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  1. Can you compare Saryn with Rhino now ? Thanks by advance
  2. I need them available as Specters Maybe with a special resource that you can gather by sending them wrecking chaos on selected planets as Drones
  3. I had the feeling the Paracesis was more insane than ever. My Plague Keewar is still rocking stuff. Didn't make any thorough study though. That's my feeling while doing missions ingame.
  4. Haven't you seen the "Most" ? The fact Kuva Lich steals the Requiem Mod is an oversight from DE which will be hotfixed, so what's the point in complaining about that ?
  5. Why even comparing Artemis Bow with Peacemaker ? Artemis Bow is a very powerful weapon, you can use it for insane damage or not, nobody will blame you. If you think the Fulmin can be compared to the Ignis and then compared to Artemis Bow, all of three are very different weapons with strength and weaknesses... I won't even talk about the fact you can actually use Fulmin AND Artemis Bow in a single mission, giving you the opportunity to mod them differently for heavily different purposes... But keep restraining yourself to one weapon because "it is better". Don't ever switch your meta, but at this point it's not an Ivara problem, it's a You problem. 😛
  6. Did you mod them ? Peacemaker are not "okay", they're insane. Artemis Bow is hella powerful too, most of exalted weapons are, some are a bit limited but I think none is "meh"
  7. RNG is part of the game. Here we just have another layer. Not a lot though, as it is the exact same principle as normal relics/prime farming. "Survive" is an exaggerated word though, if grinding is such a suffering for you, you probably wouldn't play Warframe in the first place. Can be done passively while farming for something else. Borrow* not steal, you'll get that when you'll kill him. That can be today, tomorrow, or in 10 years, you don't lose anything really. Probably sucks but heh. The mastery thing will probably be hotfixed soon enough, while the "RNG" part is... RNG. As usual. No, you have to pray TODAY. But while farming for the 8 mods today, you'll get 2, 3 or 4 times quite a lot of Mods. Then, you'll probably have killed 10 or 11 Liches before falling short of ONE mod, so at that point you'll go farm for that mod again, which will take you... 15 minutes ? What a pain indeed. Once again this game mode is a perfect example of people getting content, but complaining they have to play the game to enjoy it. If you hate the game, don't play it ? Relics farming is a huge part of warframe's gameplay. The difference being that nobody forces you to do S#&$ right now. Most of what Liches steal you is useless resources or credits, if one day this mofo steals something you ABSOLUTELY NEED RIGHT NOW (lul), just spend the next 20 minutes farming him and he'll be dead. Then ignore him once again for 2 months until he steals something again. Edit: And mods are trade-able. Please try to not forget that smally-small detail.
  8. Extracting with your Lich still present in the mission should lead to him stealing ALL your gathered items/mods/credits. Maybe they can also make him steal the Murmurs' progress while he's in the mission. Silencing all his friends.
  9. Honestly I kinda like this thing. - I like the Lich's interactions with us and the randomness of their design - I like the animations (Parazon but also the Lich) - You can perfectly "ignore" him and play passively until you have the 3 hints, from then on you have MAXIMUM 5 tries to kill him - You can try your luck by swapping out Requiem Mods at will, I've been lucky a few times - Depending on your Lich, you'll need a different setup (resistances/weaknesses), so you're not necessarily shoehorned into your usual meta - It makes you do an important variety of missions : Fissures to collect mods, Siphon/Flood to collect Relics, and regular missions everywhere throughout the StarChart at higher levels than expected to spawn the Lich or his friends In the end, it forces a diverse gameplay. And they can be quite of a challenge if your Lich is tanky af or dealing a S#&$ton of damage (I've made 2 Liches spawn with Saryn, Miasma + Radioactive carpet gave me headaches but that was entertaining). My only gripe is that I have captured 2 Lich (didn't care about their weapons), their spawning chances are... low. I've only seen one once, never to be seen again. I'll kill my current one because I dislike her face I think the main problem people have is the Requiem Mods and their 3 Charges. But that's only a problem NOW, because you think you need all 8 Mods in the first 5 minutes of playing. But once you have collected all Requiem Mods, you'll probably have to run one Fissure farming session once every 2 months to refill the few mods you've lost (and you'll probably have a few duplicates while looking for the last one, for example). I don't think this is as much of a problem as you think. It's only a problem because you want to start killing Lichs right now and you have 0 Mods at the beginning. That's normal. Once you'll be started, you won't have to bother with this "problem" that much.
  10. What you would want to do is transform Ivara into a Lokivara. There is literally no point for DE to even think about doing that. That's as dumb as asking DE to change Ember to be able to place Fiery Spores on enemies that spread when you shoot on it to make her on par with Saryn.
  11. Time for some Nyx ! (+ Kavat, always) Edit: just noticed the cyst 😞
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