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  1. I'm a bit disappointed that Intermission doesn't include Nighwave equivalent of Saturn Six Ornament.
  2. Pretty sure it's based on Harries technique:
  3. We can assume that Umbra reawaken after events of The Second Dream, in other words after reemergence of Lua, so perhaps it's some kind on conduit for Void energy?
  4. Thanks, second one went straight to the clan's Hall of Fame.
  5. In general, Nightwave is a solid system. I really appreciate how it encourages players to experience the game to the fullest although it could use a bit more freedom of choice: it would be nice to have a pool (say 10 or 12) of Weekly Acts to choose from. After completing 7, the rest would be discarded. This way we would be able to, at least to some degree, tune progress patch to personal preferences. When it comes to Elite Weekly Acts, I find them perfectly doable, at least for veterans. This is where my biggest concern comes: with 35% of weekly Standing income consisting solely of Elite Weekly Acts, the whole Nightwave is extremely heavy weighted towards them. This is especially unfair for new players. I would rather see Elite Weekly Acts as a sweet bonus for veteran players (allowing to quicker progress through Nightwave ranks) and a catch up mechanic for those who need it. Last but not least: Wolf Cred. Rewards they unlock suppose to appeal to new players the most but at the same time they are heavy locked behind Nightwave ranks. We could use a reliable way to grind for them.
  6. Will we be able to colour helmets separately, the way we do with Syandanas?
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