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  1. 13 minutes ago, Luciole77 said:

    the problem is....i cant pay attention in all tasks! Im under fire non-stop!

    I know, the experience is painful in solo. But if you let Crew Pods hit you, you'll be even more on fire, not even talking about mobs harassing you when piloting. :tongue:

    If you have access to the Veil, it could be a good idea to look for Void Cloak so that you can have some tranquillity to fix your ship, craft flux or destroy one or two crewships.

  2. 14 minutes ago, (PS4)robotwars7 said:

    then it will be dubbed "too easy" for some people. this is the problem: challenge is subjective, and there's no way of making everyone happy no matter what acquisition method is used for Ephemeras. RNG increases Longevity sure, but I wouldn't argue it makes anything more interesting. if anything, spending too long on one thing makes it less interesting, and that's what leads to burnout.

    I totally agree. But anyway even if it's "too easy", it's not a problem. The quick thing I proposed was just to have nearly the same "difficulty" as a starchart boss, with a minor RNG (10% chance for the "big thing" you'll be after) that may guarantee you get the Ephemera while grinding for the Shedu, I think that's acceptable.

    Imo RNG is mandatory in this game, but it has to be balanced. The RNG we got so far in Warframe is fine (except for Riven, of course), but everything with ridiculously low chances should be reviewed (mostly Ephemeras). Token system is as bad as 0.1% RNG in my opinion, at the other extreme. That's like "congratulations, you did something totally normal, take that".

  3. 1 hour ago, Xaero said:

    And that's where "The game's too difficult" crew comes in.

    Yeah I know but that's sad. I'm not saying we need some ultimate difficulty stuff requiring perfect teamplay, meta team and the likes. Just kill 20 sentients in 3-5 minutes, which isn't something you absolutely need a meta for, and kill a boss which isn't Hydrolist of Profit Taker but more a... Raptor-like ? Dunno, something that you may need to work toward but not sacrificing any virgin to the Meta god

  4. 1 hour ago, JawNuts said:


    Running it 8-15 times = not fun

    Running it more than 15 times = fun?

    I'm not saying the ominous previous way of getting it was better. Of course it wasn't, due to the addition of extremely low probabilities, it was hella painful (and adding to that that people felt obliged to leave if they didn't get anything worthy).

    But a Token system removes all the thrill. It replaces that with expectation. Conclusion? All the runs before the last one will be painfully rude because you very well know you won't gain anything there except progressing toward a definite number through a loading bar. If I tell you that in order to craft the next Warframe, you will need to run a new mission type EXACTLY 50 times because it's no longer a 10-something % drop chance for one part, but it's a token you get 1 of every run, well you'll start doing calculations to know how much time you'll waste before having one worthy run. Yeah, that's maybe 5 hours of gametime doing nothing. Will you start your grind happily or grumbly ?

    I would have preferred if DE had implemented what they said earlier : some kind of challenge, requiring skill or not. Token system is none of that.

    They could have created Lua or Derelict-like challenges. They could have created mini-objectives, for example : Kill 20 sentients and reach the end tile in less than X minutes and you get to fight the Destroyatorolist which has a 20% chance of dropping the Ephemera, XX% for Captura and YY% for Shedu Parts or whatever, and at least you'd feel something about doing those runs. Each run could give you something.

    I know people despise RNG, but it keeps the game alive, if kept reasonable. A low % chance is fine. A % chance below 1% starts to be painful, 0.1% is a joke that noone is interested in. But if you remove RNG entirely from the game, which tokens are doing, it will be painful. Replace the % chances for dropping Warframes blueprints on bosses and create a token which you only need 3 to get the frame and that will suck. Remove Prime Gold parts in Relics by a Token you need 10 of to buy whatever Prime Warframe part you need and the Prime Farm will become hellishly bland.

