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  1. Just gonna have to wait for them to realise they screwed up and fix it I think.
  2. Ditto, nothing downloading from launcher, won't let me login because I haven't updated the game from the launcher.
  3. One MMO I used to play 10 years ago had some BiS PvE items that could only be acquired by doing PvP so we had a constant churn of players participating in order to improve their characters. Was an easy way to increase engagement with the PvP aspect.
  4. Was away for a while, came back, running missions and what seems to happen a lot of the time is we complete a mission, extraction indicator pops up 500m+ away yet 3 seconds later players are waiting at the objective. Is there a new feature I've missed or are people doing dodgy stuff?
  5. Just wondering what options are out there for someone that wants to play with fellow Aussies and will tolerate the occasional Kiwi 😁 Please don't bother to tell me about your big international clan, there are thousands of those and I'm already in one anyway. Currently MR 21
  6. Was MR 20 on PC but playing more casually on console at the moment. Looking for a clan, prefer Oceanic but NA works also. Mature playerbase would be good too.
  7. I'm a returning player, starting over on console, I used to run around with Rhino Prime and Arca Plasmor back in the day doing High risk index to farm credits. But on PS4 I'm only up to Jupiter or so and looking to earn credits in the lower planets to fund some purchases. Haven't played in about 2 years so not sure where to go. Looking for suggestions.
  8. If you have more of the base weapon that is needed to create the new weapon you will get a screen to choose which one to use, as others said just make sure to pick the unranked one before confirming you want to start crafting.
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