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  1. You can fix it by equipping each primary kitgun, entering Plains of Eidolon, and returning to Cetus. Takes about 5 min.
  2. How do you have 700 hours and not hit MR 15? Getting to 15 is a joke,
  3. I still need Endo, personally. My experience with Steel Path is that people are already just soloing or clanning it. Also, half the time anyone did join a mission, they leeched.
  4. I solo'd almost the entire Steel Path. It is boring. The rewards bite for doing more difficult content. They should have increased Endo drops/rewards at a minimum.
  5. Completed entire Steel Path and earned total of 66.
  6. Warframe is a looter shooter. The entire game revolves around killing things and taking their stuff.
  7. Tha Glaxion dropped on Baro several months later.
  8. You can play the Steel Path then where Revenant shines. The nukes frames like Saryn and Mesa are terrible choices for it.
  9. Is this more of an argument to kill fun? Saryn's and Mesa's are almost useless on the Steel Path so you are really only complaining about Star Chart power. Why kill that fun?
  10. Honestly, I am MR29. I have most everything in the game but I still need endo, formsas, umbra formas, legendary cores etc. The Steel Path offers nothing of what I need in the game outside of a few decos. The essence drop rate is a joke and there is nothing worth it on the vendor. It is better to run normal mode for just about anything I still need in the game. In another week, Steel Path will be dead outside of a handful of people who "want a challenge." You will not get people playing it after the rest of the base drops it so it will be a dead mode.
  11. They could have increased Endo drop rate, maybe chance of umbra forma dropping, and then a legendary core etc for completing planets, bosses, or just for completing the entire thing. Loot tables would have taken them 5 minutes to adjust.
  12. Steel Path is complete. There is not even a reward for completing the whole thing outside of the planetary rewards.
  13. Then it would help if DE solved the problem of patchy gear etc.
  14. Sorry, no. They released content that it not fun to play. They can make it more fun by making it worthwhile to run. You have your opinion and that it fine but shutting down discussion because you do not like the topic is not cool.
  15. Ok, maybe not "forced" but they still released a mode that is just not fun to play. It is fun to get rewarded for playing higher level content. It is not fun to just grind out a node for 6k credits. They fact that you cannot find groups makes it even more not fun. The few who run it will be done in 1-2 weeks and you'll never see groups again outside of "maybe" large clans. It is more fun with groups. Also, half the time when you do get someone to join you, it is a leech. People load in an wait for you to solo the node and do nothing.
  16. The steel path is dead. It is rare, at best, to find groups for it. It's cool that I have found that I can solo the content as I was never that confident in my abilities in the past; however, it is decidedly not fun to slog though all the old content for terrible rewards. Steel Essences barely drop and base planet rewards are a joke. They could have increased the Endo levels at the very least. Overall, the Steel Path is terrible. I plan to finish it and never go back. It is not worth it. I left SWTOR because they forced you to grind the old content over and over again but at lea
  17. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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