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  1. Do you know elements are not only statuses ? If you're only thinking with "Status proc", then why do you even need Slash if you kill the enemy in 2 seconds ? And on which starchart node does the enemy army only consist of Bombards ?
  2. Catalysts are one-time use and will forever double the Polarity Points you get on this weapon. Edit: To be clear, a Catalyst doesn't add 30 point, it doubles the quantity. So +30 at max rank but (your mastery rank)x2 at rank 0.
  3. Activity Affinity Gain/Conversion Fixing hull breaches (dark orange icon) 900 Fixing hull ruptures (orange icon) 600 Putting out fires (yellow icon) 600 Grounding electrical faults (blue icon) 600 Thawing frozen doors 600 Killing boarding party enemies (red icons) Normal level enemy XP (600+) Crafting supplies at the Forge 300 Destroying ships Killing crew within crewships/bases Normal level enemy XP (600+) It does. Plus, repairing the ship now awards you the intrinsics even if you're not even aboard. Boarding a crewship is literally a 5-second matter. Board, Void dash through the thing and hack / one-shot the reactor if you don't care about the small intrinsic boost for killing the crew inside I really dislike using the artillary on my side.
  4. Warframes were designed for the highest threat. They won't be bothered by regular cleaning troops with an IQ below room temperature or greedy guys with pew pew lazers It's okay if we slaughter them en masse, with only a handful of enemies standing their ground. That's even the purpose of the game.
  5. 1) Dunno, probably the whole universe - call him Master now You shouldn't hit that far though, 5-10 tries should be enough, you'll have 2 hints + a few tries already for the remaining one by then 2) They're capped at level 5
  6. Never, I have plenty of Formas on weapon I barely use at all, but we've got plenty anyway so who cares I even spent a few Formas on S#&$ty weapons just to unlock the secondary energy color, for fashionframe purposes.
  7. That it's useless to discuss about ideas that are nowhere close to DE's intents At best, your item may remove one or two possibilities from your relic, but outright choosing your reward ? No way
  8. Currently, Armor is everything, so Corrosive and CP are here to save the day, yet you're saying Viral+Slash are the way to go. And you propose to ... reduce Armor reduction and increase the HP, so that it would somehow solve the problem ? In my book, this will only make Viral mandatory.
  9. All cats should be tanky af, fite me. The non-link health/shields mods should be boosted like tenfold. I guess that DPS things in games are always squishy, but usually you control them. You don't really control pets, they do wth they want, and often die because of them being blocked somewhere. So, as long as Pets are dumb as a rock, buff them. If their AI ever becomes bearable, bring that down. Ah, and add revive to pets in Arbitrations instead of instakill as for frames, if that's still not done.
  10. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Arcane_Consequence https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Arcane_Agility We also have Mirage's passive but this one sucks (since its change I think ?) as the rolls are shorter than without.
  11. I think all Vets are genuinely expecting Baro that close to a big Update. Because Baro could have legit brought a Railjack skin or anything Railjack-related really
  12. We all agree on this point, RNG is fine to an extent. When your probability reaches the 1 per ten thousand, you should know there is a problem.
