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  1. Yeah i noticed that too, however i think they should just remove it and replace it with "crew ship captured"
  2. It’s why I posted this in the first place, I wanted to post it cause what if I missed something? But again the comments seem to not know if it is against the rules we can only wait for DE’s response
  3. I’m probs just gonna avoid conclave as the situation is just conflicting to be safe, hopefully support will answer this week
  4. I thought a exploit meant something done without normal means, if that’s the case I’m sorry
  5. Exploits? what exploits? i have been farming with a friend in a public private match, not really a exploit if you can do it by normal means
  6. Well if its against the rules ill stop, but i was mainly doing it in public private sessions with just me and the friend for context, also FYI i submitted a support ticket asking since there is a lot of back and fourth on this post, so ill update on what happens
  7. Not really risking anything, also haven't had a good experience with the community, they can be toxic
  8. Yeah but i just want to make sure (also they aren't really universal if they don't work for everything)
  9. So no one is asking why they changed that?
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