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  1. I don't know if this is an in game bug or just the way the game works. This has been a problem for over 3 years now since relics came out to the game. I'm sure that everyone has done relic missions. If you have than you've ran into this problem. The problem mainly happens in survival missions and defence missions. The game need a to drop more reactant to open a relic. This is the problem. Sometimes I will join a mission and they will be on wave 3 or 3 minutes in a survival and I will need to wait for the next rotation of relics to open it because the game doesn't drop enough reactant in time. My opinion to this solution would be drop more reactant to players that join late, or don't put players into games almost done. Do to the fact that they will not get the reward everyone gets with the first relic opened. Just wanted to bring this out, might be a bit lengthy but I'm sure we've all had this problem.
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