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    Servofish bait question

    I prefer having infinite BluePrints sinking all those useless resources (as soon as you've built your Moas/Kitguns, you'll start stockpiling them without limit), rather than something you buy with Standing...
  2. Chewarette

    Some fortuna squad multipliers are discouraging

    I think the only Excavators problem is the initial spawnrate, especially in the beginning when you have to wait for hours before the battery guy decides to spawn. After that, if you manage your excavators correctly, the length should not be a problem. There are definitely a lot more units in 4-man-squads than in Solo mode. And Credits, as far as I know, are generated for all players. If one enemy drops 100 credits, all 4 members will get 100 credits each, so that makes sense the goal is 4 times higher. Regarding Moa/Ospreys, I always had a lot more problems with 2-man-squads than 4-man-squads. Especially Ospreys.
  3. Chewarette

    My feedback on venus enemies

    Oh wait, an open world on the second planet of the starchart is not instantly scaling to level 200 ? Astonishing indeed
  4. Chewarette

    Yet Another Volt Speed Post

    I don't think they'll ever add a function to become immune to one Warframe's spell. The only solution is for you to avoid the said Warframe, if you really can't stand playing with a Volt around.
  5. Chewarette

    Delet useless profils

    I think that's already what they're doing, no idea whether they apply this or not though
  6. Chewarette

    Improvements on the Chat suspension system

    If you don't know what got you banned, you sure deserved it. And your conspiracy comments ("form of censorship", "this thread will be locked soon") won't help at all. Edit: And you know what is good about the automatic bot kicking people ? There are no "false positive". It detects forbidden words and punish you for that. Forbidden words are forbidden, breaking news, writing them will grant you a ban/restriction.
  7. Chewarette

    Companion Affinity

    Yeah, that's especially painful to level an ungilded Moa, as you can't put a Reactor on it, it is entirely useless until it reaches lvl 30 and gets chainkilled by every random lvl 20 enemy.
  8. There are a few areas, initially under Corpus control, that you can take over for the bounty guy to spawn there. It's not "automatic" at the end of a bounty.
  9. Chewarette

    Weather In orb valis

    It's the night/day equivalent of the Plains/Cetus, as Venus cannot be realistically put on a day/night cycle. :P For the moment it just impacts Fishing. I think it won't impact the Spider though, as the cycles seem way too short, especially the Warm weather which seems to last like 5 minutes
  10. Invitations envoyées à Eimwe, linkicecool et TheFugazix ! Welcome!
  11. Chewarette

    Good job DE on the high level wanted level.

    Skilled. Or bring the good compo Weapons/Warframes. I went as Mag Lanka and that sucks entirely. Most of the mobs are somehow immune to her augments (even out of bubbles), some mobs seem to drain your ammunitions (went out of ammo for my Detron even if I didn't use it at all), bubbles are just annoying and will never be a "challenge". Spiders are great though, and guess what, they don't need nullifier bubbles for that.
  12. Chewarette

    Good job DE on the high level wanted level.

    So much fun, Bubbles everywhere, wow. That's just too restricted to the meta. A lot of frames are just plain useless in these situations.
  13. Chewarette

    DNA stabilizers, Loyality and Stasis

    DNA stabilization is not really a chore though, this doesn't cost anything anyway. Regarding the "petting them" part, I don't know, my Kavat never went below 100%, even when it got chainkilled back in the days when I forgot to change its build every time. And Stasis is automatic with the Enhanced incubator anyway. The only thing that is (was?) boring is when you want to have one out of the freezer. Was 30 minutes of waiting back in the days, but as I never put my Kavat into Stasis since like 1 year+, I'm not even sure that's still functioning this way.
  14. Chewarette


    I don't know, I kinda enjoy having a glimpse of other clans' dojos
  15. Chewarette

    Operator content: feedback and discussion

    I still prefer the old Operators. When they were just children, imbued with Void powers but not mastering them, manifesting it through bursts of raw power, rather than the invulnerable nightmare they are today. The more powerful they are, the less Warframes make sense. OT, what I think they should do is modify the Beam/Amps depending on the Focus School you're using. Using your Amp while Vazarin is activated should be able to heal allies, for example. Channeling your primary fire in Naramon could stun the ennemies and open them to Finisher damage for your Allies.
  16. I've come back quite recently from an extended cryosleep, we did a 120-waves ODD (because why not), and the enemy scaling was very, very slow. Enemies were "stuck" at lvl 200-250 for a veeeery long time, we barely hit 2000 at the 120th wave. That seems to be not limited to Arbitrations.
  17. Chewarette

    Are Arbitration Mission Types Weighted towards Defence?

    There are 28 Defenses, 24 Survivals, 14 Interceptions, 8 Excavations. So I guess that makes sense. Even though I agree, Defenses seem to represent most of the Arbitrations (but that may be just a feeling).
  18. Chewarette

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    Cool, so this video is 100% what we will get ingame, so that's nice indeed, as it seems that all her spells are energy-free. Plus, +50% damage for half HP is not exactly "a small damage buff". It is insane actually. It may even be affected by Power Strength, which would be, actually, the best passive in the world. The only sure thing is, we don't anything about numbers until it is released and hotfixed/tuned (because it will be).
  19. Chewarette

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    Have you seen the numbers ?
  20. Chewarette

    Universal Fetch...

    It gives people the choice between a damage-oriented cat and a utility-oriented cat. There are some people who don't care about their pet looting stuff, they'll mod it to be offensive.
  21. Chewarette

    Fortuna bosses discussion

    Highly likely we have to destroy its legs first, that would make sense. Any with great accuracy, I'd say. Hitscan preferably, but after that, we need to know what are its specificity. If it has a nullifier bubble, your Opticor will fall flat, and maybe more conventional weapons will have their chance
  22. Chewarette

    Please don't repeat the same mistake

    Exactly, you don't need to farm it in the first 20 minutes.
  23. Chewarette

    Please don't repeat the same mistake

    Yeah, make everything in the game so that we can complete it in one hour and go back to the "waiting for update" state, that's how w'all enjoy Warframe
  24. Chewarette

    Fortuna: Live Now on PC!

    Yeah sure, they will put a lvl 80 area on a beginner's planet, totally makes sense
  25. That's probably a race of animals that was added quite late, because the one shown during the TennoCon Demo weighted 30.8kg