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  1. Bottomline is Vulkar Wraith is almost always going to fall short of Rubico P or the Lanka. Rubico P has the highest base Crit Mult of all Sniper Rifles, reloads a whole second quicker than the Vulkar Wr. and gets an additional +50% Crit multi on zoom in. Lanka has great base damage typing for an easy set up in Rad damage. Highest base damage of all Sniper Rifles on charge. Can hit 112.5% crit chance with a Point Strike and the +50% crit chance bonus from the zoom in. I'm not going to go as far as to say the Vulkar Wraith isn't viable Eidolon hunting, but it's definitely outclassed. With a great Riven on the Vulkar Wr you might be able to atleast keep up.
  2. Hey! A few things to try! - As the worthy gentleman above has pointed out, progress a little further, the tutorial is often an alone experience. - Check to see if your 'Matchmaking ping limit' and 'region' is set to a state that is inline with your internet connection. - Make sure your matchmaking is set to Public - Be aware you may not always find a group off the bat, people may join you after you've entered the mission.
  3. Oh, I totally agree with you but I'm not DE.
  4. 1: I'm pretty sure 'Intermission' is referring not so much to the 'Pause or break' part of the dictionary definition and more to the 'Interval between two parts' side of that. Nightwave 1.5 sounds like a bad sequel to a movie that the film production company didn't really believe in, so gave it a half-cocked title. 2: They're simul-casting Nightwave on all platforms. Generally the way Sony for instance permits updates to the PS4 version of the game is on a 'cert' basis. Generally how long it takes for 1.5 to go up is entirely dependant on how long it takes for a build to go through certification. It's out of DE's hands.
  5. DE: "Intermission" Morons: But Errmerrgerrd rewurrrds aren't up to my expectations.
  6. Would it be safe to assume The Jovian Concord will be released with Season 2?
  7. All good news here! Weapons that need some loving get it, and the meta weebs are crying for their mommas. Great balancing.
  8. EVERYONE I know loves the Exploiter Orb fight :L I don't get why; A) Some people want to make what is essentially a solid fight, easier. It's not so easy that billy no-mates with his Mk1 Braton and a rank 4 Excal could do it, yet no so 'hard' that it becomes a whole sordid affair with people who pretend to know what they're talking about demanding silly MR Requirements, Frame builds(Usually outdated, okay or at best common sense), Weapon Builds(Likewise) or my mostest favoritest in the whole world, trackable 'Must have 200 Eidolon caps to do this teralyst only run'. (I get that you want to get a good solid bunch of runs in a night, but eidolons aren't going anywhere anytime soon.) B) People would kick-up a fuss about a lack of a cheese one-shot trick. If this was ANY other game, do you think THEY would leave in what is essentially a mistake so you could just skip an entire phase of a boss-fight? I don't think so.
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