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  1. TBH if you want me to revive a player who made a bad equipment choice you should not be debuffing me, making me risk my own permanence in the match for the sake of correcting a random PUG's mistake. And forcing me to be helpful by making me pick up the items automatically is just very bad etiquette. it should be a completely optional pick up via a contextual menu just like ayatan stars are. EDIT: Still, the most critical problem which is the double length rotations should have been fixed first, then take a look at everything else.
  2. This SO VERY MUCH. Your Nidus example is precisely why I want this to happen. I got Nidus skin at a time I didn't have enough plat to buy the bundle and now there's no way I'm wasting all that plat just for the syandana; as amazing as said syandana might be.
  3. Nice update, except I'm not thrilled about you mentioning the need to "band together" with other tenno to get this done. I guess I'll know how bad it is as soon as the update finishes... Also wondering what happened to the plains remaster, unless I had a brain fart my understanding was that it was launching with this update?
  4. OK but what about data masses never appearing in stage 2, was that fixed as well?
  5. I'm sorry what on earth are you consuming? Cheating on a non-PVP game? I had no idea this bug existed and frankly if I had known I would have used it. It is absolutely indifferent to me if the random guy who drops in my PUG is MR1 or MR 2800. If that is the exploit they were talking about it is, indeed harmless.
  6. Please fix the K-Drive Grindy trick behaviour you broke a couple patches ago. Thanks.
  7. Your Grindy trick Fix in this patch broke my ability to grind. For some reason I was able to do it after last patch (the one that broke grindy for everyone else) but not anymore so, I'm moving myself to the unhappy Kdrivers camp. Please fix this, getting rep with the Vent Kids is now an absolute chore.
  8. Still no fix for Danse Macabre costing 20 energy/second.
  9. Revenant's 4 still costs 20/sec. Just sayin'...
  10. "Sooo..." what? When the single most mentioned problem in the entire feedback thread is absolutely and deliberately ignored then it sure does not seem like they "listen to feedback"; it smells more like the preset ideas they had happened to coincide in general terms with some changes we proposed, that's it. They literally admit that in the Mesmer skin section. Mesmer Skin is good now, but being invulnerable doesn't complete missions, killing enemies completes missions... but hey, if I want a really good targeted 4 that does a crapton of damage and cost little energy I just use Mesa right? That one right there's a good example of balance...
  11. you still left Danse macabre energy consumption untouched. You asked for input, we gave you pages and pages of input saying DANSE MACABRE ENERGY COST IS LUDICROUS, but no, the whim of the week was nerfing his 4. Now you made a ton of changes that requires the user to constantly cast abilities, but none of those include raising his energy pool since, you know, he is a caster frame... Good job DE you showed us you are the boss and you do what you want. I bow before you, and then proceed to not use Revenant anymore.
  12. I really have to laugh at someone saying he's a "main whatever" first of all, and second, have to laugh at you comparing Ember's world on fire to Revenant's 4. It takes considerable more micromanaging that just pressing 4 and bullet jumping like we used to do with Ember. Don't get me wrong, I hated the Ember nerf, I don't even use her anymore but c'mon, your fanboi salt alone does not make for a good argument.
  13. Absolutely. Its kit is so useless in the heat of battle, and so convoluted to use, that instead of investing in the frame it's outright better to shelf it. And I really regret that cause yesterday I put a golden potato on it. F*ck my luck.
  14. Cmon, why, why did you have to nerf the only useful ability on Revenant? Really, you think that having 3 more thralls sometimes, ONLY IF YOUR TEAMMATES DON'T KILL THEM, account for a 20% increase in energy drain for its 4? Please, really, tone down the nerf. You released a meh frame with only one fun and efficient ability, don't make the frame useless so soon.
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