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  1. x2yt

    Warframe Poster

    Some entry level photoshop, "just captura things" and like 5 gallons of black tea.
  2. Warframe Poster - some entry level Photoshop combined with Captura gameplay, buckets of black tea and 8 hours of PC lag.
  3. I've recently started dabbing into Captura again, and while the new tools are really cool and its possible to create some truly amazing masterpieces, there are few features that IMO would enhance captura expeirence. Basically, these are the ideas that would solve some limitations I've ran into during my captura adventures: 1. Allow knockdown. I do realize keeping Tenno spirits high and dominating is important, but it would be cool if enemies could knockdown said tenno. I constantly found myself annoyed because I couldn't get my frame into position I needed. Being knockdown-able would solve quite few of these problems, and possibly introduce more freedom for captura masters out there. who'd be able to craft some cool scenes of tenno heroic acts and such. BUT, knockdown should have toggle switch, maybe in captura settings. So we wouldn't get knockdowned every time we tried to line up a good shot. 2. Action Pose This is somewhat of an extension to first point, but with steroids. IF pure knockdown isn't possible (maybe Ordis wouldn't allow tenno to show weakness), it would be great to have an option to select action pose for warframe, much like we have with articula. It would save extreme amounts of time many of us if we could just go straight to desired pose, instead of having to slow down time, maneuver warframe in the air etc. just to line up that perfect position. 3. Eidolon in PoE Last point, please add Teralyst and his drinking buddies to PoE. It would be excruciatingly cool to be able to take few captura shots with eidolon bosses, maybe even incorporate them into some kind of a badass scene.
  4. Got efficiency/str/range build, literally just finished onslaught with quake banshee, 22k focus. After fix its simply less spammable, and gotta use operator bit more often, but its def not entirely broken. Yet.
  5. Yeah, new banshee is a total cookie, but still doable.
  6. There's a weird but on corpus/grineer tilets in easy onslaught, when you switch to your operator he moves extremely slowly, as if you have cold proc, even if you dont. It doesn't seem to happen on infested tilesets for some reason, but its extremely annoying in corpus/grineer ones, if you need to restore energy and such.
  7. @a_fish.Quake Banshee > easy onslaught > 8 waves > ~ 25k-35k focus with regular lense. Not sure how that is small, basically capped out my daily focus cap in few hours just grinding for Khora BP>
  8. @[DE]Aidan Is locked GPU particles a bug, or is it maybe AMD GPU specific issue? Any ideas on that?
  9. Can't change the amount of GPU Particles. Fix please?
  10. Some late night entry level photoshop.
  11. Ivara's Prowl is being cancelled by shift again, can't roll anymore. Fix it please.
  12. x2yt

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.1