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  5. 1 hour ago, CephalonSkii said:

    So anyone know if the caches still drop captura? Or is the red cache have a umbra forma as a drop every time


    Little Duck + Exotic Goods
    Little Duck is no stranger to Exotic goods - an Amp assembler and Toroid master, the strong and the strange are what she makes her business on. Her interest in Anomaly shards allows you to access new Exotic Goods:

    • Tenebrous Ephemera
    • ALL Sentient Captura Scenes 
      • Sentient Captura Scenes have also been removed from the drop table and will be purchasable from Little Duck exclusively. 


  6. You'll need to go there and file a ticket https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

    But you'll need some proper elements :

    - What node

    - At what time (in which time zone)

    - With whom (if any teammates)

    - Screenshots if you have any

    - Anything that may help the Support to retrieve the item you've lost. Also, this doesn't guarantee you'll get that back, it depends on the reason why you lost it (and if it was logged at all).

  7. 4 hours ago, trst said:

    The main issue I see is that such a system could result in players either getting left playing solo or nothing actually changes.

    Imagine 20 people queuing up for the same node in your region but only two of them are set to "host only". If the system waits until you meet your desired setting then 12 people set as "client only" get left waiting for a new host to queue up or it might just force them into solo so they're not "hosting" anyone but themselves. And if the system doesn't wait then three of those remaining twelve people would get stuck as hosts anyways.

    It'd possibly help somewhat but there is the other problem that the average players of each node are often quite low and most people queuing up are on a handful of farming and meta nodes. And honestly if it would mostly apply to the popular nodes anyways then recruiting might just be the better option.

    Pretty sure there will be 90% people "Host only" for 2% people "Client only" (and the remaining 8% would be people who either don't care or are unaware of this option).

    Leading to solo missions everywhere, breaking the matchmaking entirely.

    As when you host, even with a crap connection, everything will be instant. No delay, not even 20ms. So some guy with a 56kb/s connection from the Moon will have a better game experience hosting (ruining his mate's experience at the same time) rather than guesting.

    I'm sure that's the reason why the Matchmaking works like that today. The exception for Railjack is weird, I hate when I want to do a mission on a specific node, go to the Starchart, no Squad available, go to your dojo, nyanyanyanya.

  8. 1 minute ago, vegetosayajin said:

    ofc she is, that is if you don't want that 9 hours to go up to 16-18 hours
    speedva, limbo min range, saryn and trin are the power rangers for that mission type

    to OP: gl on your quest crazy people

    No control for a mission where every single hit will one-shot you at one point ?

    Even the Limbo min range is not the go-to, as you will ALWAYS have a downtime (even if half a second) where the pod can be rekt. Usually Frost is preferred thanks to Globe's invuln period on cast.

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  9. 47 minutes ago, SHArK-FiN said:

    then RJ should be even worse if you consider doing something in a microcosm.

    It is. :laugh:

    I despise this kind of updates, where nothing you do there matter elsewhere and vice-versa. Feeling like you have to abandon one entire part of the game to dedicate yourself to something else. I'd largely prefer if Kuva Liches and Thralls could spawn in all starchart nodes without being specific missions, so that you can really do whatever you want.

    Railjack is another problem, it's probably planned to be used somewhere else connected to the Starchart, but it's just v0.1, I guess we'll see in 25 years when it's complete.

  10. 11 minutes ago, SHArK-FiN said:

    Besides, farming murmur is rather quick. A total of 3 hours should be way more than enough, or are you suggesting you couldn't play more than 3 hours per month particularly for a lich?

    Well, that's also 3 hours doing Liches-exclusive content, where you don't gain anything else. If the player has to (or wants to) complete other parts of the game - prime farming, Railjack, nodes unlock, arbitrations, kuva farm, Index or resource farming, then Kuva Liches are pretty annoying. The fact Kuva Liches are in their own microcosm makes them annoying. For example, you can farm Primes stuff while also getting specific resources (ie Prime Farm on a Void node might grant you some Argon or Vor mods if you need them).

    If you're running a Kuva Lich node... You're only here for the Kuva Lich.

