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  1. I like the RNG behind Rivens, it's akin to the likes of weapon rolls in other looter games. What I'm not-so-keen on is the fact that weapons that are useless become barely usable with a Riven at higher levels, and weapons that are great become stupendously great at dealing with Higher-level enemies.

    It can't be a system to make outdated weapons get buffs to better keep up with higher level weapons when higher level weapons also get buffs albeit not as much but still enough.

    Scrap rivens, convert it into reroll currency, scrap flat damage mods (I mean, seriously, lets make a modding system with hundreds of mods but damage which is literally what you want the weapon to do 99% of the time is one of them) make weapon damage level up with the weapon with the equivalent to a max damage mod at level 30. Fix enemies being cake-walks across the star chart. Make it so you can reroll the weapon stats within a set of parameters per weapon that balances better or trash/dismantle the weapon for a number of reroll currency and a portion of resources you spent on it.

    E.g: Hi! I'm a burston Prime! My base stats are as follows: (List reasonable Burston stats for the starchart with the idea that a weapon levels up slower than currently) Oh boy! I like being a Burston, but I'm not so great at higher level gameplay, I wish there was something I could do to make me better! (Reroll the weapon for the first time and get an increase to its base stats similarly to the increase in elemental percentage from Kuva weapons randomly distributed to its stats!) Oh boy! I now do 5% more critical damage and 10 more damage per shot! Thats a start but I wish I could go further! (Apply a reroll to change stats or a boost to its current stats with diminishing returns) Oh boy! Now I have a 10% increase in critical damage and 20 more damage per shot! But I have used 2 of my X number of changes! Time to apply some mods that flesh out my new capabilities but I can see my owner also has another Burston Prime with different stats that he no longer wants because I work better for him, it's a shame he ripped it apart for a resource he can use to reroll/boost weaponry instead of relying on a percentage-based increase to a wide-array of weaponry that all use the same damage mod despite weapons having clearly better stats than some! Or worse! Introducing a mod that does what I just did to myself with bizarre fluctuations in stats that are subject to change every-so and so months which sounds like its difficult to maintain and screwing people out of what they spent time on because the weapons that are popular with Rivens are now having their Rivens nerfed because a lot of people were using it instead of fixing the immediate problems like the disparity between weapon stats! 😄

    Yes, all of the above was only half thought through and the above system has its flaws but I'd still argue that nerfing popular weapons retroactively at multiple points through the year by proxy of Riven disposition is like handing a one legged man a crutch pitting him in a race with an average guy and a track runner then halfway through the race shoot the track runner in the leg, turning the average man into Usain Bolt meanwhile the guy with one leg spontaneously grows a leg and carries on running then repeating the process each lap meanwhile the people paying for the crutches and bullets are being shafted by a mogul with a big ol' cigar and a handlebar moustache wiping the sweat off his brow with a big ol' bill of your time goading that he is the almighty Pablo and you should get back to work >:O. (Still love you pablo)

  2. 2 hours ago, OmegaVoid said:

    Somebody said they don't like pickles, and then nobody gets to have pickles?

    Not sure how that relates to the matter of nerfing/not nerfing the Bramma... but it reminds me strongly of the recent removal of self-damage from the game. 😒

    Oh my sweet chalupa.

    It is a not-so cleverly disguised metaphor for the nerf-culture that has plagued Warframe for some time now. Instead of making the game harder and providing a more engaging mid-to-late game damage economy. A portion of the playerbase complains about a topic (Usually it is something like 'This is too hard, I can't do it, pls nerf' when the content in question is otherwise easy for people that have the experience/weaponry/mods geared out to handle the content but not for newer players) and then that gets nerfed so the people who were enjoying the content and the increase in difficulty (Even if it was a minute bump to some) no longer have that. It seems the game is adamant in making a new-player friendly experience instead of fleshing out the late-game where in other games the staying to play aspect is built on higher-level play and rewards for the higher-end gameplay, Warframe frequently attempts to add something of that degree but ultimately doubles back on it because of people finding the content too difficult because it is immediately accessible to all players with little to no hurdle to overcome. 

    Arbitrations: Complete the star-chart typically requires mastery rank 5 minimum. Can be achieved within a week of playing. (Now I understand that you'd have to be determined to play to get those Mastery ranks but considering as rank 0 to 30 can be done in a single mission and matchmaking is automatic you could get mastery rank 5 in 3 missions theoretically. MR 5 is 62500 mastery. 1 warframe, a Primary, secondary and melee weapon, a sentinel and a sentinel weapon is 24000 mastery. Only gate is the 24hr timer between MR level ups and you can skip build-times by rushing or paying outright.)

    Elite sanctuary onslaught:  Granted not really a hard mission node, but all it requires is a rank 30 warframe. Day 1 of playing.

