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  1. Unlikely they change that. Rule #1 when dealing with Extracting people in Arbitrations...
  2. Yeah Survival Arbitration are a bit painful with the nerfed Life Support drops. At this point I would prefer to have normal Life Support drops but have the enemies actively trying to destroy Life Support pods, so you could either be wandering around killing everyone as in normal survival, or protecting the pods if you prefer relying on them and have trouble killing enemies, dunno
  3. That's indeed still a problem, especially in Europe... In my opinion what could be done, is an interaction between the Warframe and the Excavator, maybe a 10-seconds channeling with a XX seconds cooldown which drains all your energy while transferring it to the Excavator to fuel it for a few %. Edit: And of course, cooldown shared by the whole squad to avoid easy farming with a full group.
  4. That kinda defeats the whole point
  5. 1- I don't want to play Wood Chopping Simulator. 2- He only creates mess on the battleground, either by using bright color and you can't see S#&$, or dark color and you can't see targets affected or not by his 3. Yes, Limbo is a nuisance since his rework which completely failed him. Sure he is overpowered now, but he's a nuisance. Thanks to his 3, especially.
  6. Remove the 100/100 altogether. This is a Sentient Invasion, this is New War incoming, this is not "oh wait we only have 100 ships to invade the Solar System lololol, let us craft a bit more please". We shouldn't have any minute left to rest. We should be 100% of the time under attack.
  7. You left ? You're screwed ! Best design ever. Only have to wait for update 27.3.150 to get that fixed
  8. Talking about a Solar System "invasion" when the enemy only has 100 ships to send and then we all go AFK for 3 hours. A real Sentient invasion should be 24/7 leaving no time to rest. But they probably have the same foundry as us, but they don't have so they can't accelerate crafts
  9. How do you get 5k credits in one mission ? Railjack ? I have done one Railjack mission til extraction but I didn't see the credits reward but I assume it was something like 1 or 2k. I'd like to understand the intricacies of that S#&$ but that seems awfully complex, anyone to enlighten me ?
  10. I'm playing Frost (Link protection + spam max ranged 4 for stunlock, very useful against Sentients) with a rivened Corrosive Lanka to one-shot Condrix phases and that's it. I have also made use of the new Pistol Augment to shoot Energy Orbs, that's actually useful when you're defending a fixed target.
  11. Doing 17 rounds on Earth (which is the arbitrary cap) will reward you with 2295 credits. And it goes faster with a squad as you can deploy 4x Squad Links Dunno about Railjack, that's buggy af. And no idea how the Event Scoring works, I have 13k credits but this S#&$ only shows an arbitrary 6k or so.
  12. There may be 20 squads doing Earth missions, if there are as many doing Railjack's, you may never get your codes. Great design.
  13. Just imagine if you had to actually stay ingame after doing your 3 Invasions missions until the Invasion finishes to actually get your reward Well, that's what DE thought was a great idea with Scarlet Spear. Scary, huh ?
  14. No, I'm dealing 100k hits with my Lanka, I don't think there is a limit. Exergis' case here is mostlikely due to damage fall-off
  15. Thanks, i have no bloody idea how this S#&$ works. I learned from this topic there are ranks ? Okay plus, we can’t just play one mission and leave ? We have to stay until 100/100 ? What a joke. As if you had to stay connected until invasion completion to get rewards rofl
  16. Who cares about the 1% who meta the #*!% out of it, let them get all the rewards in one day flat but stop screwing over players who just want to try out stuff and enjoy the content
  17. Mine are here, most are red-ish so don't bother reading that if you're anti-red 😄 Black & White Bro Classic Ember P White-ish Saryn Trinity Red & Black Bro Harrow Prime™ Harrow Deluxe Red&Black Frost Deluxe Mirage Blue-ish Mag Red-ish Mag Redroid Black&White Kikinox (not Prime) Octavia Prime™ Revenant Valkyr Nova Red&White Nyx (with Prime helmet nobody loves, but I do)
  18. Don't worry, this S#&$ doesn't work, I have done 3 runs (2 solo... because somehow there are 20 billion people but no one ever joins your squad), 225 + 950ish + 150, my score still shows 225. Initially I wanted to do this event for the orbiter decorations, they're lit. But finally I'll just be playing something else
  19. Originally it was this. Rofl
  20. If they don't plan on changing credits cost or acquisition, the best solution will probably be to wait for X months that New War drops and these "unique" weapons arrive as 85% drop chance on a random enemy, as usual. Not worth the grind today. I'll probably do this event just for the orbiter decorations at best
  21. Tennocon 2018 still cries in the corner Remember when Squad Link actually looked like something ? When you could embark on your Railjack from Earth after some scenario ? When there were plenty of different things to do in Railjack missions ? Yeah, that was Tennocon 2018. This was a real game. Warframe 2020 looks like a pre-pre-pre-Alpha or a teaser for Tennocon which is the real game.
  22. What @(PS4)Jacobivan said. It's actually better to run with some duration. As long as Pillage is active, you can't die. If you lose your shield while your Pillage is expanding, hit 2 during your invuln phase and you'll be back at full energy.
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