  13. To be fair, you're not comparing two systems here. You're comparing the worst kind of RNG to another system. RNG is fine. RNG exists in nearly all games, especially Warframe, and it's a perfectly fine, working system. But it shouldn't be abused, as it is on some items such as Riven mods (RNG of getting a Riven + RNG of getting the type of weapon you want + RNG of getting the weapon you want + RNG of getting the stats you want + RNG of getting the polarity you want) or Tenebrous Ephemera (RNG of finding an astonishingly rare cache and RNG of this astonishingly rare cache to contain an astonishingly low-rate drop, which leads to some bullS#&$ probability of 0.01%, all this on a time-gated and time-limited event). If you wanted to establish a fair comparison (which I think you didn't), you would have compared the Tenebrous Ephemera to a Token System requiring you to do 1500 Anomaly runs to be able to buy the Ephemera to a vendor. Which sucks too, right ? But at least you're working toward a goal, sure the 1499 runs are uninteresting but you KNOW the 1500th is THE ONE ! If the Tenebrous Ephemera was a normal-RNG loot, it would be fine. Like, 5% drop chance (affected by boosters and such) on a certain type of Sentient, okay then. That's still not "challenging" or "requiring skill", but that's humanely feasible. It could even have been implemented in a similar "event" as the Lua or Derelict rooms. At least those provide some kind of challenges (even though I personally dislike them). Or I don't know, kill 20 Sentients and reach the end room of the Sentient Ship in less than XX minutes and you get to fight a special Sentient which can award the Captura (50%), Shedu part (40%) or the Ephemera (10%). I'd be fine with that. I can understand people want the "easy way" with Tokens which guarantee you'll get that in 12 runs. But how is that exciting ? How can you be motivated going there if you KNOW you won't gain S#&$ for the first X-1 runs ? You'll blitz through the level with boredom X-1 times, then you'll do one "smiley" run because you know that's the one giving you the last token, then you buy this reward. Now tell me : When was the last time you were genuinely EXCITED to buy something from Baro ? You probably never were and never will. Because you straight out bought something that was brought to you on a platter. That's insulting, even Baro had access to that extremely rare item, but not you.
  14. Wait for MK IV equipment and new Avionics with 25 ranks My guess is that they'll implement plenty of railjack-related blueprints, maybe some consumables to use in Empyrean missions, they could even let us "fuse" Avionics and Diracs for improved ones. But looking at the past updates, it's probably a resource that'll be totally forgotten and that you'll stockpile on no end until DE remembers it exists in Update 58.2
  15. I don't have it. But I'd prefer having it... another way than a basic currency earned after no-challenge S#&$ like that. I don't deny the previous way of getting it sucked, I'm glad it was hotfixed out temporarily. But I was hoping they could find any other solution than the bland "Do the same content 1 billion times and you'll buy it, predictably, as sure as you can predict what time it will be in 2 hours".
  16. I sincerely don't get how anyone can be excited about a token system, which only brings predictability... Yay, I'll have what I want after my nth run, what a thrill, how exciting it is to run the same thing nth times, very well knowing the n-1 first times will be useless *yawns* But hey, at least it will be something challenging, like one-shotting sentients with the Paracesis for hours
  17. Because the Umbra Forma is not exclusive to Sentient Anomaly. It exists somewhere else. And I wouldn't hope for a Token System. They'll implement that for the Tenebrous Ephemera and it's a terrible idea imo. The previous grind was awful, I fully agree, but the Token System sucks too. It adds expectation and predictability to a grind that is all but challenging. That removes any sense of thrill or suspense. You'll log on, and that will be your feelings - *sigh* I have to run 100 Sentient anomalies to get the Ephemera, that's X minutes per mission, X hours total to get it, how depressing - You'll get into Sentient Anomalies run, knowing VERY WELL you won't get anything interesting, you're just here to zerg through the level for your tokens anyway. That means the only run you'll gladly do is the 100th one. - Once you get enough Tokens, yay, you get your Ephemera... as expected. Imo that's uninteresting. That's like looking at your wristwatch all day and you're supposed to feel happy when it reaches 10 o'clock ? Yeah no.
  18. Yeah that's so freaking cancerous... Even Avionics could deal with a bit of improvement. Currently you have their name and icon but no description, they should be like mods.
  19. Have you ever heard of Nightwave ?
  20. Do you want DE to update all pre-patch videos from Youtube ? Of course some videos/tutorials are outdated but that's not their problem. They're changing the game. They can add plenty of LoS breaking items as you request, the tutorials will still be outdated (even worse) and they will still be triggered and leave, according to you.
  21. Crap 70/80 is still 21 more than your "über powered" 49/50. Damn guys complaining about free upgrades.
  22. What I mean is that, if a Zetki reactor were to halve all Zetki Avionics cost (most of them are BiS), then a Zetki reactor will allow you to fit everything and tactical/battle avionics. Didn't make any calculations but that shouldn't be far away from that... Zetki are the best Avionics for EVERYTHING except Speed/Speed Boost and Specific Incoming Damage Reduction (Incendiary, Ionic, Frost). This should be rebalanced, if Capacity Halving ever becomes a thing.
  23. I need a speedometer for Volt and Gauss too
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