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  1. The official (Canadian) support does not have a greater desire to consider what is happening in our gaming region. But everyone has similar problems ... Therefore, I do not know how they will react to this ( I mean screenshots containing Russian speech. ) .
  2. Yes. In such situations, I always take screenshots (and now I also did it. But I did not know where to turn, especially because I am Russian)
  3. I don’t know how effective the built-in reporting system in the game is. I would like to know where I should write in order for the player to be punished for his actions. The reason is this: About 30 minutes ago I stood at the Elite Onslaught. Limbo joined the squad. I asked why he took limbo and what he will do here. Instead of an answer, he began to hinder the struggle with the help of his abilities. At the request of another player to stop this, he responded with insults. Following a short conversation, he directly threatened me and another player with hacking accounts, selling things and selling the account itself. After that, I and the other player left the lobby. The problem of afk players who deliberately prevent other players from completing missions, or cause host migrations after defeating the Eidolons/ Profit-Taker Orb, depriving them of rewards is one thing. Threats to hack into your account is another. Therefore, I want to know where to report this (regardless of which country I am, or what my nationality is)
  4. Still no fix for Valkyrie augment "Hysterical Assault" ? I pressed all the buttons, which is possible ( and returned to the default settings), but still can not jump. Fixes after the global update are much more important, but please do not forget to fix this augment.
  5. Where is the fix for players who are thrown out of the game during login?( I do not have this error. I'm talking about many other players) This error has existed since July 2018. Half a year!!! And you do nothing to fix it. People want to play.
  6. I was busy and completely forgot to say - if you put in the Penta mod Tether Grenades, the color of the grenade will become static blue, and even if you remove the mod - the color of the grenade cannot be changed. It will be possible to change only the color of the explosion.
  7. @[DE]Megan PoV have better optimization than PoE? Or worse? And PoV is bigger than PoE?
  8. Everyone who writes "Login failed" now: update size 3 GB. It was loaded 2 hours ago. And it is downloaded by thousands of people. The load on the server is huge. Have a mind / logic and patience to understand that.
  9. A huge number of fixes (I hope really fixes. And not just written). But one fix is missing here. Simulor. Or rather the sound "ammo ends." I do not remember when I wrote about it. Maybe in the spring. But this sound horror is still in the game. When Simulor runs out of ammunition - Simulor makes a sound, from which my nervous system automatically changes to the state "If he does not change the weapon, I will shove to him this simulor into one place...".
  10. DE, when the optimization will be return to the plains of eidolon? Fortune is approaching, but the PoE has 1-20 FPS and crashes on the lowest settings, as if they were introduced a month ago. People even addressed me several times with the question " Everything worked well. What should I do? Horrible lags." And I dont know what to say. P.S Thank you for the event. He's interesting.
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