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  1. ❤️I'm writing this because of my love for the game, and the desire to see it become the best it can be❤️ so don't hate on me in the comments A lot of warframes, especially the early ones, are missing their normal maps, which in turn makes them look like plastic, and hard to color. No, it's not the intended look. And saying that it is intended would be an insult to the art team. These normal maps are expected of Tennogen creators, so it's only fair we hold the actual devs to the same standard. The list of affected warframes (sorted by release) is as follows: Ember Ash Rhino Trinity Nyx Banshee Vauban Nova Nekros Valkyr Zephyr Mirage Mesa Plus a few extra ones whose textures are either low res or could use a little touching up: Mag Loki Frost Chroma Equinox Inaros Also, some recent alternate helmets seem to have textures not matching those of the original, like Nidus Myxini (stone like texture compared to fleshy organic one of the default) and Gauss Mag (closer to grineer machinery than tenno flowing curves) I would also like to point out that a lot of these warframes have uncolorable parts on their body, but that's besides the point of this post.
  2. See Devstream #131 57:20 - that part threw me off.
  3. I regret to inform you that Kuva weapons don't give MR, as stated multiple times during devstreams.
  4. Love the direction of the changes, but... Titania's 1st ability Spellbind is now a worse "Lifted" status, as the enemies are ragdolled and flung away, instead of being held in place (same with Valkyr's Ripline and Mag's Pull) Razorwing's Diwata archmelee lost its target snapping functionality Many of the melee combos still slow or halt movement for longer periods of time Some attacks have unnecessarily long recoveries and lock the character in place I can't seem to throw out the Sigma & Octantis shield no matter if I'm aim gliding or not Other melee issues: Sheev skin models are still undersized compared to other daggers A lot of polearm and staff weapons still attack with the blunt of the blade Redeemer Dendrite skin has misaligned elemental FX
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