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    Nitain Alerts Suggestions

    They've always been 4 per day. Unlikely to change. They're the "patience resources" for Warframe, the only resource you can't really grind for, makes you target the Alerts and not miss any. Alerts being on higher level Planets is a non-issue, you can ask for a taxi or simply walk your way through the starchart, it actually gives you an incentive to do so. Keep being patient and if you're playing that much on a daily basis, you'll eventually have enough Nitain to craft whatever you want. PS: The only non-Prime Warframe requiring 5 Nitain is Ivara (if the Wikia is up-to-date) which you can't have if you haven't progressed much on the Starchart anyway.
  2. Chewarette

    Affinity Grinding

    The best way to level up Warframes is still to equip (at least) one powerful weapon, if the Warframe you intend to level is not an offensive one. You're better killing enemies yourselves (for 50% affinity) rather than leeching off your teammates (25% affinity to the warframe). What can boost the affinity gains is the Naramon focus tree, if you intend to do Melee kills.
  3. Chewarette

    Need fashion for my Nekros

    Go full black with red tints, that's awesome on Nekros. Don't have pictures right now though.
  4. Chewarette

    Which melee weapon for mag ?

    I like Ohma. I'm not Meleeing much, particularly with Mag, but I like the Electricity-Status on the Ohma's Slam Attack, plus great Spin damage to quickly eliminate a Nullifier (which are the biggest threat for Mag).
  5. It's not just a eHP problem. The problem with Fortuna (because it's here that it is the most noticeable) is that half of the units there are somehow immune to everything, for no reason. Mag would be amazing against the Profit Taker, if Terrans units could actually be disarmed / stunned by her 3/4. They can't, and as she can't really tank anything, yeah she'll die quickly enough. Some mobs seem to even not care about her Bubble. That's more a design philosophy problem. Caster Frames usually have some ways to survive without relying on HP/Armor/Heal and the likes. But as of today, this doesn't work (Terrans see through Stealth, can't be disarmed or stunned), so all that remains is... facetanking.
  6. Chewarette

    Rival to Warframe?

    From what we can read, it is the usual burnout. So, you're leaving a game you're not enjoying anymore for a game you hope to enjoy better. That's... nice for you, I hope you find what you wish, but that maybe didn't deserve this topic.
  7. Chewarette

    So about them Repeller Systems

    At one point they will take these off the Bounties Rewards and put them as any regular resource. I'm still hoping for Atmos on the Scytos Raknoids and Repellers on the Kyta Raknoids (and Gyromag we don't really care). The problem is also that you desperately need them for the ranking, but once you've crafted the 4 items that required them, they become pointless.
  8. Chewarette

    Ugliest Frame

    I'm sorry but you're not authorized to criticize Ivara. Atlas is number 1 forever
  9. You'll get an answer eventually. 2-3 weeks is the usual answer delay, but we're just out of the Holidays season so that will be increased.
  10. Chewarette

    Why PVP would benefit DE (not a rework conclave post)

    TL;DR, nobody cares about PvP on Warframe, thanks for letting this subject die.
  11. Chewarette

    Nyx Mind Control enemy AI still stinks

    So, you're complaining MC sucks because this guy can't aim / does nothing, and to fix it you propose to increase the damage it does ?
  12. Come on, they have like 2.000HP and they even have a marker.
  13. This. I'm perfectly fine with K-Drives existing, but so far, the only stuff awarding Mastery are offensive stuff. K-Drives are just here for doing skillz in two areas of this game, them giving Mastery is as dumb as if Framefighter, Flappy Zephyr or Wyrmius did. What's next ? Syandanas to be leveled/gilded to gain Mastery too ? I'm also on the "Boycott!" group, I won't grind nor level any of these. Maybe I'll consider if one day those bought with Plats actually reward Mastery, but until then, that's a nope. I'll just have to wait a few more weeks to have my 27.
  14. Chewarette

    Oberon for Eidolon

    Oberon is very good for pugs. Kinda fits a lot of roles, even though depending on the group you might struggle keeping Lures alive on the Gantulyst if there is no Trinity. The built shown by @KnossosTNC is very good, but you can find some room to fit Phoenix Renewal, as there are always some random deaths in PUGs.
  15. Chewarette

    Mesa build

    That's the kind of build I have. But you can lower down Fleeting Expertise by one rank to gain 10% duration without losing anything noticeable (Streamline can be down-ranked too).
  16. If you have the Group list on the right of your screen (enabled with Z (qwerty) / W (azerty) I think, or through the HUD options), the guy with the little "1" is the host.
  17. - In a PUG, always watch the host in between waves, and don't go if he doesn't. - I've never encountered ANYONE leaving after the Teralyst in a Tridolon hunt. Stop exaggerating. - Equinox Sleep on Sedna ? Wut ? Were you talking about Banshee focus farming maybe ?
  18. Chewarette

