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  1. For a moment I will forget about all my hatred of the current problems in the game, and I admit that the Deluxe Mirage, although it looks like a jester, is quite a "Khm"exy jester.
  2. Is there a chance that these mistakes will be corrected by the next millennium? Crewships do not appear regularly, as a result of which it is impossible to complete the task "Destroy Crewships" (waiting for 30 minutes is useless). The transition from mission to mission (inside Proxim, not inside missions) is completely broken. Every time it is a lottery "Will it work or not?" If it works, you can complete a new task. If not - "Goodbye rewards and wasted time" including the previous mission, because the main objective does not appear (but all Additional and abandoned ships appear),
  3. Goodbye Avionica, i will miss your beauty .. (whiners and haters hell awaits you). Minus 100,500 karma points for this change. Huge respect for the Mercenaries. Lichs finally have a use in battle (Even though they are stupid and still inflict damage to me without the effect of radiation. "Hello, pillar of fire from the Lich"). Bye to loneliness. It remains to teach pets to be smart and completely independent on missions. To reduce traversal time between stations aka "We destroy the authenticity and design of the ship for the sake of fools". (Please note "fools" and not noobs. Noob is simp
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