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  1. Ash was with Vectis and Carrier. Trinity is Dual Kama @DE How did you not predict this? Volt & Odanota are worthless we are spending $40+ on his Glyph & some plat. For Volt Prime lovers this is the only way to geet it. Why not add Dual Dakra Prime & Dual Sicaru Prime? A few weapons you hardly have to update to feed the masses. You made AkVasto Prime relic during its unvaulting with little necessity, But this Unvaulting is far less valuable for obvious reasons. Also give Frost & Mag Prime dedicated cosmetics to stop daluting this mess.
  2. So... I only just realized. What about the usual Christmas bundles for Xbox/PlayStation that release the older exclusives? Missing one little thing. That beautiful Itzal skin. I don't care if it comes with 11 things I already own.. The platinum usually makes up for it regardless of what other people say.
  3. Rhino Primes skin isn't a nearly entire new mesh like most newer primes, I really enjoy the Excalibur Jade skin on his Umbra.
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