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  1. Didn't know you couldn't acquire Vox Solaris Rank Up items during an update. Which leads to a fun "You must pick an item before exiting" to "Update available can not buy" loop. Good stuff.
  2. Still crashes when reeling in fish, of course resulting in you loosing all caught fish, used bait, dye.
  3. Hot-spots in caves appear to be disproportionately rare, and there is an issue in some caves where you can not catch fish. They do not even get highlighted with a name, and health bar when aiming at them. Presumably for the same reason as something that has already been fixed in an earlier hotfix: textures.
  4. First time encountering issues like these. The launcher checks for new content, gets up to 3778.1 MB while displaying a download speed, which from then on diminishes, down to 0. The content size from then on stays stagnant, until the launcher exclaims: "Update failed! Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers. The update will be restarted shortly.." The update does not restart. I have so far tried taking a break, although I feel as though an hour is beyond a normal break. Nothing is crashing. I cleared IE's temporary files, it can connect to the warframe webpage. Nothing is set to work offline, there are no proxies, HTTP 1.1 is enabled, and my clock is up to date.
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