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  1. Capture doesn't take long enough to be boring, exterminate is just a slog.
  2. I mean, I don't think volatile needs to be gotten rid of. Just holy cow is the current penalty structure harsh given how abruptly you can fail out of it. I think it could stand to be more forgiving on both counts.
  3. I mean yeah, but was it really the best idea to try to get players used to normal mission objectives in railjack by introducing it via the most boring normal mission types?
  4. Okay but like, just because I'm forced to equip one of the pointless turret buff mods doesn't mean I'm ever going to remember to use it
  5. I definitely lost at least 3 levels on the frame I was leveling that I had gotten in the previous mission. I saw I was set for 29 and took one more to finish the last one off, failed and was down to 26. Didn't die at any point, just got kicked out after failing a jarringly short mission prompt that I still don't entirely know what I was supposed to do. There was a new mod I had gotten in the previous mission too that I don't think I kept.
  6. It's especially harsh since it seems like if you don't stop off at a dojo every few missions, if you insta-fail say a volatile mission because you didn't know what you were being told you needed to do within like a 10-second window, you can easily lose like an hour or more of previous missions too. Purely hypothetically, of course.
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