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  1. @(XB1)A 7th Spectrum @TheAngryChicken52 Done. It didn't actually show that bandwidth was exceeded on my screen. 😒
  2. Hello! (-The topic with some trivia; bolded questions) -During his Sait of Altra pre-launch stream, Steve has sneak peeked something that could be described as Primed Orbiter interior: Q: Is it coming? When? Is it a part of Accessories Pack? Also, are there plans for Prime Railjack/ Weapons/ Parts/ Accessories for Empyrean? While we're at it, ETA on Empyrean? -Quite often, movement is impeded because of change of elevation within a level. That in itself would not be a problem - we are space ninjas, after all. Here comes the problem though: elevators (or at least some of them). More specifically, elevators with closed doors. Q: Could all elevator doors be opened for those, more proficient at movement to be rewarded for their parkour abilities? Ideally all of the elevators could be kept in down position, so that the faster Tenno can either go up or down immediately, while the less proficient ones may use the elevator. Examples: -Another thing: cooperative door opening. More often than not, it has nothing to do with cooperation, but instead makes us wait for another person to spam the interaction button. Q: Can we please get rid of cooperative door opening? -Yet another thing related to movement are warframe abilities, which prevent our frames from moving and/ or firing weapons. While understandably some ultimate ability usage should definitely limit it (f.e. Mesa's Peacemaker, Revenant's Danse Macabre, Volt's Discharge, etc. - these make sense), quite often it applies to less significant ones. The period of casting is too short to make it a significant balancing factor, ending up as a design which makes the usage of these minor abilities much less fluid and ultimately less fun. Q: Would you consider limiting the amount of abilities impeding movement and weapon firing to an absolute minimum and remaking existing ones? As an example - Volt's Shock and Mesa's Ballistic Battery: -And yet another thing related to movement brought to my attention by Mr @Ziser would be the behaviour of the waypoint system. Sometimes those proficient at movement are slowed down by its slow update rate, as well as its "leading you step by step" nature. More experienced players have all the tilesets memorized and don't need their hands held. Q: Are there any plans to rework the waypoint system (again)? Ideally we could get 2 modes. A mode for new players which would lead them step by step through the room and a mode for experienced players which would only mark exits of each part of a tileset. -There is a significant amount of sigils at our disposal. Unfortunately we are limited when we want to gain standing for each of the 6 main syndicates. Q: Could we choose which syndicate to gain standing for, without having to equip a corresponding sigil on our frame? Maybe within the syndicate menu. Each rank would automatically apply increased bonus standing multiplier. -Majority of the 6 main Syndicate rank icons are available as sigils, whereas all, representing Ostron, Quills, Ventkids and both Solaris are not. Q: Could we please get these as sigils? -One more thing concering syndicates, since Simaris is considered as syndicate... Q: Can we please add Simaris conversation skip? -Every time a new Warframe comes out, we have to go through the exact same thing... A week of space flu. Q: Can we PLEASE add a way to remove the cyst before the 7 day mark? F.e. Just being able to use the infested doors as soon as we're infested or vaccine that we equip in our arsenal and use on the frame of choice? -Since looking at the minimap in a video game is a skill in itself... Q: Could we get some minimap information upgrades? F.e. Different icons for eximuses, different icons for minor and major units, etc. As an example, the Infested Tumor visibility is awesome: ...something like that, but for specific units would be awesome. -While seeing all of the yellow, orange and red critical damage numbers is really satisfyng, very often they obscure a lot of vision. It would be great to still be able to see them, while making enemies more visible. Q: Can we please get a damage numbers size slider? F.e. Similar to the chat text size option. As a reminder: Dear DE, your veteran part of playerbase is concerned about the future of this game. We need something to do. Please make something catered towards us. Don't be scared of making it difficult. Remember that all your new players are going to become experienced as well. And for crying out loud, Vacuum on Titania's Razorwing is NOT okay - there are players that use those energy orbs strategically one by one to upkeep it. Remember, there might be a reason why somebody is not using Vacuum or Fetch. If somebody has these mods on their sentinels or companions, let them work with the ability, but don't force people who don't use the mods to have their effects. Also, forcing players that did not die in Arbitrations to pick up Resurgence Tokens, because someone else died is VERY NOT okay! If you have to keep the revives in, let us opt in to revive someone (by pressing interact button to pick up those tokens as an example), don't force us to do so... please. 😇 Fin.
  3. Since you guys are fixing TennoGen: Gara Zamariu's earrings still do not inherit a proper coloration - they're always default. It's been like that for a while now. Edit: Fixed! Hurray! \o/
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