  11. 1 hour ago, (PS4)CrazyBeaTzu said:

    The only real question: will there be a Nova with Power Donation and Overextended?

    I'm sure at this point you have to cheese something, I don't think Nova is part of the meta for long-ass runs

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  12. 59 minutes ago, Madway7 said:

    In the codex you can't search for resources, you need to hover over each planet to know what drops there (that's without counting the hidden resources)

    Resources description also tells you where to find them.

    Anyway, that's simply a different philosophy. Because you want to be efficient af (and that's what ruined WoW as a RPG), so you feel the NEED to know where to spend your gametime to optimize instead of simply ... playing the game. I mean, WoW is all about "Where does X drop, so that I don't waste time doing another dungeon/raid ?", as if this game was simply a chore on its own.

    Warframe is more about discovering stuff yourself, which makes sense in the RPG-sense of the game. WoW is more the kind of game appealing to the masses where you need to know everything in advance because you want to be optimized RIGHT NOW OR ELSE!

    Not even mentioning the lack of information about where to find X resources, ironically, is a great way for people to socialize.

  13. 11 minutes ago, (PS4)thegarada said:

    Assuming your damage is primarily slash and viral and have 100% stats, the 1-2 bleed ticks from the first slash proc will deal significant damage to enemy, with already halfed HP. With berserker, you can hit 2-3 hits per sec. Which means you can easily stack ~2 bleed procs in one sec, for 4-5 ticks. That deals more damage than your actual damage, unless enemy is robotic or a boss (they are more resistant to bleeds).

    Assuming. And assuming your 100% status chance doesn't decide to only apply Viral procs, unless you have a weapon with specific combo force-applying Slash, then you spammed for not much benefit, while a weapon with correct damage bonus (+75%) will have killed your Bombard Army in 1 or 2 hits, instead of 4-5.

    Whatever floats your boat anyway, that's not as if that will make a huge difference. At least in Grineer levels.

  14. 8 minutes ago, Canach said:

    @Jadous Can you be a little more specific?  I have a Quartakk in the oven right now, to try this evening - the normal version, not the kuva. I don't understand what you mean exactly, but I'd like to know, thanks!

    It's only for the Kuva.


    The Kuva Quartakk is the Kuva Lich variant of the GrnFourBarrelRifleWeapon Quartakk quadruple burst rifle, acting as a direct upgrade. Functionally similar to the Quatz Quatz, the Kuva Quartakk also features an automatic firing mode from hip-fire, while retaining its signature burst-fire mode while aiming down sights.


  15. 1 hour ago, DogsConkers said:

    2. Get rid of the crew ship expanding healing bubbles. They just clog up the whole map and you can't see anything especially when there are a few together and then it's a complete white-out when they are popped. It just makes it look messy and they don't seem to do anything anyway. If you must have a healing mechanic then give the crew ships a little fuzzy shield or something.

    3. Extend the invulnerability period when exiting a ship from 3 to 4 seconds at least. Still getting one-shotted because the black screen you get when exiting can last 3 seconds before the map actually appears.

    2. Shoot'em ? And they do something. They heal. If they clog up your whole screen... that means you've been ignoring them for way too long, Tenno

    3. No, 3sec is fine. We don't have to ask them to implement a 10-minutes invulnerability period because their pseudo-loading screens take a huge time. It's better if they actually fix that S#&$ (which I don't doubt they will through hotfixes).

  16. 51 minutes ago, ericming777 said:

    7.2 Try to give a solution 

    7.2.1 Pls again look at world of warcraft ant thier dungeon manual system: It contains all the level information, boss skill information, and the core drop from 5 people to 25 people Raid. Players can find almost everything they want here --- and click on the equipment to watch their try-on effect. Players who love transmogrification can easily stay in this interface for several hours.

    No clue what you're talking about, transmogrification is a thing in WoW because there are wearable items, but for Warframe ... ??? You can already see weapons and all available skins. The codex is nicely done and could be expanded, for sure, but that won't be anything like the WoW codex as ... it's like completely different

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