    Railjack: Day 1 of playing

    Kuva Liches: War within complete MR 5, min week of playing.

    So in the case of the Pickles. The person who doesn't like the pickles (Person who complains about not liking something due to ability or difficulty) doesn't want pickles (And they are well within their right to) but ultimately dooms the people who DO like pickles to have no pickles (Players who enjoy harder difficulty or the mechanics and play of a weapon/warframe).

    2 hours ago, -AncientWarrior- said:

    Bro, beautifully said .. that is pure art my Tenno.. 

    There's nothing quite like the serenity of those delicious green burger-inserts.

  3. 1 minute ago, Sevek7 said:

    I think we'll have to agree to disagree here. I remember ember and was glad that the passive playstyle was removed. Personally, I feel like the bramma is also this passive playstyle where you don't need to bother aiming at enemies, just let an arrow loose randomly into a room and the whole room dies up to level 150. It seems very boring and I understand some people like a game where you can just switch off the brain and auto-win, but personally I prefer a more engaging experience.

    I 100% agree with you my dude and this brings me back to the Ember comment. Very true that at lower levels World on Fire was as passive as it got when it came to ridiculous but anything past like uranus and it struggled to the point it wasn't worth using. Whereas the people wanting a more engaging experience with the game, that regularly challenge themselves to long survivals and making their own end-game in and otherwise end-gameless game love the Bramma as it provides a means to go further and given the upcoming hard-mode and what a lot of people are hoping it will be, I don't think the Bramma, given the steps needed to get it, should be hit with the PabloNerfHammer right now. 

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  4. 4 minutes ago, SneakyErvin said:

    Except that none of your friends would have any negative experince if you ate pickles in their presence, not even the ones that dislike pickles and there are more burger toppings that are as viables as pickles and is only a matter of taste. Bramma can ruin it for others, there are also no comparable weapons that the rest can pick from. Bramma is as if you guys didnt order no pickles on one burger and instead force feed your friend with pickles.

    Sorry to hear you didnt get what you ordered.

    Thanks bro. It wasn't an easy experience.

    Counter point: At no point am I forcing anyone to eat pickles in this hypothetical situation. If I WAS armed with a pickle jar and getting ready to start cramming then why, voluntarily, would you stay in that situation when the Warframe household gives you the opportunity to leave at anytime and find a pickle-less room also why are my favourite pickle-themed antics worth less than your pickle-less high-jinks?

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Xaero said:

    Unfortunately, burgers are bad for health. So Bramma needs to be nerfed.

    I think my health is none of your business, pickle-thief!

    7 minutes ago, Sevek7 said:

    I'm all for making Primaries great again! However I think the Kuva Bramma is a huge outlier within the primary category that does need to be addressed (and nerfing 1 weapon is a lot easier than buffing a hundred others, while then also needing to buff the enemies to make up for it, checking balance with secondaries, melee, etc...)

    I think that it can be done without an outright nerf though. I think the best way to bring the Bramma in line is to have the arrow only explode on contact with an enemy. That way, you still get your giant cluster bomb and wiping the entire room, but now need to aim instead of just shooting blindly at the ground / ceiling. 

    You're suggesting removing the cheese from a cheeseburger in lieu of pickles?! How dareth thee. You see here is the problem, Kuva Bramma is a great weapon, no doubt but it follows the same string of problems that nigh everything else has in Warframe. 99.99% of content difficulty (at base) is

                                                                                                                     way up here. 





    way down here and weapon/warframe damage is more often than not

    Remember when Ember was being cried about for a nerf because it was too strong but in reality it was just really great at low level and really bad at higher levels? Bramma is almost like that and you can't really make its damage scale by level like Ember. The people who play hard need a hero and the Bramma should be their white knight.

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  6. So. If DE had to create a new item/mod/skin every two weeks the quality of these would drop. A lot.

    As it happens, Baro has brought 202 unique items so far. (Bundling armor parts together as a single entry) covering unique weapons, past event rewards (Weapons, mods) Primed mods, cosmetics, boosters, relics. Given that DE pepper in new items and that Baro only shows up every two weeks, they ofc repeat a bunch of stuff that players may have missed last time. They don't necessarily have to be the most amazing things in the game but people playing a lot longer than you that have missed them, or newer players that do want them have the opportunity that way. Be patient, young one, he does have good stuff.

  7. So, I was with a group of friends for the first time after lockdown was lifted slightly and a bunch of us were sat about, chilling.

    Suddenly the topic of food comes up and we thought we'd order in. 

    After about 15 minutes of deliberation we decided on Burgers. So we went to a certain food delivery website, looked at the menu and each picked our burger.

