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  1. oh wow this topic is 2 years old, would be nice to have this
  2. any news if this is still working?
  3. I've noticed that, its a good speedrun strat, but I only think it works if you are the host
  4. The swift mercy mod has still not been fixed to apply to kuva/sister thrall's
  5. They scrapped that idea since you can now see what lich will spawn with what weapon, that system was in place cause you couldn't in the past as seen here: "What you can’t expect is the ‘Lich be-gone’: We have removed the prototype for this for now, because rather than not fixing the core loop and just letting a Lich be banished, we intend to focus on the core loop first. Since duplicates are now opt-in and have value for a min-maxer, there’s less of a reason to dispel a Lich."
  6. It just seems a little too colourful, I liked it how it was previously
  7. nothing, just disappointed it was only 1 thing, thought it was 5 random drops
  8. Isn't the grab bag drop meant to drop 5 things? I only got 1
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