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  1. The rewards are pretty bad for Veil missions. 400 endo. Yay. The missions take 45 minutes for the same rewards as a 10 minute Neptune.
  2. Detest it. I logged out in disgust last night after 3 hours of not having fun in a mode I use to love.
  3. Lol! The only reason I am on par with my previous RJ is that I played it previously and had like 500k dirac. It still cost me 5 million credits and 200k endo to get back to my previous progress. I tend to be casual so it was a quarter of my credits and 2/3 of my total endo to get back to what. I. had. before. If someone starts out new, then costs for veil would be massive in terms of endo etc. The endo drops in veil are a joke. You get 400 endo as a reward. Yay. You need 30k to max out a mod. The endo drop rate is equivalent to Neptune survival on the star chart. This is a BS grind. Also,
  4. Funny because the people who played RJ did not ask for these awful changes. These changes are basically, once again, designed to force a new grind, force people to pay more money, and satisfy the youtube crowd that has unlimited plat to do whatever they want.
  5. RJ was fun. It is now a pointless grind with terrible rewards. If I wanted to play a defense mission, then I would play a defense mission. I wanted space combat. Instead, you get RJ hybrid missions that take 3 times longer to play than a normal mission for the same rewards. I found it pointless and frustrating and I ran the idiotic veil defense 4 TIMES and it will not unlock the next node. Honestly, I grinded RJ, DE reset it, and now they want me to grind all over again while also having the job of MORE forma! Now, the RJ grind is basically the same as the regular game, thus making t
  6. I detest the missions. They are long and it is not RJ. It is taxi and then hop into a normal warframe mission.
  7. I agree. Also, the missions are long and just not fun. It takes forever for little reward. Our 4 player team was in a mission for 30+ minutes for 400 endo.
  8. They killed the mode for me. It is basically, kill a crewship, then run a normal warframe mission. I loved space battles and not this is a piece of junk. The only reason I see for the changes is to force people to buy more formas.
  9. I agree. The killed the mode for me. I hired some crew and I just wait around and then I jump off the ship and run a normal warframe mission. It is boring junk when it used to be fun to actually do space battles. I hate it.
  10. Avionics moving to warframes are an absolute terrible idea. 1.) It was fun to build out your ship. 2.) You will have trolls with no equipment jumping in to pilot the ship etc 3.) This will make public railjack worthless
  11. They are removing Avionics from the railjack and adding slots on your warframe for them so avionics will not be dependent on what people bring with them and you cannot upgrade your own ship any longer.
  12. Agreed. They just made railjack unplayable outside of friend teams or guilds. I am not going into railjack with a public groups and pray that they have levels and avionics. This will probably kill the raIljack event. Who wants to carry a bunch of people that invest nothing in railjack. I spent time investing in it and I enjoy it. I offer my ship for public groups so we have a better experience and it allows others to build themselves up. Now, we will see trolls with no mods hopping in as pilots.
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