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  1. Considering that items in gear selection menu are sorted alphabetically it would would be quite handy to change naming pattern to "[item type]: [item name]" i.e.: - Apothic: Sunrise - Bait: Norg - Dragon Key: Hobbled - Echo-lure: Bolarola - Fishing Spear: Peram - Launcher: Archwing (although I would rather rename "Launchers" to "Deployers" to keep them next to Archgun Deployer) - Nosam Cutter: Advanced - Scanner: Synthesis - Specter: Phase This would gather similar items in groups, thus making navigation much easier.
  2. (credits: u/ZacharyLaw) This is bit outdated, considering Fortuna parts, although for PoE X-2-3 (or 2-2-3 to be precise) offers highets damage (especially with Virtuoso Fury). However, get rid of Mote Amp as soon as you master it as anything is far superior (I've been good with 2-1-2 for quite a while)
  3. Two out of four colour channels does absolutely nothing, while a large part of models can't be changed from default white:
  4. xGryphus

    PoE Animal Conservation make sense

    First of all: source? (I've been living under rock for past week). I sincerely hope that PoE conservation will use Master Taesonai as an NPC. I can only wonder what kind of creatures influence of Eidolons and Infestation could breed.
  5. xGryphus

    Mining Cutters Suggestion

    Occam's razor - why carry two separate tools that essentiality same job? Although at this point it could be quite fine to separate PoE and Vallis mining completely, this would be problematic in the long run considering that each and every new Landscape will potential introduce new, separate tool. Also, I would rather see mining as an activity shared between all Landscapes rather then separate experience for each place. Different cutters would serve purely aesthetic function while Widgets would dictate overall progress. This would not only be more intuitive but also would improve immersion and help tight the world together.
  6. xGryphus

    Mining Cutters Suggestion

    This would require you to carry two different items in gear wheel and put an artificial wall between mining experience on PoE and Vallis (as well as any upcoming Landscape if you follow this route). My point is to create one simple progression patch, no matter where you start your mining experience. Technically, Focused and Advanced cutters would be converted into corresponding Widgets so anyone who own those would automatically get Widgets while old modes would be utilized to visually enhance Nosam Cutter (depending on amount of installed Widgets).
  7. xGryphus

    Mining Cutters Suggestion

    Here's a quick comparison of available mining cutters: We can all clearly see that Sunpoint Plasma Drill is far superior while being a lot more affordable then Focused and Advanced Nosam Cutter, making them absolutely redundant. What's even the point of having other cutters? My suggestion is to: 1) discard Focused and Advanced cutter 2) give Sunpoint Plasma Drill same stats as basic Nosam Cutter (keep it mainly for aesthetic purpouse) 3) create a set of mining Widgets that all cutters would utilize. Here's a visual representation of what I have in mind: Errata: basic cutters would have "Somewhat stable mining beam, But unstable while zoomed in". Above stats are just an example. This would reduce clutter in gear menu, somehow streamline mining progression and give an option to invest either, Ostron or SU standing. Furthermore, future open world would simply introduce additional Widget rather than brand new, even more powerful cutter.
  8. xGryphus

    Sugatra on secondary

    This is by all means purely cosmetic but I would love to be able to attach sugatra to grip of secondary weapon.
  9. A little suggestion from top of my head - I would throw into the reward pool an unique badge based on Blade&Gun logo: but with word "Champion" in place of "Challenge".
  10. xGryphus

    Update 14: The Mad Cephalon

    The size of this patch notes... Now do all of yourselves a favour and go to bed - you deserve it.
  11. xGryphus

    New Contest: Warframe Doppelganger!

    Loki in Akatsuki robe:
  12. Although it's not even a small part of upcoming features it's surely is beautiful and awe-inspiring - can't wait for live release. I hope that dojo UI will also get some love - it desperately needs it. Structure (room/decoration) selection is cluttered and barely readable - some categories would be much appreciated while research menu would surely benefit from classic research tree layout.
  13. xGryphus

    Thank You For Watching Devstream #29!

    So since we're going to have our own ships, can we expect starship battles in future?
  14. xGryphus

    Enemies Of The Tenno: Grineer Submissions

    Name Suggestion: Grineer Dropship Behavior: Grineer Dropship is a small airship that initially hovers over battlefield, using it's main gun for attack. Unless destroyed, after a while it will find safe landing zone. Attacks: while in air, dropship will utilize attack similar to Orbital Strike Drone - target area is first marked and, after a brief moment, bombarded. After landing, dropship will periodically release a group of Grineer units (licentia poetica) and utilize axillary guns and arc traps mounted on hull for selfdefence. Possibly, it can also boost morale of Grinner units, similar to Regulators. Environment restrictions: outdoor areas; preferably endless defence, interception and survival type missions. (Optional) Art or Reference Images: Image belongs to it's respective owner.
  15. xGryphus

    Warframe Ability Changes

    Neat. Love changes to Trinity - no more I-WIN button, adds skill as an actual factor. Toggled are great addition - new resource mechanics will bring some additional diversity between warframes. Also: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu confirmed.