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  1. I would take the hint if the chat block was only in this region and only for a few minutes/hour. Like "Here. You MUST say" Hello "in the language of the region". But 7 days in whole Regions? Heh. I don't think so. This is already open *acism and disrespect for your neighbors. In addition, I have never seen people banned in the Russian region for speaking another language.
  2. 1) Is this your business? 2) Am I forbidden to enter the country and greet it in my language? Do you want to forbid me or someone else? Try it.
  3. I think this is a normal reaction to such an unfair absurdity. Dont you? The difference between the situations is that the game has 7 days of blocking for a greeting in another language. and on the street - a nose and a prison, for the same reason. With such a policy, then "Why not?" UPD: Also I do not see anything "Safeguarding" in such measures. This is *acism.
  4. 7 days for wrong language without any bad words?? mmmmmm. nice job DE. So, if I meet a DE worker on the street, he will be Canadian, but I say hello to him in French - he has the right to break my nose and send me to jail? charmingly
  5. An hour ago I wrote in the Spanish region "Hello, how are you?" in Russian. Now I have completely blocked the entire chat, in all regions. 1) What the hell? 2) How long will it last?
  6. I don't know. She even don't want to speak with me, she is very upset
  7. Is it possible somehow to intercede for a person? Appeal against his / her block? I found out that my friend got a block. From what I learned, she received warnings in the mail about reports about "Griefing". But I have repeatedly seen with my own eyes how she was insulted for using the spectre on the Survival mod, for example. The players threw a ton of curses at her. Or when she used Trinity and Zaw to deal the most damage to Eidolon and save the decoys. (There are a lot of examples, I don't even know about half of them, because it is unpleasant for her to tell about it) She is insulted by
  8. "Therefore, we will add a 29 GB file DirectX9 to the Cache folder. And at the same time we will break your hard drives with our super-duper disk space optimization, which you will do manually. And of course, for all your problems, only you are responsible, and only you are to blame. " Excellent marketing.
  9. Meanwhile 46 GB Warframe: "Hello? It's me. Help the players with this problem . I cannot do it by myself."
  10. Perhaps this may help somehow. I tried to do Defragment and Optimize through another program. At first I thought I did it. All red clusters - Warframe files. But then I realized that it didn't work. But this time I decided to look at a more detailed report. It looks like the problem is with those two files. The inscription in the green square writes about the same error as the launcher - "Not enough space" (But I think many people know that 22 GB or less are not needed for Defragmentation, Compression and Optimization. These functions work with the files that they ha
  11. Welcome to the club. They destroyed one of my hard drives when Plain of Eidolon was released. They still do not want to be held responsible for such an action.
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