    One of the group of friends doesn't want pickles, so we added as a note that we don't want pickles on the double cheese burger.

    When the burgers finally arrived we noticed that none of the burgers had pickles on and came to the conclusion that the person prepping the food saw the note and didn't add pickles to any of the burgers which is a travesty. I like pickles.

    That is the Kuva Bramma. I remember when Primary Weapons were great! Usurped by nuke-frames and Melee weapons! Small number of people get crabby about pickles and suddenly no one has pickles.

    Make Primaries great again.

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  8. 5 hours ago, KreyLox said:

    Players are still waiting for informations about deadlock protocol. Is it postponed (again) ? The lack of communication is very painful and it's a mandatory element to keep the players informed

    LOL. No. Legit you've been spoiled by DE. No other gamedev communicates on a point-by-point basis and expecting DE to maintain a RSS feed of everything the company does when developing content is absurd especially when timeframes are never certain. They explained they had to delay it and gave a timeframe of 'June'. That's more than they HAVE to share and we certainly haven't passed June.

    4 hours ago, XzWasPzX said:

    "Better than nothing"

    NO. Thats the kind of attitude that brought us to this point, and the situation is not fine. So nope.

    "Better than nothing" is exactly the kind of attitude you should have. They have already posted that it was delayed and gave the timeframe of 'June' as to when to expect it. Given we haven't passed June, I really don't understand what the issue is. As a point: I expect a reply to this post within the 20 seconds of my submitting the reply or It's been way too long and I simply treat you as uncommunicative and my almost non-existent relationship with you will deteriorate and I simply will ignore anything you do eventually post. (It's not so easy, is it? By the way. Your time's up. Please reconsider your forum management.)

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  9. 3 hours ago, The_Wolf_Studios said:

    Ok, so... I do not know how to start this, but anywho, I have noticed that there is a slight discrepancy with the key bindings in relation to the melee combat system and a relatively small thing outside of missions.


    Starting off outside of missions is Kavats and Kubrows and the change of making the button to pet the 'x' instead of what it was, 'e.' I know that this doesn't seem like much, but I feel like it is a slight step in the wrong direction because your pet will block your consoles and interfaces with just being there and, likewise, causing me to go into menus instead of petting them. this is just a really small change and after spending time with it I must say that I am not a complete fan of this change.

    On an other note about Notifications, I have noticed that alert notification have been appearing in missions now. I do not know if this itself is an intended feature or not, but it does kinda get on my nerves cause I am used to only getting notifications like that if it's an update.


    Moving on from the Q.O.L. changes, There is something I noticed about the whole channeling being removed and that is there is still mods that require channeling to work, namely the Reflection mod (See Reflection Mod here: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Reflection ) which kinda resulted in a failed experimental blocking build. Along with that, I have noticed that there isn't any form of heavy slide attack, which I am guessing is more on that "less reliance on the 'spin-to-win' gameplay method", but that is mostly me on about it because of all the rivens I get with some form of maiming strike.

    On a related note that is quite more important, I have taken notice of the change from using 'e' to preform melee attack finishers to 'x' and I have a slight suspicion that this was an unintended side effect of the new Parazon, but also worry it may be intentional so I would like to bring attention to it due to the fact that it interrupts the flow of melee combat to have to constantly press 'x' instead of 'e', likewise, the finisher option does not appear for Inaros when using his first ability, putting a deep unintentionally crippling effect on Inaros' first ability. Like I said, I think this may only be a bug, but I would like to draw attention to it either way due to the problems it causes with combat flow.


    In conclusion, I hope that whom ever may so be intrigued by what I have mentioned or those who share similar thoughts, please feel free to also add in a reply to tell me what your thoughts on it are and to the developers and DE as a whole, I am loving these recent updates, between the upcoming Railjack and the already here Old Blood. The Kuva system provides a fun rigorous challenge against my rival and Lady Luck herself and the weapons are all the more rewarding to hunt for. As for the current prologue for the Railjack, it is slightly jarring to my clan due to having to remodel the entire Dojo and being staggered by things like placement and what not, but it has been quite the journey! I hope so much that you all have had as much fun making it as I have had playing it for I know that Game Development can be quite the process! Likewise, I hope that you do take what I said to heart! If you have read this far, thank you for your time.

    Your Jolly Friend,


    P.S. I do not know exactly if this is the right place for this thread so if it is not I would kindly appreciate the heads up!

    WHAT?! A coherent, thought through feedback post that ISN'T some keyboard warrior ranting about how the rules aren't fair?! Well, pickle my sister and call her a gherkin you have yourself a jolly buttsmacking good upvote.


    ... I like the melee though.

