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  1. No? haven't seen any parts in the other bounties from my experience could be wrong however
  2. We cant craft them due to them requiring parts that dont drop
  3. I have received it to note i relinked my twitch account like Saske said and i got no alert to saying they were in my account but when i check they were
  4. Please someone update us if they receive it on this post thanks
  5. Well if this is a issue more than 1 person is experiencing it'll probs get fixed maybe there is meant to be a hotfix that gives the items since it could maybe not be in the current build as of typing?
  6. Thank god i was worried i broke the game or something and had to make a support ticket
  7. Yeah cause you can usually buy the weps out right with platinum but having the stuff in a bounty is a really bad choice since i dont want to receive dupe rewards for something i already have crafted :/
  8. claimed them and they have yet to appear in my account want to know if im the only one that has experienced this
  9. You cant get them from the market or dojo or father yet the weapon crafting components are linkable anyone know if this is a bug or if im not looking in the right place?
  10. Damn that sucks i just wish we could buy bps for standing with grandmother would be easier and make more sense
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