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  1. I miss when you could have this & an applied one... It should be an auxillary
  2. Basically players could transfer it, trade it to a new account by themself/friends and do it again coping it limitless times. Trying to take advantage of a new player market. If done right Switch could have had more Primed Chamber than any other platform. Edit: Weren't multiple Legendary core just handed out over that Steel Charge thing when it use to give over 20 mod capacity when polorized? That was also before Prime mods existed..
  3. Ash was with Vectis and Carrier. Trinity is Dual Kama @DE How did you not predict this? Volt & Odanota are worthless we are spending $40+ on his Glyph & some plat. For Volt Prime lovers this is the only way to geet it. Why not add Dual Dakra Prime & Dual Sicaru Prime? A few weapons you hardly have to update to feed the masses. You made AkVasto Prime relic during its unvaulting with little necessity, But this Unvaulting is far less valuable for obvious reasons. Also give Frost & Mag Prime dedicated cosmetics to stop daluting this mess.
  4. Unless DE has been hiding something important in plain sight, camera collision should be remove. Many video's already have explored the outside of the skyboxes.
  5. I remember them saying something about mobilizing his cc.. I laughed. It would be cool if his abilities altered the fight with structures, but what about small rooms? Confined spaces? How will it work in conclave?
  6. Not sure if its a weird bug but, enemies have become clumped together. Often facing each other, immediately noticing allies dead, and killing stealth multiplier unless you can mass sleep a room. The last time I really enjoyed stealth when I discovered Excalibur & solo, almost 2 years ago it was amazing. Apply enemy radar & a bow. And you could play many missions stealthy without the use of invisibly... Never getting spotted. Shade wasnt bad but the stealth Kubro was better, even keeping you invisible through the entire spy room.
  7. So... I only just realized. What about the usual Christmas bundles for Xbox/PlayStation that release the older exclusives? Missing one little thing. That beautiful Itzal skin. I don't care if it comes with 11 things I already own.. The platinum usually makes up for it regardless of what other people say.
  8. Rhino Primes skin isn't a nearly entire new mesh like most newer primes, I really enjoy the Excalibur Jade skin on his Umbra.
  9. With Chroma coming on 25, his 3 months end on December 25, delays have made Christmas Prime kind of a let down. Pushbacks will need to be made extensively to fix this. I honestly thought this would come about for other reasons. Kinda confused whats actually going on now.
  10. Sight... no impulse buying this weekend, leaving out my need to know info.
  11. Fine on waiting for nearly everything else, but if all Prime access isn't going to be available, and it's expected to wait on unvaultings, I'd like to know before Limbo is vaulted, while I am Xbox, I have a old PC account I'd gladly buy it on to transfer. As well as current Rhino & Nyx. I want a fresh start at MR 0, think it will be fun. I'll be buying a Switch either way, but the date & time is currently entirely on Warframe at the moment. Smash bros isn't out until February I believe. Depending on my friends current situation, I might end up buying several Switch consoles for early Christmas presents. Ironically I was trying to get one into Warframe, to which no avail. But somehow Tennyson talked him into it, was funny listen to him talking about it like I had no clue.... However if he buys a Xbox before then... Idk.
  12. I did read the entire post, but as far as I'm aware everything is on PC build, just not all usable. China-frame doesn't get tennogen, but it's still linkable, why download properties that can't ever be used? The new UI being pushed on console was intentionally so less console specific updates would be made and need fixing. I wouldn't doubt if all exclusive skins exist on all platforms, if a glitch ever arises that it is obtained on the wrong one, they will simply fix it. This makes cert cycles faster. We get updates nearly every month now. In the past console sometimes had to wait three months. Prime streamline exists, you just can't get it. I believe China had an event for it, no real use in existing for DE when they have godmode. Hope we get to farm that Hema again. Edit: in fact the phase steam exclusive skins are linkable on console, but excal prime isnt. Lato prime was buffed in console update notes even though we can't ever get it.
  13. I haven't been up to date, but at one point it sounded as if you could use your PC account on the Switch seamlessly, and continue back on PC as you wish. Also, we have Fallout & Skyrim on console. Bugs are plentiful with Bethesda. Dragons flying backwards was a PlayStation exclusive glitch.
  14. Well I asked the minor questions for Devstream. But this is better. Hello I'm Evilpricetag, newly MR 25, from Xbox. Its my understanding that tranfer from console to console wont happen. I'm actually excited about a new start, I've made new accounts to play Warframe, but dont like keeping them on my Xbox... My main concerns & questions: Will Warfrme on Nintendo, receive most in game & out of game events? Tactical alerts Plains of Edilon Sacrafice, past Twitch drops. A way to get Tennocon cosmetics if any of our previous platforms have them. Immediate Nintendo cosmetic pack exclusive, or soon What build/update As PC will be the only one allowed to transfer, a possible option to keep everthing, or just keep purchased goods. Will all Prime Access be available through the year? Vault opening? So I had a Switch, loved it, ran into financial issues, but now have leaped over all that. I can easily buy the Switch on that date, but would love it if you hyped it up for me. I will immediately be buying 360 weapon slots, Harrow, Octavia, and Gara so I may be showered in rivens instead. Also ther necessary slots. If Switch gets all the PA's with in relative time I'll probably Switch. Sooner
  15. Aside from her redundant third ability, she's one of the strongest Warframes now. 90% damage reduction, her 4 scales by the enemies that get caught in the building of it, your 2's damage scales by dealing damage with your 4 if broken with your 1. It scales endlessly it's the only other thing in the game that could one shot a 9999. Her 4 resets her 3's timer, you can apply it to all allies, kubros, sentinels, specters, and when 4 passes through them. It resets as well, your entire team is a tanking God as long as you all stay in close proximity. Her passive activates frequently, finally throw a Nidus specter to heal and an ancient, buff them, nobody gets proced, the ancient can't die, if Indus specter has scourge, nothing has armor, use whatever aura.
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