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  1. Yeah, I balanced my assumptions against slash at the current level of slash's power because slash actually works as a usable solution against the higher end of content in the game. There's probably some wiggle room on the numbers but if you nerfed slash by changing the fundamental mechanics of it and then balance against that then we could easily reach a point where all status procs are equally unusable in things like steel path. The whole point of my suggestion is to reach a point where weapons aren't automatically counted out for being impact/puncture based by balancing against what works. Y
  2. Yeah, that's why I lean towards leaving electric as-is. It does cool things on several abilities, even if it feels hit-or-miss on weapons. Impact, though, I feel like you could literally remove from every weapon in my arsenal, with the base damage reduction that entails, and I'd hardly notice.
  3. So, it's no secret that since the last status revision weapon builds are following a pretty limited set of trends. Since there's been talk of another revision pass on the latest Devstream, I've been gathering my thoughts on the state of status and the meta. My overall thesis, which is probably uncontroversial, is that people gravitate to statuses that contribute noticeably to killing enemies, since that is generally the goal of building weapons. Crowd control effects that have a strong visual indicator also see some use, generally, but some status procs in particular just don't feel like th
  4. I think it would be cool if in Nidus' native kit Larva's range scaled with mutation stacks instead of nerfing it for other frames. I think the main reason for that nerf though was to make Khora's ensnare more competitive with it as a choice? Honestly though ensnare has so many usability problems compared to larva that I don't think a range advantage is enough to make it competitive. The fact that it leaves enemies standing for headshots would be all the edge it needs if it weren't for the fact that it is so slow to pull enemies in and can't be targeted on a point and needs an enemy to cas
  5. Yeah, honestly I think this is the reason more than anything why railjack is in practice played almost entirely through ability spam.
  6. I can only speak to a relatively limited experience with necramechs as I haven't built my own yet, but I see the argument there from my time in the intro quest. The thing necramechs and railjacks really need, though, are actually changes in the options menu. Separate toggle sprint options for different movement types, PLEASE, DE. And a further option for those sprint types that have stamina to auto-toggle off when stamina is depleted. Needing to manually toggle railjack boost/necramechs sprint off before the bar can start recharging feels really bad. The mechs could proba
  7. Basically the only time an enemy exists below the current mercy threshold is as a result of a DoT proc that will kill them before I can even get to them, yeah. The whole mechanic and a lot of the damage procs need another pass tbh.
  8. With the planned future removal of archwing missions, archguns are going to be in a really weird place if they still require gravimags considering the state of archwing stuff in railjack (it will probably be near impossible to level archguns without a gravimag)
  9. So much this. Ability wheels need fixing across the board, they're too slow for the pace of this game.
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