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  1. I have seen at least 4 different green doors that would not open in the new corpus railjack missions today. Cant tell you what the POI is called since there sadly is no list of existing POIs on the wiki. The objective is to set a Corpus Crewship adrift. I guess it has something to do with enemy spawns being too close to the door when enemy AI and door AI spawn simultaneously.
  2. 2 or 3 hours with this strategy and I still havent seen a single Jugulus Eximus. Edit: + another 4 hours today without result. Not even normal Infested are spawning as Eximus during bounties. Any idea why that could be?
  3. You can also see the stream live on youtube without ads. I had twitch open just for the umbra forma.
  4. I thought Baruuk Mandala being bundle exclusive was a mistake, an oversight. I didnt want to skip the grind, but I did. Whatever. When the Lavos transmutation probe decoration appeared bundle exclusive, I wasnt sure anymore. I waited for a statement from DE, maybe they would make a change after the holidays. But time passed. This time its a little different, but I see the general direction the devs have chosen.
  5. There was this room in the old corpus ship tileset, where you could destroy windows and parts of walls by shooting at explosive barrels. One of those barrels would make a bar with lamps from the ceiling fall to the floor and create a little bridge for you. Once I happened to stay right where the bar would land. It hit my warframe on the head and sticked to it. The other side would stick to the floor and the bar with my warframe sticking to it started spinning around that spot. Also collision was completely ignored and I was spinning through the floor for some joyful round
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