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  1. [DE] Steve, remember in the devstream when you asked for us to play the melee update before saying it sucks? OK, I played it, and now I can say it sucks. You made the most fundamental melee mod, Pressure point, almost useless compared to Condi Overload. Not making CO feed off of itself is one thing, but making those mods additive was a bad solution. The stacks system for CO was not a bad idea, it was just bad implementation: 3 stacks was too little too low. In the process you nerfed every Riven we worked hard for that contains melee damage and CC. Gunblades, especially the beloved Redeemer Prime, are trash now. The new heavy attack mechanic breaks the flow that's supposed to be one of the goals of this update, and needing to deplete your combo to perform the attack (that's also for even less convenience removed from the hold E keybind) feels wrong, overall you killed the way we used gunblades. Blood Rush, it helps with weapons that have low CC, but red crits are a myth now. Whenever I get to finally red crit, the damage is worse than before. I just don't understand the reasoning behind this. If you wanted to buff low CC weapons, you... well, you change the CC of the weapon and be done with it, no need to nerf Blood rush for that. The nerfing of spin2win was enough, why should I be punished for reaching red crits when I'm doing it with normal combos and moves? Range, I never personally used much range mods but I like to use physically long weapons like staves and expect them to have actual reach. That seems nerfed as well and from what I see, using a slot on a range mod is useless now. In short, these changes are leaving melee in a worse state than before. Some overpowered things needed to go? OK, but for the life of me I don't get why you felt the need to fix what wasn't broken along the way. Absolutely not happy with this.
  2. Thx for the hotfix but you forgot to add "Fixed Akarius absolutely ridiculous reload speed and abysmal max ammo capacity"
  3. You do realize I meant getting on solo mode to level 8 right? A whole AABC rotation? I really hope you are just trying to look cool because if not, you might wanna be a little less of a pro gamer and learn some basic real life competences like basic text understanding.
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