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At its core, this game is so difficult at a certain point due to its scaling, that balancing us - Tenno - should not be a big concern.
We just need that elusive endgame.
EDIT as of 27.2: Never mind the difficult part anymore, I guess. :facepalm:


Warframe thoughts:


I've tried Warframe twice - if I'm not mistaken - in 2013 and - I think - around 2014. Both times I wasn't impressed; I played for few hours and quit.
Then 2016 came.
Warframe is the first game I've played for this long. Usually if I play the heck out of a game, I get bored after a month or two and don't really come back.
Here it was different.
I've chosen MK1-Paris and taken a stealthy aproach - it was great.
Still to this day I'm seeing so many other games within this game. For me it's a pastiche of Doom 3, Quake 4, Unreal Tournaments, Tera, Battefield 2142, Mass Effect and maybe others that I can't recall. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that in a pejorative way. That fact is bringing that nostalgic feeling even though it's something completely different and I love it.

Ow hey... What is this..? Ow yea, I've got some Warframe footage here:


Plat farming methods:


You've got twelve options:

(From top, down - easiest to most difficult/ demanding the most amount of time invested/ generally rarely available - but most of the times also more lucrative.
* is going to mean that it's more difficult/ takes more time, but it's from the same source/ falls into the same category of activity - possibly more lucrative as well.)

  • Going to work, earing some money and giving it to DE for some plat

Image result for warframe money gif

THEY DESERVE IT! :heart::crylaugh:

  • Getting whatever you can get from Fissure mission runs
  • Getting weapon parts from invasions or *getting a hold of entire sets of mentioned weapons
  • Doing Vault runs for corrupted mods
  • Earning standing and buying Syndicate mods or *weapons
  • Doing *Kavat Genetic Code runs in Derelict/ getting Kubrow Egg on Earth - then breeding a *Kavat/ Kubrow - getting its' imprints
  • Running Cetus bounties for Eidolon Lens Blueprints or *rare mods
  • Running so called Radshares - refining a Relic to Radiant state, then looking for people who also want to open the same relic or *opening it on your own (then it's not a Radshare, thus your chances and time efficiency are worse) - for rare drops.
  • Running Sortie missions for Anasa Ayatan Sculpture (commonly refered to, as Pineapples)/ Riven mods (selling it unveiled or unveiling it; then either keeping it unrolled or *rolling it for better stats) (/ **Legendary Cores...  - yea, I know)
  • Buying weapons and Primed Mods from Baro Ki'Teer
  • Running Eidolon hunts for Arcanes - Teralyst or *Tridolon (Teralyst, Guntalyst and Hydrolyst [also known as Terry, Garry and Harry])
  • Getting a hold of Vaulted items
  • Getting a hold of event (sellable) items - Acolyte mods, Plague Star arcanes etc.

...and then selling it here or on the trading chat.

(Or setting up an advertisement in here, when it comes to selling imprints or riven mods.)

Good luck, Tenno! :satisfied:

Warframe release dates:


Going Vaulted: ~570 (-660) days (20 [-22] months) (the 660 days applied to Mesa Prime - no big surprises - it's Mesa, after all)


Prime Releases (assuming 90 days release cycle):

-Nezha - End of June-July 2020

-Inaros - End of September-October 2020

-Octavia - End of December 2020-January 2021

-Gara - End of March-April 2021

-Nidus - End of June-July 2021

-Harrow - Middle of September-October 2021

-Khora - Middle of December 2021-January 2022

-Garuda -Middle of March-April 2022

-Revenant - Middle of June-July 2022

-Baruuk - Middle of September-October 2022

-Hildryn - Middle of December 2022-January 2023

-Wisp - Middle of March-April 2023

-Gauss - June 2023

-Grendel - September 2023

-Protea? - December 2023

-<female> - March 2024

-<male> -

-<male> -



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