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  10. On 2019-11-03 at 6:21 PM, Ralyks said:

    Players ignoring their lichs and blocking spawns for the rest of the squad is a REALLY BAD PROBLEM RIGHT NOW. Its faster to farm murmurs in a squad so playing solo cripples your farm. Its now taking almost twice as long to complete a lich encounter because inconsiderate players ignore their lich preventing mine from spawning.

    There needs to be a despawn timer, a vote to kick, a something. Because players are A******s.

    Expecting people to who play publicly to conform to your personal standards of play is an exercise in futility my friend. As frustrating as it can be at times, you must learn that you cannot control the whims of people in-game much like you cannot control the whims of people outside of it. Know when to cut your losses and try again.

    As a Donald Miller once said: “When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.”

  11. On 2019-11-23 at 12:42 AM, AdunSaveMe said:

    She looks great, what are you on about?

    Every time a prime is shown off people say this, and it's always wrong.

    I mean, there is so much wrong with this comment it actually hurts.


    On 2019-11-23 at 12:38 AM, BlindStalker said:

    Here are my 2 cents thoughts

    Ivara Prime's look:

    I pretty much agree with your take on it but with a little more negativity. Ivara has been and continues to be my most used Warframe. I wasn't expecting the whole MrsBrightGlowingSpacejellyfish aesthetic BUT it doesn't look awful. Personally, I'd have preferred a more... Hunter/Ranger/Dangerous looking aesthetic.

    As for the weapons: Sad that there isn't a Daikyu Prime BUT Baza is still getting my giblets vibrating. Aksomati, sure.

  12. 3 minutes ago, Leon-Darkheart said:

    i think not that the grind is a problem, again, its the RNG. this whole system is based on luck, spawn- and dropchances.

    well a bit RNG might be ok but how many RNG is there? i mean srsly, this whole lich system is BASED on random drop- AND spawnchances, there is nothing to cutytalk about.

    I can almost agree with you but the thing is, DE wanted to go for a system that isn't just another boss fight. If they removed any amount of RNG from Kuva Liches, it becomes something you could realistically do in seriously little time a-la Every other boss in the game (Something DE wanted to avoid) Then we'd be out of things to do again before the week is out. I agree that the relics were a bad way to do it, I'd personally have had a new system to accomodate the lichs instead of defaulting to already present ones with a good time-sink that fulfills the "Needs to be something you actually need to work at" criteria.

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  13. Just now, Leon-Darkheart said:

    Ok now i want to know how many lichs you killed, if you bought the mods and how long you needed. No really, im srs here, Tell the forum please coz i sure needed longer just to get all the mods...

    Whoops! You misunderstood me, Cap'n. Re-read and try again. I'll re-emphasize that for you!


    6 minutes ago, Umbranoir said:

    Yes. Random is Random, the alternative is Not random. (Woooow) Then we can all just pick up what we need, be done in 5 minutes and be on our merry way!


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  14. 1. Killing a Kuva larvling is trivial. Like not by a little either. Like it's almost given to you. Yes, Only one person in a 4 man squad gets the "kill" but it's a level 20+ mission against a grineer. Grab an unranked Excal and some Mk.1 weapons and you'll still find it easy.

    2. The system passed the starting point are a little tedious, I'll admit. It is essentially farming something to be able to farm something and that is not "difficult", just time consuming.

    3. It's opening a relic. It's a non-issue if DE gave you better options to get the relics in the first place, arguably making Kuva liches just another trivial encounter you can knock out back to back in the space of an hour in some trivial cop out Sergeant fight like you seem to be suggesting.

    4. I'll give you that one. The Murmurs are somewhat tedious. Not to the point that it's a problem, but yes. I'd be happier if they increased the amounts of thralls just a tad.

    5. It's opening a relic. It's a non-issue if DE gave you better options to get the relics in the first place, arguably making Kuva liches just another trivial encounter you can knock out back to back in the space of an hour in some trivial cop out Sergeant fight like you seem to be suggesting.

    Yes. Random is Random, the alternative is Not random. (Woooow) Then we can all just pick up what we need, be done in 5 minutes and be on our merry way!

    I'm glad that DE made something that can't be knocked out repeated times in an hour. (Cough, Eidolons, Cough), I'm glad that DE made content that doesn't cater to the entitled memekids and their "I want everything now" mentality. I'll admit, it could be done differently in places but overall, wp DE, gg.

  15. I mean, Nightwave is just glorified alerts with a seasonal progression. It really doesn't need a boss like the wolf. (I totally agree that he shouldn't have been nerfed, but it makes sense that he was eitherway)

    Warframe NEEDS to fix its lack of endgame for sure, but tying it to Nightwave is no bueno.

    Here's hoping Empyrean and the Nemesis system blows it wide open, else I don't see how much longer I can stick around doing nothing in Warframe. :L

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