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  1. Ok I guess, thanks for the information There will very likely be more skins arriving with new Railjack content, be patient, these are the first ones.
  2. Mod your weapons properly and adjust to the content you're doing and you won't need Rivens. Of course, you will need Riven mods if you want to do some optimized stuff such as 25 Tridolons per night, but otherwise, no. On my side I never bothered with them. Only dealing with the few Rivens I've ever had myself, destroying those I don't care about or giving them to clanmates, that's it. They're interesting if you enjoy a weapon which sucks on its own. A great Riven with a great disposition can transform a poor weapon into an okay-ish one, but that's it.
  3. Something like that yeah. Could also be : - Enemies slowed down (metallic boots and armor) - Fire-arms jammed - % self-damage from using specific weapons (with bullets)
  4. The votekick will be wisely used once for 10.000 cases where it will be used abusively. That's why nope. I understand why you'd want the Host Change but I don't see that happening for all Warframe modes. What I can see, on the other hand, is a Railjack option for the "Railjack owner" to appoint a new Captain or assistant (who would hence be able to access the nav)
  5. Give Elytron a buff that makes his Archguns hitscan weapons and you have something to narrow the Amesha meta
  6. Too bad they'll be limited to Railjack content. They could have started by added the possibility to craft Lich Specters, maybe based on a specific type of resources dropped by Liches or based on Kuva directly, to be able to control their apparitions in all the StarChart missions.
  7. The point of the current system is to push you to play in Co-op. Your first suggestion negates it.
  8. Seems to be an undocumented change from Update 27, but the best is still to join Railjack missions (even if yours is not ready yet), you'll get a S#&$ton quite fast.
  9. Yup but you're kinda supposed to have your 1 up at all times, except when replenishing energy (for which you only need to be hit once, usually). Amesha's squishy but it needs to, it has tons of way to sustain. I think it will be more bearable with Engineering R8.
  10. I didn't tried them but I guess. Makes sense for Itzal which is supposed to be the Stealth Archwing. I hope they will buff the other Archwings instead of nerfing Amesha to the ground. Elytron could be that Tanky or DPS Archwing, with Itzal for Stealth, Amesha support and Odonata Jack of all Trades. For the last role (Tanky or DPS depending on Elytron), they could create a 5th Archwing. Or entirely get rid of Itzal's Stealth (does anyone ever use it this way ?) and make it the Tanky Archwing.
  11. Amesha is great though. Her 4 should be up at all times as it is also a buff (to you and your allies), her 3 is insanely powerful, and you have to correctly juggle with your 1 and 4 to regenerate energy to maintain your 3. That's a satisfying gameplay imo (well, more satisfying than a big part of the game 😛 ).
  12. That seems awfully complex to solve situations that shouldn't exist in the first place. I'd prefer they do some proper testing rather than implementing something that can so easily be abused.
  13. They don't do that because you're supposed to not get any loot when you fail a mission. If that's ever implemented, people will be abusing when the failure is near.
  14. I agree but I think the point 3 is exactly what DE aimed at. They don't want some people to go there while the Railjack has fun 15km behind. They want you to escort your Railjack until the objective, I think.
  15. The Soon™ Earth/Saturn Proxima Captura Otherwise, Archwing. I've always enjoyed this content, so there's that
  16. Polls are very rarely useful, I can understand why they don't implement that. If you have hundreds of votes for one thing but nobody ever explains why, that's not as useful as people debating.
  17. I never needed a spreadsheet to play this game, nor will I ever need. Nearly all weapons can fit for "endgame" purposes, and 100% of them fit for 99% of Warframe's content.
  18. RailJack could have a complete corridor where you could fit all your Custom Setups in a row (like the one in our Personal Room in the Liset). I see myself changing Setup by simply walking in front of it and hit X, instead of a List Menu. That would be gorgeous and that's a valid reason for me to agree on that.
  19. Sorry you're waking up just now with the Kuva Weapons, but Rivens are a thing since... long ago. And seeing how happy everyone seems to be throwing at each other for Rivens, you could guess it was gonna be expanded. Kuva Weapons wasn't the time to complain. It was Riven Mods. But a lot of people enjoy them (even though I still don't understand that). We only got what we (as a community) deserve.
  20. Cephalons seem to keep some kind of sentience. That's likely they're in some sort of "coma" or "sleep" when they're "destroyed" (do we have a clear idea about Cy's past to know about his fate anyway ?), so maybe they still feel the time passing.
  21. Yeah, that's an atrocious design idea, or an overlooked one, dunno. I can understand you have to pick them up, but once someone picks them, it should be awarded to everyone.
  22. To be fair, DE adds a S#&$ton of content into the game but they rarely expand the existing ones. Recently they have added some stuff to Arbitrations but that's about the only example... I wouldn't expect them to add any other Kuva Weapons to the current Lich System. They may add other Kuva Weapons to Railjack Liches if they ever add them, but they will likely leave the Old Blood ones untouched.
  23. That would reduce replayability to nothing. Get the weapon with the element you want (which is not random), and you're done, you never have to farm Liches ever again Unless your proposal accounts for a specific resource which can be looted on Liches, or awarded when you scrap Kuva Weapons. But in this case the grind would be insane.
  24. What you're requesting makes sense, but that would just allow the Railjack owner to troll his teammates instead of the other way
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