became a thing after this update dropped i feel so disappointed that this weapon has yet to be fixed and has gotten worse.) And i also forgot to update this bug compilation day 1 after update came out sorry about that so i'm a few days late on reporting this new holster style bug.
  2. Firstly i would like to say that there are many problems with the models of nikana zaw on both default and skin applied have the same problems which are present no matter what which also have been present in the game for a long time now (All these bugs happen to any skin of the nikana zaw i can put on a tennogen, normal or deluxe skin on my nikana zaw but all of these bugs will still persist.) https://imgur.com/a/6Ck3rCQ (Added more screenshots/updated 16.8.2020) a collection of images that show different bugs that happen on the nikana zaw. NOTE: I should put this here that after a lot of
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