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  1. (XB1)Evilpricetag


    Nezha is a him. Not sure if intentional. This has been brought up in the past, unfortunately no is the answer.
  2. (XB1)Evilpricetag

    Riven from Quest

    You get a riven from the quests that give harrow, octavia, gara bp's (not sure if one other) Yes they are tradeable. Edit: Yea those are it. Chains of Harrow. Rifle riven Octavias Anthem. Pistol riven Saya's Vigil. Shotgun riven
  3. (XB1)Evilpricetag

    Warframe on Nintendo Switch: Date Announcement!

    Sight... no impulse buying this weekend, leaving out my need to know info.
  4. (XB1)Evilpricetag

    Pink cyst vaccination

    I hope they add a permanent choice for this, and then add a primed helminth charger. Only those who don't care get it >:)
  5. (XB1)Evilpricetag

    People who create smurf account to kill noobs in conclave.

    Hosting issues still continue.
  6. (XB1)Evilpricetag

    Two Simaris Mods + Energy Conversion Rework Ideas

    I wouldn't mind carrying multiple charges, about the only buff I'd like to see.
  7. (XB1)Evilpricetag

    Best Elemental combination for the Hemocyte

    thats why I suggest scanning, as it provides this information... or wiki I guess. something I"m not understanding after actually looking into it myself, corrosive would obviously be the best, especiallly while stripping the armor, but radation is both good/bad and would effectively be evened out by both health types, one of which is actually armor (likely sinew). Would Blast be essentially getting +100% while the armor is up? Stripping most, but not all just like Teralyst?
  8. (XB1)Evilpricetag

    Plague Star best rewards?

    Sure seems like it, mine for an hour in free roam vs max bounty had significant difference. Irridite also drops in 5's Grokule 3+? I wouldn't be at all surprised if fishing is this way also.
  9. (XB1)Evilpricetag

    Plague Star best rewards?

    well put, only issue I have is the gems I find to be much, much easier if you go in plains at max bounty. Ifarmed all I needed in a hour or so, max mining tool also has a radar...
  10. (XB1)Evilpricetag

    Best Elemental combination for the Hemocyte

    Scan it, I seen a Ember (before rework) jump & put fire ring around it, it died fast
  11. (XB1)Evilpricetag

    Plague Star best rewards?

    Staff, its slash based. Yes use the plague combo, it also does viral, capable of adding corrosive, many like the polearm, but its puncture. get 10 bp of both arcanes if desired look how many of the norg brains & other fish part you need in total to build everything you may want need. Boss drops hunter mods like crazy. Get good get everything, then farm a FULLY BUILT FORMA every 10minutes with good group. Or you know... dont & build one maybe every 24hours if you remember.... Edit: get both strikes for mastery.
  12. (XB1)Evilpricetag

    Okay now I KNOW there's something weird going on

    Rng, got all three first try myself. One time Igot an Edilon Lenz from last drop, stayed for inscursion & got another. Of course I've never talked bad about drops on Warframe. (meant to be a DnD joke, the dice know) 0.02%for Baron Rivendares Deathcharger Reins did me in on WoW.
  13. (XB1)Evilpricetag

    I can’t wait for this

    Will the chest piece be on him or his pelt.. Giant shoulders are in this year... may need to add new centering while aiming soon.
  14. (XB1)Evilpricetag

    Switch exclusive skin idea

    Pikachu on shoulder, zubat sentinel, DK neck tie, wooden hammer, star power, every Warframe in a Samus theme suit, Arcanine, ... Oh Lord all cat/dog Pokemon respectively. Nekros skin with Boo shadows. We are talking about the most iconic gaming industry. Sky is the limit with cosmetics.
  15. (XB1)Evilpricetag

    Prime Cosmetics always available for purchase?

    This is handled differently on PC, but it's the desire that leaves us waiting for its return, my sweet Edo Prime set & Yakamo Syndana. (Think I said it correctly) But your not wrong, it's sold as if the cosmetic are the main deal, but in reality your getting relatively discounted plat with fair booster valueing the entire bundle with cosmetic sprinkles.