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  1. The colors on K-drive are still broken their jets are alaways defoult color this has been broken for like 2+ months now.
  2. the bugs i know of are: You can't sell the Wisp Blueprint (It says Cannot sell when hovering over the blueprint). And the Amalgam Argonak Metal Augur description states that dagger damage reduces enemy armor but it actually only work like the Shattering Impact mod where Impact damage reduces enemy armor so only daggers capable of doing Impact damage can reduce armor wich i consider a either a bug or a mistake in the mods description. Also this happened once when i used the operator dash to get to the capacitator during the Ropalyst boss fight it glitched out and started not moving at all it was just floating there not shoting the big laser to charge the capacitator so i couldent use it to advance the fight i could still break its shields using operator and ride it but after i stoped riding it it returned to just floating sideways doing nothing so i was forced to abort mission after this happened.
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