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  1. Hi, Today I report a minor bug that I encountered since the poe conservations appeared and that the support couldn't solve. So there is the issue. I completed the codex entry of the kuaka "Entrée du codex terminée" means codex entry completed of course. But when I go to my codex entries I can't see any of the fauna from poe I scanned. Does anyone encountered that issue aswell ? The support couldn't give ma any solution and brought me here :/
  2. Day 15 since my k-drive launcher disappeared, I keep the head up and hope that the next hotfix will save me
  3. My k-drive launcher is still disappeared help, I really would like to enjoy the vent kids part of fortuna
  4. My mate helios is still disabled :c
  5. Am I the only one that don't get any standing for the ventkids after I completed a run ? It's written +3000 standing but it's absolutely fake I only earn standing from my stunts
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