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  1. So after the event is over now and the forum being flooded with requests to enable the Roller Floofs being donatable to the dojo, are there any plans on doing that @[DE]Helen ? Because the interactive events we could have with this addition will be insane and i already saw people here and on reddit posting all kinds of amazing ideas on how to make the dojo "less static" with mini events like soccer, a ball-pit, trick shooting, marble racing and so on. Just hoping DE is not skipping the opportunity, since we can donate Roombas already and it would greatly benefit clans.
  2. This! This is what i want since DE added the Inspiration halls. My personal problem here is, that we built a special area in the upper part of this room, right where the 360° glass windows are, but cant make it a spawn room because with the current spawn system you end up standing on ground level. And thats not even the only occasion. So with any possible addition coming in Empyrean this is one of the most important imo.
  3. Please let us donate the beach balls to the dojo. I wanna build a pool full of those 😄 (also the possibility to play soccer in the dojo).
  4. Just leaving this here for all solo clan players. You can do it!
  5. hmm you lose a modslot and 15% damage on one hand and on the other you still kill yourself with -99% selfdamage if you dont take one of the tankier frames ingame. How i see it DE has either the option to rework how selfdamage affects your frame or set the selfdamage reduction of Cautious shot to 100% and see what happens, because it's still garbage at it's current state.
  6. Clan name: StubenZocker Clan tier: Storm Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Founding Warlord Feature images: https://imgur.com/a/uKD5L1R Hi everyone, We actually are in the progress of finishing 3 more rooms atm, but at least here we can show what we have so far and I'm looking forward to present more in the near future. I've seen so many amazing dojos so far and just hope that we can compete. Trading Cove: Orokin District: Panorama Bar + VIP Lounge: Temple of Meditation: Flora Research: Architect's Treehouse: Floof Picnic under a cherryblossom tree: "Railjack" Construction Site (Solar Rail) : Hall of the Mountain King: Logistics Center (You know what we did here ;D ) : "Railjack" Command bridge: Easter-parcour Labyrinth Box ,sadly wasn't ready for submission😞 : Thank you DE, for this possibility to present our creativity. And thank you to all participants here for your amazing contribution of dojo art, as well as soooooo many new ideas and inspiration we witnessed here 😄
  7. B/O Price: 4kp Also considering reasonable offers. IGN: ShadowBr0ker
  8. "Never play on patch day!" either that or be ready to face some remaining bugs. But aren't we used to it at some point now?
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