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  1. Hmmmm.......How about "Holy sh*t, we remembered we had a terrible network system for many years! How many errors and inconveniences. We urgently need to buy powerful servers. (Oh, I know that you can afford them. And Im not the only one who know that). We need to remove this nasty system "player - host" with its terrible migrations, which caused and still cause our players so much pain, transfer all this hosting-load to our servers and add the console command Disconnect (Both during loading on a mission and before and when everyone has already arrived.)." Nah? Didn't such thoughts come to
  2. Worst Year (2020) - Worst Night Wave (Glassmaker) - Worst Event (Orphix Venom). Hmm. There is something logical in this...
  3. It's nice that they didn't forget about us. But what about "Damn, they are getting so few energy cells from the event. We need to give them more." ?
  4. @[DE]Megan Here are some tangible points to discuss. Judging by the screenshot, Undazoa looks like the development team didn't want to make normal textures for her ("Hi Phorid"). I'm serious. Despite the fact that the Affinity radius for Nekramechs has been increased, the problem with a very long and unpleasant "experience gain" for them remains. We are grateful for the interesting new Infested weapon, but we are still waiting for a second breath for Hema, in the form of an augment. Special thanks for the glaive update. 100% chance of toxin fr
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