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  1. Just finished reading patchnote. I want to say right away - please remove the opportunity to get Kuva from "Defeat at the Hand of Lich" I will explain what the problem is. When was added the ability to get a murmur, if Lich kills you, there were a lot of unpleasant moments. I decided again to hunt for Lich (after introducing the described opportunity), and I had to throw several players into the block, because they COMMANDED me to die at the hands of Lich (thereby making him stronger before I want it), for their benefit. I calmly refused to do this. For this, a mass of insults from them rained down on me. "You are such a * censorship * * censorship * * censorship *, remove Warframe! * Censorship ** censorship *". Etc. And there were several such cases. I do not care about these people (thanks to the endless block), but the fact remains - they insult the players for the simple refusal to do as they "commanded", for their own benefit. Such activity leads to undesirable results. Therefore, I ask you to remove the possibility of "die for the profit of others."
  2. Errors that I found (at the moment): Lich allows you to go through the same mission in the occupied territory twice, thrice, etc. If the defense mission is in the occupied territory: if you are not a host and Lich has come to you, then he can create a bug due to which the mobs will stop appearing and the defense will not be possible to complete. The same thing will happen if the current host leaves the lobby by creating a migration. (even if you kill Lich or he kill you, mobs will not appear anyway) If Lich is executed, he still comes to help you on missions. (This is one of the most talked about bugs in the chat) Sometimes Lich for a long time does not capture a new territory, after the complete liberation of the former, or if 1-2 uncompleted missions remain on the former A Lich may stop attacking for a while if he meets the wall of Gara from 4th ability Thrall finishing animation sometimes doesn't work, but Murmur is received anyway Sometimes Kuva Flood does not give a relic After the update, were noticed very strong FPS drops after returning from the mission. Lich uses more abilities than he has. Here I can provide screenshots. In addition to these abilities, he also activated Loki's Invisibility and used it in combination with his 3rd ability. Also (judging by the sounds that cannot be confused with anything), he tried to use the 2nd ability of Mags, but either it did not work or Lich could not hit me with this ability. https://yadi.sk/i/SDbOUscpgCOq2A https://yadi.sk/i/6nXpnW-kph3fwA https://yadi.sk/i/E13suxHutDmdzg https://yadi.sk/i/Ecv4w4rK-mLf1g
  3. I spent about 1.5 hours reading all this and mentally analyzing it. For now, I can say one thing: Thank you. Tenno hungry, and they received a portion of the content. You have done a great job (and as far as I know, you will have even more work). Of course, I will be angry because of upcoming bugs, errors, etc. But I am always angry, and this does not prevent me from thinking sensibly, so, for now - just thank you. P.S I still can’t find a free program and so that it does not critically eat up the resources of my PC in order to record video with errors, etc. My pc is very very weak.
  4. Thank you so much for these improvements to Gauss. I have been waiting for them from the first day of the introduction of Gauss. I don’t know if my words influenced this somehow, but I’m glad that these improvements were made for Mag brother, i believed that a compromise would be found.
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