    The time has come. Primed Streamline

    They do, that's why they denied some times ago Primed Intensify would ever be a thing, and that's why they're now Priming "utility" mods over "straight power" mods. Because modding, in the end, always has to be about choices. A Primed Streamline/Intensify is not about a choice, it's pure powercreep with no counterpart and I'm glad they'll never exist.
  19. Chewarette

    Option to queue multiple items at a time in the foundry

    But you still have to check this every day. You can't launch 50 Forma today, hibernate, and come back in March 2019 to grind for blueprints again. The point is to keep you around. So yes, maybe not "logged in" ingame, but at least requiring you to do something (even if that's just you connecting on the app), that keeps your mind thinking about Warframe.
  20. Chewarette

    Duel wielding 2 hands swords

    I don't see that happening anytime soon. But I've always thought this would be a great addition as Atlas' passive. Would make sense.
  21. Chewarette

    Profit Taker Bounty 3 - reward timer delay?

    Unless Sabot Rounds is the reward you're looking for
  22. Chewarette

    List of GOTLs?

    GOTL = ? Edit: Ah, Guides.
  23. Chewarette

    This is horrible... I want my plat back.

    Tell us again why you don't simply try to reach the support instead of telling us ? Even though they'll probably never give you your platinum back. That was your choice to spend them, if you did that solely after reading a short description of the precept, that's your fault. That would be the same if you bought Ember believing her "World in Flame" would actually ignite the entire planet. Anyway, this issue is probably due to the poor pacing/AI of Moas, they suck, deal with it. And don't buy with any item that can be easily crafted ingame if you're so sensitive about any minor inconvenience. Because venting like that will get you nothing.
  24. Why on earth would I chose Zenurik when one Atterax spin can give me 50 energy, on demand ? All the other schools have something else to propose. If you put Energy everywhere, Zenurik becomes useless, because you'll never pick "Energy only" when you can have "Energy+Healing" or "Energy+Tanking". That's why that's better to simply buff other schools, but remaining within their strengthes. Better tanky passives for Unairu and so on.
  25. Heya guys, I'm creating this topic to discuss about the discrepancies between Fortuna's basic functionalities and the rest of the game. There are also other points which are not (directly or not at all) directed toward Fortuna, but I'll leave it there still. I have trouble understanding why some mechanics are so different from how it used to be everywhere else. I'm not a newcomer, but if I was, I for sure would be completely lost with several things. Arcanes : - Exodias and Quills Virtuos/Magus are "Buy the Blueprint, craft it"x10. You can chose to buy whatever quantity you want at once. - Pax and Vox Solaris Virtus/Magus are "Buy the Arcane directly"x10. You have to buy them one by one. We can now Fishing Baits : - Cetus' Fishing Baits are "Buy the infinite Blueprint, craft it anytime you need some". This was potentially boring due to some crafting materials (requiring other Baited species), but at least it gave an utility to Cetus' resources. - Fortuna's Fishing Baits are back to "Buy the Bait each time you need one". Resources : The two points above-mentioned have an impact on something: Once again, 80% of Fortuna's resources are utterly useless. Once you're done with Kitguns and Moas (7 items), everything else will forever be stockpiled to death, while at least in Cetus, you still have a lot of stuff to do with your resources. We already have a lot of useless resources in game (Hello Javlok Capacitors), but Fortuna ones seem to be a waste as it would be quite easy to add a crafting cost to literally anything. Edit: Forgot something: Cutscenes ! Why can you skip them via Escape everywhere, except on Fortuna where you have to left Click ? Crafting/Leveling : Did this game really need two different leveling mechanics ? 99% of this game's weapons are crafted through a 12-hour cycle, then you level this to 30, bam, over. The trend started back in Cetus and goes on with Fortuna : Moas, Amps, Kitguns, Zaws are crafted through a 1-hour (?) cycle, then assembled... And then you have one useless leveling part before Gilding it to actually be able to apply a Reactor/Catalyst, Arcane, earn Mastery Rank and even customize it. This is 100% tedious, and I feel like this whole system would be 10x more efficient if Zaws/Kitguns/Moas simply followed the original leveling scheme. Currently, that's a pain to level Moas, as you can't apply a Reactor at first, so they're basically either 1) Useless pieces of S#&$ you build for HP/Armor/Shield to avoid reviving them every 2 seconds or 2) utility Sentinels that dies every time they encounter any lvl 20 mob. This critic can also be expanded to the Paracesis as well, which comes with another "hidden" feature of Forma'ing it to gain 2 max levels each time up to a max of 40. I strongly suspect this will be applied to all weapons when we'll be closer to MR30 though... In my opinion, all the "basic" features of this game shall be the same everywhere, especially when they don't bring anything interesting to the game.