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  1. eh its just that the player base for warframe is lower than tf2 and that game is considered long dead? i dont know anymore
  2. warframe is kinda dying where it is at
  3. i heard of that you will be able to donate unwanted liches to the clan maybe this room will be used to donate them? might aswell use it instead of scrapping it eh?
  4. since kingpin was changed i have heard no news about what happend to the room that was shown awhile ago was it scrapped? delayed? or is it unchanged?
  5. *cries in Australian internet*
  6. when will Universal medallions become Universal
  7. i just wish DE would go back to smaller things so they could pump out content faster i wouldn't care if its small things i just want something to do in this game
  8. uh oh someone dint read TOS
  9. "no one cared who i was until i put on the mask"
  10. dont expect it next week probs will come week after
  11. very odd it happens to me aswell are you doing that on the public build?
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