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  1. As someone who's into fashionframe, I really like new End of Mission screen as a way to appreciate the look of other frames and showcase my own as there is very little time for it in midst of battle. Nevertheless, there could be an expand option, that would fill whole screen with grid and use diorama as background (should provide enough space for twice as many items). A small icon to distinguish special rewards, like catche and end of mission drops would be quite handy. When it comes to Relics, leaving just the type (A5, N1, etc.) for a forced label might be a nifty trick, since era is easily distinguishable by icon.
  2. Keep in mind that Dry Dock has 3 entrances - instead of wasting a lot of resources on all those corridors just go straight forward and attach Observatory to one of side doors.
  3. I'm completely aware that this had been brought countless times already, however, I would like to propose a bit more complex solution to this problem. Let's take a look: Supported Syndicate would be selected not by equipping a Sigil but by choosing a proper option Syndicate screen via "Support" button (left side). This would be further indicated by an icon above chosen Syndicate on main screen (right side). This doesn't mean that Sigils would become purely cosmetic: Standing bonus they provide would become smaller but cumulative - total Standing bonus for chosen Syndicate would be equal to sum of bonuses from all corresponding Sigils owned by player. Total bonus is displayed as a percentage number on both screens. Exact values could look something like this: Example: two R1, one R3 and one R4 Sigils would provide 9% Standing bonus (2x2 + 1x2 + 1x3) regardless of currently equipped Sigil. Full set of Sigils would provide a whooping 25% bonus. Currently players are not only forced to use Sigil from chosen Syndicate but, to maintain maximum possible efficiency, to use the one with highest bonus. Above changes would allow players to use any Sigil while somehow retaining their function. It would also encourage players to collect all possible Sigils to maximize Standing bonus.
  4. This at very least. What we really deserve is a filter menu with multiple setting, similar to Mod menu, that should include settings as: - hide mastered - hide unowned (default off; unlocked at MR10 - it can be beneficial to show new players plethora of available weapons and frames but after that it only clutters the menu) - display favourite first (with the ability to set individual items as favourite from Inventory menu; additionally, favourite items would be hidden is Trade menus and locked for sell from Inventory) - show hidden (default off; with the ability to set individual items as hidden from Inventory menu)
  5. I can't help but to notice some inconsistency regarding Exalted Weapons and it's skins, deluxe skins to be precise. Every one so far: Iron Staff Samadhi, Dex Pixa and Diwata Hawkmoth, Regulators Presidio - can be freely selected. However, when it comes to Excalibur Zato, the appearance of Exalted Blade is tied to the skin itself and cannot be changed. Not sure if this is an actual bug, simple oversight or deliberate action. While at it, with Exlated weapons skins a thing, it would be awesome to bring classic "blade of pure energy" look as a skin (personally, I'm eager to pay some fat plat for it). Also, it would be quite interesting to be able to use Dryad skin (Oberon Feyarch Deluxe) on Artemis Bow.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Personally I use Vauban: CC whole squad with Vortex and toss Flechette Orb - they are so OP right now that even in Veil Proxima they can shred whole group in mere seconds. Bonus points for being an engineer by design.
  7. CHAMBER (1 DOOR/DEAD END) CAPACITY: 5, ENERGY: 5 This is most likely my OCD speaking but I would kill for a small room, similar to Dueling Room, only without platform in the middle and barriers at sides, just to fill some holes in Dojo layout. Would be perfect for some small-scale projects or personal quarters. ADVANCED REACTOR (1 DOOR/DEAD END) CAPACITY: 10, ENERGY: 75 Roughly the size of large Garden, this room would allow to save some Room Capacity at the cost of it's size. Would require large amount of some sophisticated fuel, like Diluted Thermia, Hexenon, Gallos Rods, Aucrux Capacitors etc. (Thermia/Hexenon/Gallos/Aucrux Reactor). SYNDICATE ENCLAVE (1 DOOR/DEAD END) CAPACITY: 2, ENERGY:5 This might be somehow wild idea but with operatives from all Faction Syndicates helping with Dry Dock, this feels only natural. Could substitute Fraction Leader with some kind of comm device for sake of immersion. Would require Syndicate Medallions as component.
  8. If there's only somebody more trustworthy and competent in this matter. Oh yeah, right...
  9. Make universal Blink drop all enemy target locks (I'm pretty sure it does not). We're warping through space - what kind of missile can follow that?
  10. Sentient Anomaly od marely a teaser of New War. I can imagine it will be much easier to obtain on future. That being said, double posting od against forum rules - you're asking for a ban.
  11. Those who can't adapt - disappear. On more serious note though, what was so appealing in Channelling anyway?
  12. I can feel your pain, had to trash one of best decorated rooms to fit that whale-sized Dry Dock. If nothing else, we could use tree basic tools: 1) An ability to "store" a room with all it's glorious decorations (it's just a bunch of vectors after all) instead of destroying it, for later "rebuild" in suitable place. Give the storage a cap if you must, give store (be it twice the time of deconstruct, for the sake of it) and rebuild (even if it had to be full 24 h) proper time gates - it's still better then starting from square one. 2) An ability to rotate an existing room (this would most likely require decoration wipe). 3) An ability to replace an existing room with different room of roughly same size/shape without the need to delete connected rooms (for example: replace cross junction with small garden; this would surely require decoration wipe).
  13. First and foremost, Scrap menu is in desperate need of upgrade. Here it is compared to Upgrade/Install menu: There is no information about max possible rank nor manufacturer House. In Upgrade/Install menu there is also a subtle distinguish in icon colour for some Avionics that is lacking in Scrap menu. That being said, Avionics could use colour-coding for different Houses. Installed Avionics should be hidden in Scrap menu or at least marked properly. Personally I have nothing against House system, it adds a bit flavour.
  14. Wouldn't bother me that much if Cy wouldn't be advertised as "a no-nonsense Cephalon who values mission protocol above everything" (Rising Tide news post). This. So much this. Everything at a single glance and Cy can keep his (sometimes plain silly) flair. Also, Ramsleds could use an unique indicator similar to Crew Ships.
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