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  1. Basically what the title says, its maximized, sort of "speedrun",guide on dropship kills challenge.
  2. Yeah, it is an actual riven. Quite rare out, but it happens. As far as I know kills on dropship is the only riven challenge type that can have this modifier.
  3. Basically, I got challenged to do the allegedly "unsoloable" riven in solo mode. This is the result:
  4. This is a guide on how to do aim glide headshot riven challenges now that jupiter vents have been nerfed and Limbo's stasis doesn't stop bullets mid-flight anymore. Keep in mind, it requires scourge.
  5. After this very last hotfix I'm unable to equp mods. I can unequip already equipped mods, but can't equip them again on weapons, frames or sentinels.
  6. x2yt

    Dargy Riven Challenge Bug

    Kill dargyns or dargyn pilots? Cuz dargyn challenge itself is fine, its the pilot one thats hard to do
  7. Just a quick guide on how to easily and quickly kill enemies on dropships, without having to lurk in PoE for hours waiting for one to spawn. Yeah, shameless self promotion, waka waka.
  8. x2yt

    any way to make ember work in ESO?

    Yeah, there's a way to make her work, take ember and ask the other 3 people to be Saryn, Rhino and Banshee.
  9. x2yt

    Dargy Riven Challenge Bug

    Yeah, but it wasn't like that before. It must be recent addition, as previously destruction of dargyn would either never kill pilot outright, or it would kill him so rarely I've never encountered such occasion, as I did plenty of these rivens before with mesa and peacemaker, successfully every single time.
  10. Not sure if it matters. I mean, it never mattered before, at least stuff with peacemaker and mesa worker always with no shenanigans about facing, why'd it matter now? Also, based purely on observation while doing 8 of those rivens, I doubt it matters anyway.
  11. My Internet isn't pedal powered, so that's that.
  12. "Drysucky" "Mancubus" "Bloody sucky" "Suck you dry Prime" "Dracul Prime" "Dracula Untold Umbra" "Dark Universe Cinematic Universe Prime" "The Fallen" cuz the concept art looks exactly like The Fallen from Transformers. "Davey Bones" "Plasma Tentacle Monster" "Pedostsche Prime" "Mario Moustachio"
  13. It's not hard, but it's bugged for like 2 patches now, hence why it's so annoying. 95% of stuff that worked before now doesn't work, until they patch that shet.
  14. I feel the need to remind that its still work in progress and highly likely to change. You should probably wait till his release to be concerned whether or not he fits the lore.
  15. Thats extremely weird, 3 people (me included) spent good 2 hours trying to complete said challenge with mesa.