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  1. Them being with you doesn't help in any way unless you're sharing the same relic - in that case there's no way someone's afking - if they are, then they're going to be at the "losing side" 50-75% of the time, with the exclusion of reactant, but who cares. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The only item this rare in this game I could think of would be, let's say Primed Chamber that doesn't drop anyway. Chill out. By the way if you don't like the team you can leave - you don't loose your relic. Such system is already implemented - at least for defense rewards. Again - chill the heck out. I understand that it's frustrating if someone is getting into mission and... freezing. Always take, that real life exists into consideration. To wrap this up, there is an unofficial saying: "If you go Public you have no right to complain." Recruiting tab awaits.
  2. @motorfirebox I don't have much to say other than I agree. As a short anecdote, because I relate to you a bit: I attempted Warframe twice a bunch of years ago and I didn't use a bow - that was a huge mistake. Ended up giving up on it after few hours. I came back for the third time and picked up the Paris MK1. It was magical. Stealth approach, aiming for these headshots, enemies impaled to walls and these stealth multipliers. Paired with Volt's passive I could mitigate lack of mods. I'm not using bows much anymore, but recently I equiped Paris Prime again and it's just as nice to use as I remember. Hopefully we'll see that trailer levels of bow power Soon™.
  3. Thank you very much for the Devstream! Steve mentioned Path of Exile when you were showing Ephemeras... I beg of you, bring something like these (Celestial ones) to the game. I have a question... How can the guy on the left, not look like the one on the right?! Outrageous! Other than that - you really hit rock bottom on this... ...one DE. Very exited for the Melee 2.99999. Hildryn and Wisp look very interesting. I'm feeling Prime versions for that Railjack ship as well as Ephemeras - as accessories at least - which would be nice.
  4. HYPE. \o/ New whip! And the hairstyles! Redtext for those who care:
  5. What is weird for me is the time in which they would have to make it and pretty much ship it. Seems weird. It WaS aLl PaRt Of A pLaN - I'm SuRe Of iT! ....now they're going to complain that it looks like Deluxe Skin helmet.
  6. A real social pressure... In a game..? I think you might be taking the game too seriously. You just want to look fly as hell because of human nature - understandable - I understand that. But then... Don't let companies capitalise on that fact then. Don't buy stuff just because they make it artifically cool. Skills, knowledge, health, physicality > cool clothes - or in a game - skill, perfromance > cool cosmetics. Of course a balance is always perfect, but not always possible. Support the developers that make a game you like however you can - if you want, that is. With prime accessories you pay for exclusivity. But then we're talking about something that isn't new to Warframe what so ever.
  7. ...might be, because it contained less..? I feel a hint of obviousness on this. Well, in a way it is new.
  8. ...then don't buy it..? Dude - you've got to realise that DE has to make money and this is a great way to respect players, but also make that money - through cosmetics.
  9. Steve shouldn't have said anything about it... It's almost like: "Here: Have something to wonder and worry about." In my opinion it should be exclusive and never farmable in game. I have no idea, why would people feel entitled to have the possibility to farm prime accessories in game. It's primed accessory - exclusive to prime accessories pack - end of the story. OW BTW: There were two prime operator suits and a prime liset skin. You can farm or buy (in game) other skins for these two. Should you be able to farm the primed versions for these in game too, hmm..?
  10. I'm already feeling, that I would also like to farm these... Ahhh - the mixed up emotions. At the same time - prime access was always about that - sure, helmets were always available in game, but these weren't primed helmets.
  11. I'm rooting for NOT farmable (I'm probably shooting myself in the foot 😂), but at the same time - from now on - alt helmet in every accessories pack (alongside two different items of course). 😏
  12. ...however, with that, I agree 100%. DE will have to make a decision.
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