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  1. Jivy

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Fixed certain Operator Amp Prisms refilling Energy instantly when all Ammo/Energy is depleted. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. Jivy

    PC Login/Sever Issues [RESOLVED]

    its slow 4 everyone thought it was only me
  3. Jivy

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.3

    Dojo 1.0 when?
  4. you tried DE ill give ya that.. atleast you tried
  5. same here they probably have knowing DE
  6. Jivy

    Tennobaum 2018

    can we get the cornith skin yet?
  7. so ever since of the hotfix that got users banned for using the exploit that got a partner banned (im not gonna name them cause i believe it would be naming and shaming) i checked out the official partners of wf and his name is still there even tho he is banned i dont think you can be a partner if you dont have a clean record i could be wrong and idk if i should be talking about this ethier to be honest but i just wanted to know
  8. Jivy

    Mesa Prime Access is Live!

    ok thanks but CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A OPERATOR FACIAL ACCSESSORIES ENERGY COLOR instead of us having to color it blue to make the energy blue?
  9. Jivy

    Operator Dodge/Slide changes.

    i wish we could crouch without using void mode
  10. Jivy

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.4

    xp bug with kohra