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  1. I've heard that smeeta won't give instant reload buff if you have no reloadable weapons equipped. Still got it with only whip equipped.
  2. We need a way to experiment with focus tree skills i.e. de-level or completely unlearn skills and get spent focus back. Just to make it clear: Unairu Wisp costs about 800-900k focus points. That's 4 days of grinding for only one skill (not counting capacity allocation and prerequisites). Then it appears that this skill is nearly useless (because of manual "chameleon" wisp pickups). Now I have 4 days absolutely wasted. Focus 2.0 is great in terms of variety of combos it offers, but skills are expensive as hell and without a way to redeem wasted focus back players will be quickly burned out
  3. Unable to trade intact cores for quill standings. Exceptional work ok.
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